collaborative post // One of the tech trends that has been taking the business world by storm lately has been the increasing spread of Cloud technology. Cloud servers, communications, and computing are becoming much more prolific, but why? Is it just a fad, or are there real benefits to be had? Here, we’re going to look at some of the answers.

Access to the tools your team needs

There are a few things more important to your team’s productivity than having the right tools and equipment. When it comes to the work done through tech, this typically means the right software

You can install software on your devices, but what should happen if you’re trying to implement remote work or there are some team members on the road who are looking to ensure they don’t fall behind when they are out there?

A hybrid cloud network makes sure that the tools they use to complete their work are available no matter where they are, which is becoming increasingly important in a more remote work-driven world.

A place to keep and secure files

One of the most common ways to use the Cloud is to store all the important files and resources your team needs to work. Aside from the fact that Cloud storage options can help people with the right access details get the files and information they need, it also acts as an important step towards better data security.

Having a Cloud backup of your most important files can mean that, if there is a breach or if your data is wiped, you have an emergency backup that you can put in its place.

A new way to handle customer communications

Given that a lot of communication is already handled online, you might not have seen people talking about the benefits the Cloud can offer in this field, but there are plenty.

A Cloud contact centre can play a huge role in creating a consistent and compliant communications system that fits across multiple channels, integrating voice, video, SMS, chat, and even social media in one platform.

This way, your customer service and sales team can handle all of the necessary communications from one tool, which can make it a lot easier to manage communications and keep the quality consistent across the board.

Improving collaboration across the board

As well as communications going or coming from outside the business, internal communications and collaboration are just as important. The Cloud allows for collaboration between employees along a much larger scale for growing businesses.

It can make sure that the same data is accessible and available to teams regardless of department or physical location. This way, you share data with your team much more efficiently, speeding up how decisions are made and establishing new goals with each to prevent the human errors often caused by people being left out of the loop.

The Cloud really can be transformative for your business, provided you’re able to use it to meet your specific goals. The examples above can give you some ideas of how you might do that.

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