We all can get stressed at some point in our lives. Going on holiday is a top way to combat stress. Just make sure it’s planned correctly otherwise, if it becomes stressful, you will miss out on the benefits of the nice break! Here are some ideas of holidays you can go on to beat stress.

Yoga Break

You might want to consider going on a yoga break to beat stress in your life. Yoga is a fantastic way of helping your mind and body relax. A yoga break will allow you to complete the exercises in a peaceful environment. You are likely to pick up some new skills during the weekend. You will also meet others who are also trying to relax. It’s a very chilled break which will allow you to reflect on your issues. You are bound to go home feeling a lot more positive about the future.


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Trekking Holiday

Another holiday you can go on to beat stress is a trekking holiday. Walking is a great way of finding peace within yourself and letting all the stress out. You will get to see some amazing views that you will never forget. As I talked about before, exercise is fantastic for beating stress. Your brain releases endorphins when exercising which chills us out. You can find out more advice about trails and trekking on sites such as www.treksw.com.


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Beach Break

If you want to beat the stress in your life, you might consider going on a beach break. You get a chance to relax on the beach and enjoy the sun. Listening to the waves is a fantastic way of chilling out and emptying your mind. You can also read or listen to music while you’re relaxing on the beach. You can also enjoy some swimming while on a beach break which is great for de-stressing. You can enjoy some drinks and lots of delicious food. Here’re some more ideas for relaxing holidays.


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City Trip

You could also go on a city trip break if you want to beat stress. There is so much to see and do that you will forget about the worries in your life. Exploring the museums can make you see the world differently and put your worries into perspective. You can also have a wander around the shops to put your mind off the stress in your life.


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Spa Break

To help you stop worrying about the stress in your life, you could go on a spa break. You will be able to chill out in the pool which will help you to relax. You can also book in for some treatments. A massage is a great way of releasing some tension in your back while a facial can help your skin which might have breakouts down to the stress in your life. You will feel rejuvenated once you get back after your spa break.


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Remember to choose something which works for you. Go on your own if you want to have time to reflect.


  1. Trekking and city breaks are the options I go for!
    Lovely post Jenny. 🙂

    Kat xx

  2. I love a city break! We go to London at least once a year for a night or two, the crazyness and busyness always takes my mind of things. I find being anywhere away from home always helps me chill out and de-stress! Fab post, yoga break and spa break are great ideas and I would love to try them.

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