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Although I’m lucky enough to still be living at home, the pandemic has definitely made me realise how much I’m looking forward to moving into my own place, with just me and my boyfriend. I love my parents dearly but having our own space is definitely needed right now.

Especially for me, as I permanently work from home, not having those constant distractions is very important. After years of crippling anxiety, buying my own place was never on the agenda and it’s something I’ve started thinking about quite late compared to other people my age. But we all move at our own pace and that’s okay!

The prospect of buying a house is incredibly daunting. Whilst house hunting online, viewing houses – like Florence SC Homes for sale – and dreaming about your kitchen remodel can be super exciting, when it comes down to the “boring” stuff, buying a house can be a stressful process.

I know from the other side of the coin, how much of a nightmare selling a house can be, when we had to sell my Granddad’s house after he died. But what about BUYING a house? Is it the same rip your hair out scenario?

Not if you use a mortgage advisor!

It doesn’t have to be. That’s the great thing. A mortgage advisor and broker is someone who has an incredibly in-depth knowledge of all things mortgages which is perfect if you’re someone like me, who knows very little about them. The role of a mortgage advisor is pretty much what it says on the tin – to advise you on your mortgage.

Upon doing more research into mortgage advisors, I know for certain that I’d want one when the time comes. 

Not only for myself but my boyfriend too. Forms and phone calls really stress him out, so I’d want the whole process of moving into our first home to be as smooth and exciting as possible. Not stressing over financial jargon, forms for days and nasty surprises around every turn!

A mortgage advisor does so much more than just give you advice on a mortgage. They can seriously help lessen the pressure of the whole experience for you. They can help:

  • When you take a mortgage out for the first time (check out this repayment guide)
  • If you’re considering remortgaging
  • If you want to buy your next home or purchase a second property
  • Advise on your Help To Buy scheme (this would be incredibly useful for me)
  • If you have any concerns, bad credit or are worried about mortgages

Should I use a mortgage advisor when buying my first home?

Absolutely, resoundingly, 100% yes.

Of course everyone is different and someone who’s more clued up about the property ladder might not need one but for me personally, I don’t think I could do it without one now. If you’re just buying your first home, new to the world of real estate or worried about anything regarding your mortgage and buying your first home, a mortgage advisor could be for you.

Mortgage advisors will also take the time to help you understand the process and the paperwork, figure out what type of mortgage you can afford, what type of properties you could realistically start looking at and help you find the perfect deal for you.

In any stressful situation – like moving house – it’s always handy to have someone close by who really knows and understands how things work. Knowing you have that person to turn to if you don’t understand something or if you’re stressed can seriously help ease the overall stress of the situation.

Where can I find a mortgage advisor?

A simple Google search will bring up thousands of options. It’s important to do your research, check out their terms and rates and see if they’re tied to a specific lender in which case you might want to opt for an independent advisor instead. Word of mouth recommendations are ALWAYS helpful for these sorts of things too.

If you’re in or around Milton Keynes and are looking for a mortgage advisor, you might want to consider a company like Mortgage Light who have a great team of advisors on hand and access to a vast range of deals!

Did you have a mortgage advisor when you moved home? What did you think and would you recommend it?


  1. I have been renting since I moved out of my family home, but I would definitely get a mortgage advisor when it comes to buying my first home as I don’t really know anything about buying a house haha. Great post! xx

  2. I am so scared when it comes to getting a mortgage because I literally have no idea. Lewis and I are hoping to be in a position to get a mortgage by the end of this year and this post has really helped. I think we will definitely get a mortgage advisor.

  3. We used a mortgage advisor for buying our home. He was a family friend but it gave us a layer of comfort and assistance because buying a house is SUCH a minefield!


  4. This was such a great post! We have been thinking about buying our first house and some friends advised a mortgage advisor and broker to help when buying! I wouldn’t trust myself to know everything or not have a melt down mid way, thank you for sharing x

  5. Having worked in the property industry I know all too well how stressful buying a house can be. But I do think some of that is down to the attitude you go into it with. If you go in knowing things may pop up, ie. the chain may fall through, something may pop up on a search result or the lender’s survey then it doesn’t come as such a shock. It can be a nice experience too.
    And I absolutely agree a mortgage advisor is a must.
    Good luck & happy hunting when the time comes.

  6. Odd timing for me to read this – I spoke to a mortgage advisor just last week! He was super friendly and so helpful, they know so much more than you could possibly learn as a layperson, worth using one! Great post 💜

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