It’s National Baking Week from 14th October until 20th October and it’s coincided perfectly with Halloween month as well. So what better chance to share some amazing spooky Halloween themed bakes to get your fangs watering for National Baking Week!

National Baking Week

I’ve done a few of these wrap up posts before and I always really enjoy sharing other people’s amazing recipes. I’m not a baker myself. I can cook but baking is a completely different story.

I find any recipe that requires more precise measurements and steps and all my logic and skill goes completely out of the window. I have made some genuinely horrific bakes in the past. Just ask my partner. 

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What is National Baking Week?

National Baking Week is a week in the UK that’s designed to help encourage people of all ages and abilities to try baking. The company Pyrex, supplier of kitchen and bakeware equipment, started the holiday back in 2007.

National Baking Week has been a popular celebration ever since, with more baking shows, most notably “The Great British Bake Off”, coming to our screens to entertain us with baking challenges and encourage us to put the apron on.

Why Halloween recipes?

The fact that National Baking Week falls in October I thought was a great chance to showcase some gory, gruesome and devilishly delicious bakes from across the internet.

As it’s National Baking Week, I feel like there much more choice available, so you’ll find a whole range of different recipes and types of bakes (some no-bake!) in this wonderful list.

9 Halloween Recipes for National Baking Week:

Cobweb Biscuits

Right we’re kicking this show off with these cute little cobweb biscuits from Enviroline Blog. The post showcases a couple of different Halloween recipes you can try but I decided to pick this one for the post because 1) they’re cute and 2) they’re very versatile. You could choose to make the biscuits yourself or just decorate ready made biscuits as a fun activity for the kids!

Halloween Grazing Platter

Want to impress this Halloween? Then this is the recipe for you! This amazing Halloween Grazing Platter is from Bristol Bites and contains an array of sweet treats including satsumas, clementine curd, marshmallows and more! Again, you can bake as much or as little of a grazing platter as you like.

Halloween Pumpkin Potions Muffins

Up next is a simple recipe but versatile. These Halloween Pumpkin Potions Muffins are made with the most Halloweeny ingredient you could possible get – pumpkin! They could be left plain or decorated with icing or perhaps you could add little edible features on top, like pumpkins or ghosts.

National Baking Week

Halloween Creepy Chocolate Bark

Get yourself to your local supermarket and stock up on the gruesome seasonal treats for this next one because you’re going to need them for this Halloween Creepy Chocolate Bark. A super fun and safe thing for the kids to get involved with this Halloween and apart from melting the chocolate, it doesn’t require any oven use.

Disney Mickey Halloween Cupcakes

How amazing do these Disney Mickey Halloween Cupcakes look? If you’re a Disney lover then this one is definitely for you. You’ll need a fair few ingredients for this one if you’re making these cupcakes from scratch but they’ll be 100% worth it in the end and the perfect treat for guests this Halloween.

Halloween Mummy Bark

Another bark recipe but you really can’t have enough chocolate bark because it’s so easy to make. This Halloween Mummy Bark has a bit of a twist, instead of chocolate, we’re using white candy melts with a sprinkling of oreos and of course, the creepy eyes for the full effect. Such a fun thing to make this Halloween.

National Baking Week

Vanilla and Black Cherry Halloween Bucket Cake

Want a real showstopper for your Halloween party? Then this recipe will absolutely be it. This Vanilla and Black Cherry Halloween Bucket Cake is absolutely incredible to look at and can hold an array of sweets and chocolate inside for the full Halloween effect. This one will definitely impress your guests!

Cookie Dough Mummies Recipe

These Cookie Dough Mummies look super cute – not quite the scary effect we’re going for. But a wonderful Halloween treat, nonetheless. An easy 10 minute make, they just take an hour to set and are ready to sink your fangs into. They’re also completely Vegan!

Crispy Marshmallow Eyeballs

Crispy eyeballs? I’ll pass, thank you. For a super gross and Halloween inspired recipe to try, these Crispy Marshmallow Eyeballs are perfect! These eyeballs are easy to make and combine marshmallows, chocolate and sweets – all the things we love to indulge on during Halloween season.

I hope you enjoyed these gruesome recipes! Halloween recipes are great because you can have so much fun with them and be super creative. A great activity to do with kids over the Halloween period as well!

Are you planning on doing any spooky baking this Halloween? Which of these recipes floats your boat?

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  1. These are all so cute Jenny! I’m not much of as baker but I would love to try these, but maybe the easier ones! I have a new baby niece / nephew on the way so I better get prepared by learning to make sweet treats!!

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