collaborative post | The UK is one of the most traveled countries in Europe, with London being the top destination in the country. A significant number of UAE residents fly to the city for short and long holidays as well as summer breaks. Get a UK visa from Dubai and travel to the mighty United Kingdom (UK) for an amazing experience.

UAE residents can now enjoy subsidized UK visa processing time, which is a great relief from the previous seven weeks of waiting time in the last years.

In 2022, UAE residents experienced UK visa delays due to multiple factors, such as an increase in demand for travel to the UK and the passenger cap imposed by the London Heathrow Airport. London Heathrow Airport had capped departing passengers at 100,000 per day, thus impacting the flights to the country.

Many UAE residents cancelled their travel plans during the summer of last year to the UK because the visa processing time had exceeded seven weeks and other inconveniences for travel to the UK.

UK Visa from UAE Processing Time Slashed From 7 Weeks to 15 Days

The processing time has gone back to the usual 15 working days. The turnaround time for priority and super priority visas has also reverted to normal. Priority and super priority visas are usually available for work, business and family visas, where the applicants are required to pay an additional fee for fast-tracked processing.

Travelling to the UK is now simpler since the halting of the Covid-19 restrictions. Airlines (Emirates and British Airways) have increased their carrying capacity; airfares are cheaper, and getting a visa has become faster.

UK immigration has significantly reduced the visa processing time, and entrepreneurs can get a visa in 48 hours at times, depending on the requirements. There has been a remarkable increase in travel and traffic to Europe, especially to the UK.

The Emirates resumed its second daily service to London Stansted in May 2023, thus amplifying its London operations to 11 daily flights. This includes six flights to London Heathrow daily and three to Gatwick. The airline also announced that they would scale up the A380 operations with the iconic double-decker going back to Birmingham as of July 1 2023.

During the Eid Al Fitr holidays in April, the UK witnessed a boom in the number of tourists. This was mainly a result of the reduced UK visa processing time and the elimination of the cap. If you have not yet travelled to the UK, this is the perfect time to do so.

What Are The Requirements to Apply for the Visa

To apply for the UK Visa from Dubai, you will need some documents as proof of identity, income and assurance that you will return to your home country.

The required Documents to apply for the UK visa include:

  • Your original passport with two blank pages and valid for six months or more
  • A stamped no objection certification (NOC) letter from where you work
  • Any evidence of assets like land or property
  • Your UAE residence visa
  • Your Emirates ID
  • A TB certificate
  • Round-up flight tickets
  • Confirmed hotel reservation
  • Travel Insurance
  • Marriage certificate, if applicable
  • Evidence of family members in case of an invitation to the UK

How to Apply for UK Visa from the UAE

Employ the services of a reputable visa consultant like Arooha to apply for a UK visa from Dubai. Take all the required documents to the consultancy for initial evaluation and preparation. The consultancy agents will also help you settle on the right visa type for you depending on the purpose of your visit to the UK.

After confirming all your documents, you will be guided to fill out a UK visa application form and then make an appointment with the UK embassy for submission and biometrics.

Attend your appointment at the UK embassy in Dubai and submit your application as well as your biometrics.

Visa processing will start once you submit your application, and you will get a notification when your visa is ready for collection.

The visa will take about 15-21 working days to be ready depending on the type of visa, applicant’s nationality, applicant’s circumstances and eligibility and the embassy where the application is made. The visa may sometimes delay, but if it exceeds 21 days, please enquire from the embassy regarding the issue.

What Is The Cost

You must pay your visa fees to complete the application. The visa fee differs according to the type of visa and duration of stay. You may be charged an additional service fee based on your nationality and the paperwork involved when you seek the services of a visa consultant. Consult the consultancy for the exact prices.

Visa fees are non-transferable and non-refundable, no matter the circumstance. Ensure that the documents submitted are accurate to avoid visa rejection.

What Are the Factors Affecting Your UK Visa from Dubai Processing Time?

Below are the factors that affect the processing time of your UK visa:

1. Caseload – applications made during summer may take longer as this is the peak season for visitors in the UK. Applications for the Ukraine schemes have also slowed the processing time for UK visas as many are seeking refuge in the country.

2. Nationality – Your nationality affects the processing time for several reasons, such as the relationship and arrangements between your country and the UK, the current conditions in the country, administrative systems or the endorsing documents.

3. Incorrect or insufficient information – if you include incorrect information, false documents or insufficient documentation, the visa processing time may take longer. The best way to avoid this error is by seeking the services of an authorized visa consultant like Arooha to double-check the documents before submission.

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