collaborative post | Buying a new set of tyres can be expensive, so it can be tempting to think of fitting them yourself to save a bit of that money. However, having your tyres professionally fitted can save you from road trouble in the future. Let’s have a look at five ways this can help before you get car tyre fitting from a reliable garage near you.

Photo by Rhys Rainbow-McCormack on Unsplash

It’s Easier

The first reason for opting for professional tyre fitting is one that directly benefits you: it is easier to let someone else do all the hard work. Professional tyre fitters perform the task over and over every day, so they know all the in depth details of the process and can effortlessly do the things that will take you a lot of effort, sweating and YouTube videos to see the correct methods to employ.

Manually changing tyres is hard physical work and it is also fiddly – trying to do it yourself can be incredibly frustrating.

It’s Safer

A professional tyre fitter will make sure that your car is in good shape for use on the UK’s roads, no matter whether you are driving in tranquil Buckinghamshire or busy London. Professionals know how to ensure the tyre is properly seated on the rim, and will make sure that the tyre is inflated to the correct inflation levels and is holding the pressure well.

Let’s suppose you are  in Buckinghamshire looking for a reliable tyre fitting garage, you can go to Broadway Autocentres: they can help you find the perfect tyres for your vehicle today. This means that you will be safer in traffic, with no risk of your DIY fitting suddenly slipping due to a small, barely noticeable (at the time!) deviation in the fit of the tyre on the wheel.

Tyres and wheels are sturdy pieces of engineering and manoeuvring them can be tricky – there are some risks of injury in doing it yourself, especially if you are doing it solo for the first time.

It’s Quicker

Professional tyre fitters – no matter whether they are in a garage or have a mobile tyre fitting van – have all the equipment and training they need to almost effortlessly fit new tyres to a range of vehicles.

This means that a single tyre fitter can jack your car up, whisk off the tyre, pop a new one onto the wheel and refit it to your car in about half-an-hour per tyre – much quicker than anyone trying to do the job without these specialised tools and equipment.

Tyres Will be Aligned

Part of a good tyre fitter’s job is ensuring that your new tyres are properly aligned – lining up well on the axle so all four tyres pull in exactly the same direction – and the wheels balanced – ensuring that each wheel (and therefore tyre) is carrying an even amount of weight so that the ride feels smooth and comfortable.

These two factors, tyre alignment and wheel balancing, help to reduce unnecessary wear and tear, reduce fuel consumption, and offer a smooth and comfortable ride, as well as looking after your tyres and wheels so they last a long time in great condition.

You Will Have Peace of Mind

Having a professional fit your tyres for you means that you can be confident that your tyres will hold up in busy traffic. This means that when you are driving, perhaps on a busy motorway, plagued by road works and traffic jams, you can focus completely on the other cars and vehicles on the road, instead of worrying about whether your tyres are up to the task. This will automatically make you safer on the road and help you to avoid road trouble.

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