collaborative post // Having a wedding abroad is something many people dream of. It is more attainable than you might think with careful planning and the right mindset. It is important to remember that abroad weddings might be smaller due to people not being able to afford the expenses. 

Yet, if a smaller wedding is something you desire, then an abroad wedding might be for you. Before you get started with the planning and booking, it is good to know more about what to expect from an abroad wedding. 

From finding the perfect venue to the reality and expectations, here is everything to know about having a wedding abroad. 

It might be small

Italy weddings are ideal if you seeking sunshine and culture. Going abroad for the big day is a great wait to guarantee good weather and soak up culture while getting married to the love of your life. 

However, remember that not everyone you ask can afford the expenses of flights and accommodation. Hence, expect to have a smaller wedding if you go abroad for it. 

For some, this might be desirable if they have a small family or desire an intimate wedding. For others, it might be frustrating as you want your big family to be there. Yet, the big day is about you and you should do whatever makes you happy. 

How to find the right venue

When it comes to finding the right venue for your wedding abroad, it is best to see it in person. Although many places will offer virtual viewings, you won’t be able to get a real feel for it. 

Therefore, it can be a great idea to book a holiday to the destination and spend most of your time assessing venues to ensure you make the right decision. Hiring a wedding planner who has experience in abroad weddings is a great way to save time and ensure you are viewing places that are worthwhile and attainable for your budget.

Check out the country’s legalities

When planning a wedding abroad, it is a smart idea to check out the country’s legalities. Some countries require people to be of a certain religion or to pay taxes. Hence, knowing the rules and regulations will ensure the big day can go ahead smoothly. 

You can easily check this information by contacting your wedding planner or searching the internet. 

Create a budget

Like all weddings, it is ideal to create a budget so you know what you can afford and what to aim for. Careful wedding planning will ensure that everything suits your financial means and doesn’t stretch you too far that things have to be missed out. 

With an abroad wedding, you will never be even more careful with your budget due to exchange rates and extra costs. Exchange rates can confuse things, so it can be a good idea to leave the booking down to your wedding planner. Furthermore, the extra costs (flights and holiday time) need to be accommodated so ensure to plan everything to ensure it suits your budget before committing to it. 

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