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March goals

Alright, alright, alright how are we doing? It’s March already. March. March. However, we’ll be stepping into Spring very soon, the flowers will be blooming (will they? With all this snow?) and it’s almost Easter. Which means it’s almost time to send myself into a chocolate coma. My favourite time of year! In all honesty, I do love this time of year. I’m not a fan of Summer but I do like being able to spend some time reading in my garden and smelling the Spring air without it being too blisteringly hot. I always find I’m really productive at this time of year as well. Maybe it’s something about Spring being a new season, a new start that ignites that motivation in me. So let’s see what I’m hoping to achieve this month!

1. Don’t pick my nails for a week: I have absolutely no confidence that I’ll be able to manage this one. I have picked my nails for as long as I can remember and they are disgusting. Honestly, I know a lot of people say their nails are gross but mine are fucking dreadful. It’s almost an obsession of mine now; I love picking things and my own nails are the closest and most convenient things for me to pick. But I want to stop or at least attempt to stop. So this is going to be bloody challenging but I’ll give it my best go.

2. Don’t go on Facebook for a week: I was chatting to someone on Twitter in February after I had a little moan about how much I hated Facebook and wondered why I even still bother with it and she said she’d deleted the app from her phone and felt much better for it. So I want to experiment not using Facebook for a while. My only issue with this one is that I share my blog posts through my blog’s Facebook page but I can always schedule the posts for the week I know I won’t be using it. Work around your problems, yo! (This doesn’t include Facebook Messenger)

3. Hi 9k on Twitter: Taking this one over from February which was on my February goals list but I didn’t quite hit it. I’m hoping to hit this big milestone in March! I’m also super happy with myself for not getting worked up over the fact that I didn’t hit one of my blogging goals for February and just rolling it over to the next month. There’s always next month.

4. Re-read a book I love: I haven’t re-read an old favourite for so, so long. It’s something I used to do much more often but sometimes I get a thought in my head that it’s a waste of time but it’s absolutely not. Not freaking way. Reading something that means something to you and that you hold dear in your heart will never be a waste of time. So a re-read is on the cards for March!

5. Read 5 books: Which I did not do last month. Not by a mile! So I wanna up my reading game again in March.

6. Go out for afternoon tea / tea and cake with my Mum: Not a goal as such but just something I’d like to do in March being as it’s Mother’s Day and we haven’t really done that in a while! There’s a lovely tiny little tearoom in a park near where we live which I love popping in to get a drink from whenever we walk the dog over there. It’s all Vintage and I love supporting a small business at the same time!

7. Watch Moana: Yes you have permission to shout at me in the comments. I haven’t seen Moana yet.

8. Hit 5,000 blog followers: This would be such an amazing milestone!

There we go! I couldn’t think of any more so I didn’t want to just make things up for the sake of it! These are 7 things I genuinely want to achieve in March and again, keeping it nice and simple! What’s your goals for this month? 


Jenny in Neverland

Twenty-something lifestyle blogger from Essex. Book lover, Slytherin, organisational wizard and enjoys Motorsport, Disney and Yoga.


  1. Love your March Goals. I had the same problem as you do with #1, and happy to say that I’m 5 months of no picking at my nails. #2 is also another great one, I think I’m going to do that one this month too, starting tomorrow…lol.

    (For a FREE Action Plan and Daily Planner)

    1. Wow well done! I wish I could go 5 minutes without picking mine!

  2. It Girl says:

    I find that so many people have been tired of facebook lately. A lot of my friends already deleted their accounts!

    1. It’s not a great place to be anymore!

  3. I haven’t seen Moana either, so I won’t shout at you at all. I love these goals and really want to do some for April 🙂

    Amy | hookedonthemusic.com

    1. Haha! Thank you. It was very good though 🙂 xxx

  4. Always love your goals babe, they are refreshing! Good luck with this months goals, can’t wait to see you succeed xx

    1. Thanks so much, not doing TOO bad this month xxx

  5. Great goals – good luck with them! Can you try fiddling with something else when you feel the urge to pick at your nails? x

    1. I’ve tried that I really have! I think it goes much deeper than that though, it’s almost like a form of self destruction for me xxx

  6. These are great goals honey! I was thinking about staying off Facebook too – I don’t actively hate it but I find it a little pointless and would much rather use Twitter or Instagram! xo
    Sian | http://www.siankathrine.co.uk

    1. Yeah that’s what I think too. I can tell you know it’s not as hard as what you’d imagine! xxx

  7. Interesting goals! I will try to disconnect my Facebook from my phone, otherwise I will not be able to fulfill. Good luck with your goals and thanks for sharing!

  8. chloewritessometimes says:

    Love these goals! I’m hoping to go out for tea on Mother’s Day too. And yes, you have to watch Moana!


    1. Hope you have a lovely time! I’m going to try and make sure I watch it this weekend!

  9. Good luck hitting 9k hun 😁 also…how the hell have you not seen Moana yet!? 😂 true it’s not my favorite ever but I love having it on in the background when I’m working lol

    Jade xx

    1. I just recently hit 9k so I’m chuffed! And I don’t know! Will DEFINITELY watch it soon! xxx

  10. My brother’s trying to stop picking his nails too, just spoke to him about it funnily enough. He says he’s using this smelly nail polish to stop himself from doing so. All the best with your goals this month 🙂

    1. I would use that stuff but I honestly have no nails to put it on. Plus I don’t bite them, so it wouldn’t make a difference, Sigh! Thank you (: xx

  11. Good luck with your goals, Moana has to be one of my fav Disney films, it’s such a classic!

    1. Thank you! I’ve heard such good things xxx

  12. elleloui says:

    I love the one about spending quality time with your mum! I hope you hit all your goals girl! xx

    1. Thank you (: always important! xxx

  13. “Stop picking my nails” *she reads while picking at the skin around her nails* haha I really need to stop this too! As well as reading more books 🙂 Hope you hit your social media goals too!


    1. Haha whoops! Thank you 🙂 I’ve hit all my social media goals already woohoo! xxx

  14. Ahhh I can’t believe you haven’t seen Moana!! It’s the best! You definitely need to make that top of your March to do list! Afternoon tea with your mum will be lovely I’m sure! I’m hoping to take mine for a day out too!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

    1. Awh hope you have a lovely time! You know what I will VOW to watch it this weekend xxx

  15. Hi, going out for afternoon tea is a must. I love the idea or rereading an old book and I think I may have to give this a try.

    1. Go for it! xxx

  16. Lupe says:

    I love the mix of personal and professional goals. I think I want to get to 250 followers by the end of march on my blog, and 500 on my twitter.

    1. Thank you (: best of luck! I’m sure you’ll smash it! xxx

  17. I just shared my goals over on my blog. But I love have specific and practical these are! 😃 Hope you achieve them all! X

    1. Thank you- you too! Xxx

  18. These are all amazing goals! Best of luck for everything! I have been re-reading a book a love like… actually.. 3 times aha! but it is just so good! I have not set myself goals yet, but maybe i should! xx corinne

    1. Haha I’ve got a few I’ve read more than 3 times too, if you love it you love it! xxx

  19. Love your goals. Good luck with everything!

    1. Thank you (: xx

  20. Some cool goals there and I already saw on Twitter that you achieved some! Looking forward to seeing what books you read.

    1. Thank you! I have indeed, March got off to a good start (: xxx

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