What is landscape design all about? *

At what point do you stop being a gardener and start becoming a landscape designer? We at Sloane and Sons Garden Benches are passionate about garden design and are always looking to learn more. How can you make that step up in landscape design? What is it all about?

The overall idea of landscape design

When you define landscape design, it doesn’t sound that much different to gardening. It is the art of arranging and modifying the features of an area for aesthetic effect and practical application. See what we mean – this sounds a lot like how you would define gardening too. Continue reading “What is landscape design all about? *”


My top picks from Furnish Your Home *

Interiors is something I don’t blog about anywhere near enough which might come as a bit of a surprise if you knew how long I spend building houses on The Sims and getting the interiors just right and how frequently I find myself pinning interiors related photos on Pinterest. I’m certainly not anywhere near in a position to be buying or renting my own place unfortunately but I’ve certainly got enough inspiration for when the time comes and I can create some of my dream home interiors! 

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How to achieve a minimalist home interior

I’ve been re-decorating my bedroom since more or less last September. I re-painted my walls; got rid of this awful, stained, grotty pink I had on my walls for what felt like forever (I sound like I live in a swamp Jesus Christ) and painted them a simple off-white (against my Mum’s judgement who insisted it “wouldn’t look right”. It did. Sorry Mum but you’re wrong on this one). I got rid of all my “tat”. I hate clutter as it is so I’m very happy throwing stuff away and I got a more simple style of bedding. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been drawn more and more towards minimalism. In my life and in my home decor. Although I’m still not entirely happy with my bedroom and I’m still working on making it that perfect, simplistic place for me to have my safe haven, it’s certainly getting there and I have a much clearer mind of the type of style I want. And the type of style I’d want in the future when I hopefully have my own place.

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