Interiors is something I don’t blog about anywhere near enough which might come as a bit of a surprise if you knew how long I spend building houses on The Sims and getting the interiors just right and how frequently I find myself pinning interiors related photos on Pinterest. I’m certainly not anywhere near in a position to be buying or renting my own place unfortunately but I’ve certainly got enough inspiration for when the time comes and I can create some of my dream home interiors! 

I wouldn’t say I have any specific styles that I prefer and I would certainly be open to trying new styles, colours, materials and textures. However I don’t like clutter and I love keeping things neat and tidy so I know a more minimalist style would suit me. I also love wood, neutral colours, plants and simplicity so a Scandinavian style would also be at the top of my list to try and achieve too!

I’d also be unlikely to keep to the same style throughout my entire house as I’d love to have different colours in different rooms and for each room to have a slightly different “vibe” to it. Today, I’m sharing some of my top picks from Furnish Your Home *, who sell dreamy furniture from your bedroom, kitchen, dining room and more.


For bedroom furniture, I’ve gone for quite pinnable and Insta-worthy pieces. Although I wouldn’t necessarily put all these together in the same bedroom, the main bedroom (i.e mine) would definitely have a nice big, metal framed bed. I love the gold frame as I’ve always been a fan of gold and I’d probably find some fake flowers and fairy lights to weave around the headboard.

However I’ve also always really liked navy blue, so I think a navy blue and gold theme in a bedroom would also go really well, with 1 or 2 of these chairs as accents!

1. Edgar Bed 

2. Lecco Floor Lamp

3. Isabelle Silk Chair

4. Bethan Lamp Table

Kitchen and dining room

I absolutely cannot wait to have my own kitchen. A kitchen is something I think I’d take a lot of time and effort over because I love cooking and I love food and I’d love my kitchen to be a really special place for me. I’d love to have dark worktops but with lighter walls and floor so these black and gold kitchen stools would be really nice.

I’d also love to have a dining room just off to the side and I’d love this to be a really comfortable, light and happy room, which is why I chose these stunning floral dining chairs to go with a fairly simple table and a slightly fancier ceiling light which can hang down over it!

5. Lagos Dining Table

6. Melbourne Floral Fabric Dining Chair

7. Carlo Gold Bar Stool

8. Abbeville Pendant Light

What are your favourite pieces mentioned here? What home interiors styles do you prefer?

* This post is sponsored by Furnish Your Home


  1. that bed frame is beautiful! i wanted a metal one but we couldnt find one that wouldve fit in our bedroom

  2. That bed frame is gorgeous!! I love interior design and currently I am trying to decide my theme for my room in the new flat I’ve got for the uni year, wish I could choose a chair like the Isabelle one though! I’d love a big comfy chair in the room but I think the size of it probably wouldn’t allow it!

  3. Sounds like you’ve got a lot planned out with these rooms. I love that bed you’ve chosen – it looks so nice! I think your theme of gold and navy blue will look gorgeous. I’ve been thinking of decorating my room for a while but I can’t work out what colour scheme I would like. It’s a tough choice!


  4. The dining table looks lovely. I would love a glass top table but it’s just not practical in my house, maybe when the kids have grown. We are currently decorating the house and have decided to stick to that same plan for lounge and dining room as we are so open plan. I can’t wait to start on my bedroom.
    Kate x

  5. I love love love interiors. Whenever there’s even the suggestion o redecorating a room at home I treat it like a major project. My favourite item here is the bed! In general I like the classic French minimal style. Wooden floors, white wood furniture, plain white walls with little pops of colour here and there. I’ve designed my dream house in my head a lot…x


  6. 2 and 4 are stunning! 😍😍 I love interior designing as well, my home is my safe haven so i need it to really represent me and make me feel safe! Im not in a position to have my own place yet either but that doesn’t stop me from looking at bedroom decor! when i do get my own place i’m gonna need like 10 bedrooms i have so many ideas pinned 😂

    mich //

  7. I love all the pieces you’ve chosen here! The one thing I can’t wait for when I move out is to be able to spend my time choosing paint colours and furniture to make each room exactly how I want it, I think I’d be like you and have a different theme in every room. I find it so boring when people stick to white/cream walls throughout their house because it goes with everything!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales,

  8. That bed is absolutely gorgeous, it would make a really beautiful focal point in a bedroom! I also really like the silk chair, it’s a bit different and a bit of a statement piece! I would love to own my own home so I can completely decorate it to my tastes – one day!
    Beth x

  9. Love it, my style is far more comfort-based I think! I do like the minimalist look though, it’s so fresh and clean!
    I always used to want a metal framed bed, but alas a tall boyfriend and not enough room for a king-size bed means it’s just not gonna happen!

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