collaborative post | There are so many benefits to exercise but it can be difficult to make sure all areas of the body are properly exercised. Exercise improves general physical health but it can also improve mental health too. Along with increasing blood and oxygen flow to the brain, it also releases endorphins which is known to improve mood.

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The better you exercise your body on a regular basis, the more benefits you’ll gain. So, how do you exercise your whole body without thinking about it? Take a look.


Cycling is the perfect way to get a whole body workout. It may seem like your legs are doing all the work but that’s far from the truth. It also takes your upper body muscles to keep your body balanced and get where you need to go.

Cycling is an outdoor sport so you’ll also get the benefit of being outside. Fresh air, vitamin D, and plenty of adventurous routes to explore. 


Swimming is recommended by health professionals all the time as a whole body workout. It’s also one of the easiest ways to get exercise which is why it’s often recommended to pregnant women or those with specific injuries. The water makes your body feel weightless so it’s not until you’re out of the water that you realize how much work your body has done.

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool at home, swimming will also be convenient. Just be sure to use swimming pool paint, especially this time of year, for added protection. 


Most people either love it or hate it but there’s no denying the benefits of running. In addition to being a whole body workout, you can do it anywhere, at any time. Going for an early morning run is a great way to set yourself up for the day.

However, if that doesn’t suit you, you can also go for a lunchtime run to clear your mind. Running will always fit in with your schedule. Make sure you have the right shoes for running and take your time to build up to the length and speed of your desired workout.

Stair Climbing

Climbing stairs will work your whole body but many people avoid it if they can. Why take the stairs when you can take the elevator? Choosing to take the stairs each day could prolong your life.

If you don’t have to use the stairs in your everyday life, you won’t have to look far to find some. Making walking up and down stairs part of your exercise routine is a great way to keep yourself fit and healthy as you age.

Horse Riding

If you’ve never tried horse riding before, now is your chance. It requires far more exercise than you may assume. It’s also important to keep good posture while riding which can improve your health. Slouching can cause internal organs to struggle without a person knowing.

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  1. I love swimming!! Sadly, I havent done it in years.. where I live we can’t even own a pool in the summer. (And travelling to the gym/pool isnt the best for me.. im lazy 🫢)

    I saw on instagram a guy working out on a static cycling while gaming and omg! Thatd.. could actually work for me. I just need to find my way of doing things- really lacking motivation 💀

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