collaborative post // In our day to day lives, we can often place great emphasis on the importance of productivity and work, however, we often forget the crucial role that rest and sleep play in maintaining overall wellness. From a self-care perspective, getting enough high quality sleep each night is essential for both physical and mental health.

So, today we will explore the importance of sleep and recommend a few handy items that you can use to help improve the quality of your sleep.

Why is sleep so important for self-care?

It is vital to our wellbeing and health that we get a consistent amount of quality sleep each night, as during sleep, our bodies have a chance to relax, repair and regenerate, which helps us move on from one day and be prepared to take on the next.

If you don’t regularly get the levels of sleep that your body needs to function, you’ll put yourself at greater risk for a wide range of health problems, including heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

From a self-care perspective, getting enough sleep is essential for maintaining overall wellness, having a good night’s sleep can boost your mood, allow you to be more perceptive and start each day in the best way possible.

Quality sleep can help make you feel more rested, energized, and focused throughout the day, not only that but having a great night’s sleep will also provide an opportunity for relaxation and helps to reduce stress levels.

Because of all of these factors, it is clear to see how important it is to your wellbeing for you to get the rest your mind, body and soul needs at the end of each day.

What are some items that can help improve sleep quality?

Blackout blinds

If you’re struggling to get the sleep you need each night, the first purchase you should look to make would be a set of thick cassette blackout blinds. Cassette blackout blinds are designed to block out light and sound from the outside world, helping to create a more conducive environment for sleep.

By blocking out light and noise pollution from entering your bedroom, cassette blackout blinds can give you a much better night’s sleep, allowing your body to fall into a deep sleep and minimise the chances of your sleep being disrupted.

White noise machines

Another handy little item that you can use to improve the quality of your sleep is a white noise machine. White noise machines produce a gentle, constant sound that can drown out noises which may disrupt your sleep and help to create a more peaceful sleep environment for you. If you live in a busy urban area, a white noise machine will do wonders for your sleep, by drowning out all that big city noise.

As well as helping city dwellers to fall asleep, these white noise machines can also be helpful for people who suffer from tinnitus, a condition that causes ringing in the ears, which can lead to disrupted sleep. By masking the piercing sound of tinnitus with soothing white noise, the ringing can become less noticeable which will make it much easier to sleep at night.

Comfortable bedding

Not only should you look at switching things up in your bedroom, you may also want to look at your bed and bed linens and decide whether they are helping or hurting your chances of getting enough sleep.

If your bed and bed linens aren’t helping you to get the sleep you need, you should look to upgrade them in favour of newer and comfier ones which will help you drift off to sleep each night.

So, you’ll want to ditch your lumpy old mattress and exchange it for a new one that is better suited for you, dump old itchy bed linens and switch them for softer linens that actually make you feel cosy in bed.

As well you must consider the season, using thicker bed linens in Winter when you want to be warm and lighter aerier linens for the Summer when you want to keep cool. By choosing bedding that is appropriate for the season, you can better regulate your body temperature and create a more comfortable sleep environment.

In conclusion, getting enough quality sleep is essential for self-care and overall wellness. By incorporating items such as blackout blinds, white noise machines, and cosy bedding into your sleep routine, you can create a more conducive sleep environment and promote better sleep quality.


  1. Thanks for sharing, these tips to get a better nights sleep are great, I have find a comfortable bed so useful as you can relax and not toss and turn because the mattress is not right for you 🙂

  2. Agree with you! Moreover I experienced also that If I watch the lights of media, I’ve difficulties to sleep…thank you for the interesting article🙏🏼

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