May 29th is National Biscuit Day here in the UK so in celebration of this wonderful – and ever so British – day, I wanted to share some yummy biscuits recipes with you from bloggers around the internet. I don’t bake (translation: can’t bake) so you definitely wouldn’t want to try any recipes from me. So I’ve left it up to those who actually know what they’re doing.

Here in the UK, biscuits are part of all our lives. Biscuits are a staple in most British households, with fan-favourites rocking up in everyone’s cupboards and certain biscuits taking you right back to your childhood.

To kick off National Biscuit Day, here are 4 biscuits facts you might not know:

  • British biscuit consumption is higher than all European countries and a staggering 35% higher than the US. The highest in the world! Unsurprising fact there.
  • 61% of the UK own a biscuit tin, with Norwich owning the most. Well done Norwich!
  • Take all the Jaffa Cakes eaten in a year in the UK and put them in a line, they would stretch to Australia and back again. But are Jaffa Cakes *really* a biscuit? It’s actually considered a cake for tax reasons!
  • On average, Brits buy 500 biscuits a year. With the chocolate digestive remaining supreme as a fan favourite – likely due to it’s dunkability in a cup of tea

What’s the difference between UK and US biscuits?

There’s sometimes some confusion online when it comes to the term biscuits because biscuits in the United States are very different to what we’re used to here. American biscuits look more like scones and is a baked bread with a firm and dry exterior. They can be eaten sweet or savoury.

Do cookies count?

For the sake of this post, yes cookies do count and I have a few amazing cookie recipes for you below. Typically, cookies are denser than biscuits and larger, softer and chunkier when baked. To be perfectly honest, I don’t much care about the politics of cookies vs. biscuits. To me, they’re all delicious!

So let’s see these recipes for National Biscuit Day:

National Biscuit Day

Healthy Blueberry Biscuit Recipe

I’m always down for a healthy biscuit recipe and these Blueberry Biscuits look great! They are packed with big chunky blueberries that are going to burst with flavour in your mouth. A perfect, quick, on-the-go breakfast for when you’re in a rush in the morning.

Cardamom and Coconut Vegan Biscuits

These Cardamom and Coconut Vegan biscuits are something totally different to what I’ve seen before but they sound lovely and a great new recipe to try and perfect. Perfect to get the kids involved in as well – I love the star shapes.

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

The first cookie recipe of this post and nope, I don’t want to hear it. Cookies count. We all love a chocolate chip cookie, don’t we? Classic, easy and ever so yummy and this fab recipe for Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies also caters for the Vegans among us.

National Biscuit Day

Almond Biscuits

These super sweet almond biscuits are so simple to make that almost nothing can go wrong. The actual biscuit itself can be adapted to whatever you have in the house and whilst chocolate chips are probably the more obvious choice, this almond alternative is a lovely, nutty option!

Funfetti NYC Cookies

Okay, let’s be honest. What grown adult doesn’t love sprinkles? These Funfetti NYC Cookies are a super cute addition for National Biscuit Day and are perfect for a party or fun occasion. They are the perfect golden on the outside with a super chewy interior – I need to make these!

Quick Oatmeal Cookies

Another soft and chewy cookie recipe but this time, these could even be eaten for breakfast as a treat. Erm, hello? As these Quick Oatmeal Cookies are not too sweet, they’re perfect to start your day with. Or can be enjoyed with a glass of milk in the evening.

National Biscuit Day

Fork Biscuit Recipe

This recipe for fork biscuits from Reduced Grub is honestly the easiest recipe you’ll ever find. It only has 3 ingredients! Fork biscuits are sweet, simple, with minimal ingredients and no fuss and perfect eaten straight from the oven, whilst they’re still warm. With a cuppa, of course!

Homemade Spiced Apple Pie Cookies

Another cookie recipe because cookies are amazing and this delicious sounding recipe would be absolutely perfect for Autumn time and around Halloween! Homemade spiced apple pie cookies from Hodge Podge Days are simple and seasonal and the perfect treat.

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

And one for the chocolate lovers to end – i.e me! These chewy chocolate chip cookies aren’t only yummy but they’re also on the healthier side to your regular chocolate cookies and biscuits. They contain no gluten, grains or refined sugar and are made from natural ingredients. Let me at em.

Whatever your preference for biscuits, whether it’s a chunky and chewy cookie, a classic chocolate digestive, a vegan alternative or something else, I hope you can take time to enjoy a biscuit and cuppa this National Biscuit Day!

What’s your favourite biscuit? Let me know!

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  1. Those biscuit facts are interesting. I am not sure whether I would call Jaffa cake a biscuit either to be honest. These are some yummy sounding recipes. I don’t have just one favourite but I like bourbons, milk chocolate digestive, rich tea biscuits and fingers and M&S chocolate rounds too! Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren x

  2. Loved all the biscuit related facts. I fancy trying those super simple fork biscuits. I bet they’re fab warm straight from the oven.

  3. That’s impressive Brits eat more biscuits than other Europeans and Americans! This is a great assortment of recipes, and I definitely want to try the spiced apple cookies, but I’m also intrigued by the blueberry biscuits!

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