ad // Going on holiday or travelling is one of the most exciting things – and whether you go abroad or have a cute little staycation in your own country, there’s always going to be planning and organization involved. But going abroad requires you to be even more organized and on the ball than ever because the last thing you want is for something to go wrong whilst you’re on holiday abroad.

If you know me or have read this blog for long enough then you’ll know that I love organization and being organized. 

Not just for travel – for everything. It makes life EASIER in the long run to be organized NOW, so why wouldn’t we want to spend a little more time being organized to ensure that we can be happier down the road?

And when it does come to travel, I see that need for organization even more.

Travelling and going on holiday is supposed to be one of the biggest joys and most exciting things throughout the year so of course we want everything to run as smoothly as possible.

Of course, there are ALWAYS some things that are out of our control and sometimes, a little mindset tweak can help turn a negative into a positive in that regard.

But we can help ourselves – if not control everything – by being that little bit extra organized. And usually, that organization starts way before we’re even boarding a flight or heading to the airport.

So here are 7 easy ways to get organized for your trip abroad:

Make lists for everything

I love lists. Lists are my absolute jam and can be absolute life-savers and when you’re travelling abroad, you’re going to want to make lists to ensure that you don’t forget anything. It’s worth making separate lists for separate things, for example, a list for each person going (not one mega list), a list for clothes, a list for essentials etc.

Start making your lists way in advance, so you can add things to them as you go. It’s likely you’re not going to remember every little thing you’re going to need straight away. And it’s up to you whether you prefer digital planning or paper planning. I personally like to do a bit of both, depending on the extent of the occasion I’m planning for!

Keep all your documents in the same place (and make back-ups!)

Keeping a designated space for your important documents is just an important as the documents themselves. Think passports, VISAs, hotel booking confirmations, reference emails etc. I’d also recommend making back-up copies and having a physical copy on you as well as digital copies on your phone as back-up. Get a specific folder for these documents and keep them somewhere safe in your bag so they’re easily accessible.

Organize your airport parking in advance

You’re going to have to get to the airport somehow and this is sometimes the most stressful aspect of travelling abroad. It can be expensive, tiresome and long-winded so you’re definitely going to want to consider your options when it comes to getting to the airport and potential airport parking. Parkos is a fantastic comparison and booking platform for affordable and safe parking near airports.

Their website,, contains over 1000 parking providers available in 225 airports and 2 million customers have booked with them worldwide! Going on holiday is already expensive enough, so Parkos allows you to find the most affordable and suitable parking solution for your trip effortlessly.

You might want to consider shuttle parking, valet parking, park and walk or park, sleep and fly options and all will depend on your budget and your situation. But if you do have a car and driving to the airport is the easiest option for you (definitely easier option for those with children!) then Parkos is definitely the place to go!

Always leave more time than you think

I’m definitely not someone that MINDS getting to the airport really early. I mean, all that shopping and food? What is there not to love? Not everyone is a fan but I would recommend leaving more time than you think you’ll need, especially when you’re in a foreign country. Not just getting to and from the airport either but for any plans or excursions.

Have emergency phone numbers / names somewhere accessible

It’s also worth to write down clearly some emergency contacts and names and keep them in your important documents folder – in case of an emergency, obviously. Someone at home, the contacts of the other people on your trip, the company you booked it under etc. It’s always better to be more prepared and not need it than under-prepared and needing it.

Sort out your travel money before you go

Travel money is something you’re always going to need when you go abroad so make sure you sort this out early as there might be a wait to get your currency in and there’s also different options to look into that you might want to consider like pre-paid currency cards.

Learn some basic phrases

Whether you’re going to Egypt, going on a road trip across different European countries or spending the weekend in Paris, it’s ALWAYS helpful to learn some basic phrases for the country that you’re going to. I think it shows a bit of respect for the culture because let’s face it, those of us that speak English really do have a luxury when it comes to language and travel.

When choosing the perfect holiday for you, there are plenty of things to consider. But if you’re organized with your planning, then even the planning process can be incredibly exciting!

Next time you’re going on holiday abroad, consider these organizational tips to make the process even easier!

How do you ensure you’re organized when you go abroad?


  1. These are all amazing tips for travelling! I love to keep lists for everything to keep it on track and honestly going in advance to the airport saves you the rush and anxiety coming with it!

  2. Jenny, these tips are fab. I am definitely that person who has endless lists on lists in preparation, everything is labelled and packed in such an organised way. I love your tips about the airport!

  3. Reading this post feels like you live in my head – everything you say is exactly what I do, particularly with regard to keeping all your documents in the same place (and making back-ups, which I do in Dropbox and Google Drive)!

  4. I plan to go abroad at the end of the year. I absolutely can’t wait to do this for the first time! I was reading some travel tips for beginners last year and this comes in handy, especially having all documents in one place + copies 😀

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