Books That Made Me… Feel All Warm Inside

Today I’d like to welcome Charlene to my ‘Books That Made Me’ feature. The emotion/words I gave her were ‘Feel All Warm Inside’ so here are the books she has chosen…

Books That Made Me… Feel All Warm Inside

A big thank you to Jenny for asking me to join in with this post. It’s so great to connect with fellow book bloggers on Twitter.

I was really happy with the emotion I was given to write about as I think they are the ultimate books – the ones that afterwards you’re full of joy and warmth of the possibilities of your own happy endings. I think the genre and the wide collection of chick-lit books there are, they all made me feel like this! The book that came instantly to my head was…


Take a Look at Me Now by Miranda Dickinson

I enjoyed travelling with Nell to San Francisco and it filled me with hope of potential for the future. This story shows there are no guarantees and certainties in life and change is scary but can surprise you! I have since read more of her books and she’s lovely on Twitter recently having her own bundle of joy in the form of a new baby

432352_10150717262966265_704491264_11727054_55697686_nOne Perfect Summer by Paige Toon

I love all of Paige’s books, they’re easy and fun but again this is the one that stayed with me and I was really swept away with the story and the love in this book. I cried with sadness and joy.


 6202661I Heart Series by Lindsey Kelk

There was no way I could have picked one – these are the ultimate chick-lit escapism. I love them – they’re funny, heart-warming and romantic. For those who have yet to read them, there is; I Heart New York, I Heart Hollywood, I Heart Paris, I Heart Vegas, I Heart London and I Heart Christmas.

51AALYk-LfLJenny Colgan

Sorry, I’ve kind of cheated there! Oops! But her food themed books are so pretty and the stories are guaranteed to leave you feeling very happy – either that or very hungry!

There are so many more I could have written about but as I say, I think there are fab authors out there that really know how to capture our hearts and take us on beautiful journeys with their stories.

Thank you so much Charlene for taking part in this feature! You’ve picked some great books which I will definitely be adding to my TBR list! You can find Charlene on the following links: Twitter | Blog

What books would make your list or have you read any of the above? Let us know!


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  2. Thanks for having me 🙂 x

    1. You’re welcome lovely! You chose some fab books! 🙂 xx

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