March goals

Alright, alright, alright how are we doing? It’s March already. March. March. However, we’ll be stepping into Spring very soon, the flowers will be blooming (will they? With all this snow?) and it’s almost Easter. Which means it’s almost time to send myself into a chocolate coma. My favourite time of year! In all honesty, I do love this time of year. I’m not a fan of Summer but I do like being able to spend some time reading in my garden and smelling the Spring air without it being too blisteringly hot. I always find I’m really productive at this time of year as well. Maybe it’s something about Spring being a new season, a new start that ignites that motivation in me. So let’s see what I’m hoping to achieve this month!

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My problem with social media

Over the last month, my relationship with social media has changed. Whereas once upon a time, heading on to Twitter to express my concerns over something, finding comfort in scrolling aimlessly through hundreds of tweets and just generally, zoning out of real life was my solace but now, I find myself… resenting that very thing. And it’s not only Twitter, don’t worry Twitter bby, I’m not singling u out. Some days, I can’t bare to look at Instagram and the thought of going on Facebook? Oh, hell no. My relationship with social media has changed. But why?

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What I’ve Learnt About Effectively Sharing Blog Posts & Links

A while ago, I wrote a blog post about mistakes I made when I started blogging. One point I mentioned was that I didn’t share my blog posts and links and when I did, I clearly wasn’t doing it right because for the first six months or so, my stats were pretty shocking.

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Readatohon Hospitals: Giving Every Child the Wonder of Books

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If you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, you would have probably seen me flitting around talking about a fundraising event which is coming up at the end of the year. Myself, along with 6 others have joined forces to organise some online events in order to raise money for Readathon Hospitals, a charity that donate books to seriously ill children in hospitals all around the UK. We loved this charity and what they do and with all of us being book bloggers (and 1 author!) something to do with books was an absolute must. Continue reading “Readatohon Hospitals: Giving Every Child the Wonder of Books”

Movie Review: The Social Network

social_networkWhat it’s about: Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg creates the social networking website that would become known as Facebook, but is later sued by two brothers who claimed he stole their idea, and the co-founder who was later squeezed out of the business.

Genre: Biography, Drama

Rating: 12A

Director: David Fincher

Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Armie Hammer

CharlooDividerReview: When The Social Network first came out at the cinema, it’s safe to say there was a fair bit of ‘hype’ about it but I was never really bothered about seeing it. I have Facebook but I didn’t find it necessary to sit there for 2 hours watching how it was made. All I know is my own password and that’s satisfactory enough for me. But after hearing many good things about it I decided to man up and 3 years later, I finally got around to watching it.

Firstly, I thought the casting was very good. Jesse Eisenberg’s performance was excellent and I think he portrayed Mark Zuckerberg extremely well and gave you a very good sense of who he was at the beginning of it all and it’s hard to imagine that he was just a normal student trying to get through the pressure of college, friends and girlfriends at the time. He was quiet, weird, arrogant – everything you expect the creator of Facebook to be. I also couldn’t complain about Andrew Garfield (who plays Eduardo Saverin) and Justin Timberlake (who plays Sean Parker). Every girl needs a bit of eye candy don’t they? The story was interesting and as an everyday Facebook user, you’re obviously unaware of the effort and difficulties they went through to produce something which we not only take for granted now but rely on to communicate with friend and keep in contact with people.

However, it focused much more on the legal side of things, which I really didn’t expect which slightly threw me and put me off slightly. Although you don’t expect the whole idea of a kid creating a web page who then turns into the youngest billionaire to be completely cut and dry, I was a bit surprised by the amount of legal problems he faced e.g. getting accused of stealing the idea from two wealthy brothers who later go on to sue him. Personally, that doesn’t interest me but I can’t criticise if that’s what happened. Considering it’s a true story it does give out the message that not everything is as easy or is going to be as easy as you first think. I did also get quite confused at the beginning as they kept jumping time-frames from the beginning before it started whilst Mark was still in college, then forward to one of the meetings in which he was being sued then back again. To be quite honest, I didn’t know what they were talking about but after a while I caught on. However, I can’t criticise too much for that as it could well have just been me. Overall, it was an enjoyable watch with a fantastic cast and a very informative portrayal of the beginning of the most popular social networking site there has ever been.