collaborative post // Trying to find ways to transform a space that has started to feel tired or dull can feel like a difficult task but there are a few simple things you can do to revitalise your home and make it feel as good as new again. 


1. Refresh Your Paint  

Simply applying a new layer of paint can transform a dull or aged space, whether you choose to add a splash of vibrancy or keep things subtle with a classic beige. This doesn’t just include your walls – refreshing the paint on old furniture can make a big difference to the overall feel of the room too.   

Choosing to paint the room yourself rather than hire a professional painter or decorator will keep costs down, with only the paint, brushes, and some protective sheets for your furniture (although old bed sheets will work for this too).

If your budget can stretch further, hiring a professional may give you a better finish and the project is likely to be finished faster, but making this a DIY project is something almost anyone can do! 

2. Add A Feature Wall  

A feature wall refers to a wall that has a different design, colour, or texture to the rest of the walls within the room. It’s an incredibly effective way of reinforcing the style of the space and allows you to rejuvenate the entire room without having to completely redecorate.

The statement wall can be anything you want it to be from a different colour paint or wallpaper to an entirely different wall material such as timber or stone.  

If you’re looking to modernise your space or add a sense of luxury, wooden panelling is a great option for your feature wall. Wooden panels offer a contemporary style that will make a space look elegant and modern without much hassle. These wooden panels from Muffle are easy to install and available in a range of gorgeous colours to best suit your interior theme.  

Tips for Your Feature Wall  

Consider Your Wall Choice 

Choosing a wall at random can reduce the effect that a feature wall provides. The idea of a feature wall is to draw the eye. If you have another wall with a strong focal point, the room can become overwhelming and leave people unsure where to look, pick a wall that already has a focus point such as a fireplace or detailed skirting board.  

Match Accessories  

Using furnishings within the room that match the style can help to tie the entire room together. If you have a light blue feature wall, including elements of light blue within the room such as cushions or lampshades can make everything feel more connected.  

Be as Creative or Subtle as You Want  

Remember, it’s your feature wall. You can get as creative as you like with it and experiment with colours, textures, and designs but it can also be subtle and still just as effective.  

3. More Mirrors  

Mirrors can help increase light within the space and make the room appear bigger, ideal for smaller spaces that you want to make feel more spacious. However, remember not to go overboard as it can become uncomfortable when you’re surrounded by mirrors at every side.  

4. Add Some Nature 

Plants can make a house feel more homely and welcoming whilst also adding some colour to the space. Along with their visual appeal, plants have several positive benefits on our physical and mental wellbeing by offering air purifying benefits, reduced stress, and even better focus. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, artificial plants are a great alternative with little to no maintenance.  

5. Renew Your Tableware  

Old and mismatched Tupperware, glasses, mugs, plates, and bowls can make the kitchen area look older than it is. By updating your crockery to match each other as well as the kitchen itself, the room will look more put together.   

6. Think About Lighting  

Lighting can make a big difference to the overall feel of the space. The type of lighting you should use will depend on the purpose of the room and the ambience you want to achieve.

In a living room or bedroom, the space will more likely benefit from warm toned lighting and lamps to create a cosy and homelike feel. Whereas the bathroom and kitchen may benefit more from having brighter ceiling lights that will create a more open atmosphere.  

Start Your Revamp! 

These 6 ideas for revamping your interior at home are all fairly simple and cost-effective changes that almost anyone can make to transform your space. Whether you try 1 or 2 of these changes or do them all, you’ll likely feel a positive difference in your home that will make you never want to leave!  

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  1. Very inspiring post! Paint can make such a difference. Mirrors are important too…they make a big impact. (I think your new place is going to be beautiful. I can picture it already…green plants, pretty paint colors, just the right lighting…with candles that smell beautiful!) You have the magic for creating beautiful spaces…it is great that you share your gift with others.

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