collaborative post | Having a safe home is always a top priority for most people, as the need to prevent household injuries can’t be ignored. You are likely to feel more relaxed when your living space does not pose a threat to your overall well-being. However, determining the best measures to boost safety in your home may be challenging. There are several aspects to consider to get the desired results. Fortunately, this post highlights key recommendations to keep you and your family safe.  

  • Keep medications locked away and secured in cabinets

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Medicine is something that must be handled with caution at home. Not only are medications dangerous for children when ingested, but they can become contaminated when handled incorrectly. Elderly individuals also need medications to treat various conditions, and verifying that they take the right dosage is important. Storing medications in a cabinet with secure locks is advisable, so consider this. 

  • Secure the stairways of your home

The stairs are a vital feature of your home since they move you from one storey to the next. However, they are also connected with many accidents, some of which are life-threatening. It’s worth noting that a single slip might result in a trip to the emergency ward. Therefore, taking the necessary measures to secure your stairway becomes mandatory.

Railings are essential since they assist in lessening the probability of falls. However, be certain they are functional. As a tip, examine yours and see if an adult can wrap their hand completely around it.

The ideal handrails should run the whole length on both sides of the stairs and be secured with a galvanised key clamp to increase their durability. They should rest at the normal adult elbow height of thirty-five and a half to thirty-eight inches for added safety.  

  • Always keep the floor dry

Accidents from a damp floor can have serious health consequences, such as spinal damage. While they are not entirely avoidable, you can implement regulations to manage spills.

Moreover, alert everyone whenever you are cleaning the home so they can avoid wet areas. Furthermore, parents and guardians need to pay special attention to their children when they eat. There should be a separate dining area for children, which should be dried immediately after eating. 

  • Check that the alarm systems are operational

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Alarm systems are designed to warn homeowners when there is something wrong. Technology advancements have made it easier to make one’s house safer. As a result, several alarm systems on the market are intended to satisfy certain requirements. For example, smoke detectors beep when they detect smoke from a fire or burnt food.

On the other hand, motion sensors may detect movements and earn the owner in locations such as the back of the house. Most of these alarm systems are linked to cell phones, making it easy for the user to decide whether there is a legitimate cause for concern. 

Carbon monoxide detectors are essential; every home is strongly advised to get one. Almost everyone keeps their homes warm by starting a fire during the winter.

However, there is a high risk of carbon monoxide leaking into your home. This is especially dangerous, as this gas is odourless. As a result, it is vital to ensure the alarm is strategically placed and examined regularly to verify that it is operational. 

  • Keep certain rooms locked at all times

Certain rooms in the house, such as the laundry, garage and attic, must be closed so children do not get into harmful things and situations. Your washing machine, dryer, and other appliances still operate with electricity, and touching them without caution can prove disastrous.

However, children can’t comprehend the danger, making them most vulnerable. Your attic and garage may also house tools and other sharp items that can cause severe injuries. Therefore, make it clear to your children that certain areas are off-limits.

  • Enhance the lighting in your home

Leaving the lights on is an easy technique to deter intruders. You can even program your outside lights to ignore tiny animals and ignite when something the size of a person is detected.

Furthermore, your lighting can be linked to your security systems to illuminate an area where a presence is detected. A security system may also be designed to turn inside lights on randomly or in a sequence that indicates that the property is occupied. 

Cameras may also be linked to those lights, allowing you to observe what caused the disturbance. 

According to research, motion sensor lights efficiently prevent break-ins and robberies. The invaders dislike them, but more importantly, they alert the residents to the fact something is amiss, and that they should investigate.

The report also recommends installing extra motion-sensing lights along the routes to your property to make strolling safer for individuals who intend to be there. Better illumination will also aid in preventing accidents and injuries, so keep this in mind. As a tip, consider investing in LED lighting, which is more cost-effective and energy-efficient. 

  • Water feed lines should be inspected and replaced

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It is recommended that the short, flexible water lines that link your toilets, washing machine, main water pipes, and washing machine in your home be evaluated on a regular basis and replaced every five years. You can consider investing in braided stainless steel hoses, which can stand the test of time.

Overtightening the fittings on hoses and fixtures is not advised since they are delicate, and using too much force might cause them to shatter and leak. Ruptured water supply pipes are the second leading cause of house insurance losses, so locating and examining your main valve is advised. 

As stated earlier, your home is a sanctuary; ensuring its safety can give you peace of mind. However, knowing how to achieve this is equally important. By following simple steps such as using effective lighting, keeping your floors dry and checking your alarm systems, you can be confident that your home is safe for your loved ones.

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