collaborative post // Finding the perfect funny gift for someone can often be a challenge – in most cases, you want to give something personal and meaningful, but also something that will make them giggle with delight. If you’re looking for the ideal combination of thoughtful and funny, then look no further than personalised gifts!

In this guide, we’ll explore some ideas for funny personalised gifts that are sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face, and the tips you need in order to ensure you pick the perfect present every time.

Think About Their Funniest Interests & Hobbies

The key to finding the perfect gift for someone who loves to make people laugh is to consider the interests or hobbies that they find funny, and build your gift around this. Do they have a favourite TV show or film? Are they gifted at humorous Photoshop creations or drawing funny cartoons?

You can use this knowledge as inspiration when searching for gifts. It will also ensure that the item you end up ordering is both unexpected and well-suited for their personality, in addition to being right in line with their unique humour.

Search For Unique Gifts From Small Businesses

When searching for funny personalised gifts, it’s best to look beyond the conventional options available from larger retailers and instead search for unique gifts from small business owners.

This way, there’s greater control over design detail and personalisation options – allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind gift that’s designed specifically with your loved one and their interests and personalities in mind.

Whether they prefer beauty and skincare, homeware or quirky gifts like playing cards or a magic 8 ball (you can Get your customized magic 8 ball here to gift to your partner). There’s something for everyone and usually it’s small businesses that can offer these things.

Look Beyond “Humorous Gag Gifts”

Finding funny yet practical items that someone would actually want to receive can be tricky – so try searching beyond traditional humorous gag items geared towards pranksters.

Consider useful items such as mugs with cheeky sayings, t-shirts printed with political satire slogans, or even custom-designed pet accessories. Not only are these great conversation starters, but they also come across as less silly than conventional gag gifts such as fake vomit and whoopee cushions.

Go Personalised

If you’re looking for a thoughtful way to add a bit of humour into your gift-giving, then consider creating personalised items for your recipient – as we mentioned with hobbies, this is a great way to add real thought to a gift.

From customised jewellery pieces with joke messages inscribed on them to e cards with talking animals from Tickle Fluff; adding an element of personality makes any item more meaningful and unique – ensuring an unforgettable gift experience!’

Best Options For Funny Personalized Gifts

So, now that we have considered how to find the perfect gift, you may be looking for inspiration. If so, here are some top ideas for gifts you can personalise:

Funny Kitchenware

Who said kitchenware has to be dull? Add a touch of humour with funny kitchenware that’s personalised for the cook in your life. Personalised aprons or tea towels with inside jokes or phrases that match their fun personality – kiss the cook, anybody?

Funny Mugs

Nothing puts a bigger grin on someone’s face than seeing their name etched onto an oversized mug, telling the world they are the “greatest” at something or highlighting their lateness, untidiness, or other funny quality. Engraved beer mugs also make great funny gifts – so why not surprise someone special today?

Funny T-Shirts

Want to give something that the recipient will want to wear over and over again? Choose a personalised T-shirt from the extensive ranges of such items available from retailers you can find online. Many such retailers enable you to simply add text or photos to their pre-existing designs, so the process could barely be simpler.

Novelty Stationery Sets

Give the stationery fan in your life an amusing gift this year with a novelty stationery set. Such sets not only look good but are also practical – funny notebooks and diaries commemorate those special occasions, whilst pencil cases can add some fun if the recipient has an exam coming up.

Funny Cushion Covers

Everybody loves lounging around on cushioned surfaces – so why not make it more comfortable by giving them a funny cushion cover? Embellish one side of the cover with their favourite photograph while decorating the other side with something humorous – it’s certain to bring smiles all around!

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a fun personalised gift that will make your loved one giggle, or something special and unique to show them how much you care – there are plenty of options out there. Just remember to look beyond the ordinary, go personal, and most importantly, have fun; this is a chance for creativity and to let your imagination run wild.

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