collaborative post // Are you thinking of taking one of the biggest steps in your life, making the move from being a renter to becoming a homeowner? It can be an exciting, yet costly affair, and you want to make sure that you do it as smartly as possible. To that end, it’s a good idea to have a few things prepared before you even buy the home to make it go as smoothly as possible.

Get ready for the costs

The first thing that you need to do is to think about how much you’re going to be paying. Get a good idea of how much home you can afford, how much you’re going to be able to put together in a deposit, and then consider all of the costs of buying a home on top of that. This can include working with estate agents, conveyancers, and more. Budget appropriately and make sure that you have the cash on hand to cover those costs.

Get ready for the search

The home search itself can be pretty tricky and even exhausting. You should make sure that, before you search, you have a good idea of your wants and needs, writing them down so you can keep your priorities straight while looking at homes. Aside from working with a real estate agent, you can sign up for local property listing information to make sure that you’re getting the news on any homes that newly enter the market.

Get ready for the loan

Finding out how much you can afford to pay is one step, but securing the loan that shapes how you pay it is just as important. You should make sure that you’re as ready to apply for a loan as possible, with a healthy credit score, all the right paperwork, and a good deposit to put down. If you’re nervous about exploring the loan market, then working with a mortgage advisor might help you navigate it better.

Get ready for the move

You don’t need to think too deeply about the move itself until your offer on a home has been expected, but it’s good to start doing prep early. Find the right moving specialists, especially if you’re moving interstate. Start downsizing your inventory by selling or donating things that you don’t need and get your packing supplies at the ready so that, as soon as you get the green list, you can book your team, start packing, and get moving.

Get ready for the location

Of course, even after the move, you’re going to have the challenge of actually living in a new space, which is likely to be different from your current living situation in more than a few ways. Getting acclimated to a new area, finding the services and businesses that are convenient to you, and even getting to know the neighbours ahead of time can help.

Buying a home is a big step, so you should do everything that you can to make sure that you’re ready for the transition. Hopefully, the tips above help you do just that.

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