Back to school: Staying stress free *

It’s that time of year again! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been at school or college but I remember the ‘end of the Summer holidays’ feeling well. As someone who really rather enjoyed school, it was a mix between looking forward to what the next year had to offer. seeing my friends and getting back into that strict routine, slight apprehension of going back to new, harder classes and knowing that play-time was over and it was time to get my head down and get back to work. And if you’re approaching the end of school (or going into sixth form or college) chances are, you’ll also have exams coming up (which will come up quicker than you expect – trust me!) so that’s something else to add on to our growing plates of things to handle.

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How I cope in times of stress

I blog about mental health a lot and I’m totally open about my anxiety and how it affects me. Which is bad. Sometimes. I think during my anxiety journey, I’ve learnt a lot about how to deal with both anxiety and stress. I’ve probably learnt more coping mechanisms with anxiety than I ever would have if I didn’t develop it in the first place. Which, thinking about it, I suppose is one benefit to come out of having my mental health disorder. Of course we all need coping strategies when we’re stressed. Because we all get stressed and we’ll all have periods of more stress than others. You know how it is, everything’s fine for months then 12 problems come along at once. I’ve recently had a bit of a episode like that, which I’m not going to go into but it’s important to reiterate the point that everyone goes through it. It can help to know we’re not alone, if nothing else. 

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Holidays To Go on To Beat Stress

We all can get stressed at some point in our lives. Going on holiday is a top way to combat stress. Just make sure it’s planned correctly otherwise, if it becomes stressful, you will miss out on the benefits of the nice break! Here are some ideas of holidays you can go on to beat stress.

Yoga Break

You might want to consider going on a yoga break to beat stress in your life. Yoga is a fantastic way of helping your mind and body relax. A yoga break will allow you to complete the exercises in a peaceful environment. You are likely to pick up some new skills during the weekend. You will also meet others who are also trying to relax. It’s a very chilled break which will allow you to reflect on your issues. You are bound to go home feeling a lot more positive about the future.

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4 Things I Do To De-Stress

Life can get too much at times. Emotions running high, bad days, feeling unwell, problems at home or within relationships are all enough to cause us unwanted stress at times. I’ve been there and unfortunately, stress is becoming quite the familiar friend to me lately. Everyone deals with stress differently and I wanted to share my own ways in which I like to at least try to deal with stress.

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Eliminate Stress With These Top Tips

Stress can have such a negative impact on our lives. It can give us bad skin, make us put on/lose weight, and stop us from being happy in general. Many of us get stressed, and a lot of the time, we can’t help it. This might be due to work, relationships, or something else. Whatever the reason, you can eliminate stress. You can use these top tips to help!

2204059683_9ae889398a_oLearn to Use Breathing Techniques

Breathing is very underrated. It has the power to give us energy, chill us out, and everything in between. The right breathing techniques can help to reduce stress dramatically in no time at all! Meditation is one way of doing this, where you clear your head and take some quality deep breaths. However, you don’t even have to mediate. Simply focus on your breathing and take deep belly breaths to feel the benefits. Do this until you feel your worries melt away. IN through your nose and out through your mouth is best, just make sure you really take your time.

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