The perfect savoury games night treat 

Getting together with friends or family for whatever reason is always fun. Even just hanging out at home, playing board games or watching the latest football match or  Formula 1 race and I find food can play a huge role in bringing people together, breaking the ice, having something to mingle over and talk about. My boyfriend and I often hang out with another couple and have games nights and we share the responsibility of food. The first time, I made loads of food and put on a spread. The second time, they ordered us all pizza. The third time, I made them some chocolates truffles and the time after that, they brought round an array of fresh fruit as it was the middle of summer. 

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Cooking Up a Bombay Curry


If you’re a regular reader of mine, you’ve probably noticed that I don’t write food or recipe posts but lately I’ve been really enthusiastic about cooking and making new meals from scratch at home. A few weeks ago, me and a friend made these gorgeous Thai fishcakes from a one of my mum’s old cookbooks but it never occurred to me to blog about it! So the other day, we tried our hand at another recipe from that book for a Bombay Curry and I thought I’d give food blogging a go and share the recipe and method with you!

What you’ll need:

curry edit

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