fifty-shades-of-greyI come across at least 1 tweet or article every week or so from random people expressing their hatred for the 50 Shades trilogy and deeming everyone who reads it disgusting with no taste in books and whilst everyone’s entitled to their own opinion of course, it doesn’t cease to amaze me that 3 years after the release of the books some people can’t get over the fact that others have read 50 Shades of Grey and God forbid… Actually enjoyed it!

I’m not ashamed to admit that I loved the first 50 Shades book. I devoured it in 3 sittings and it’s probably in my top 10 quickest books I’ve ever read. Yeah, it wasn’t the best written book in the world but so what. I’m a warm blooded, 21 year-old female, you’re kidding yourself if you think scenes in a book from that genre won’t arouse some sort of feeling and emotion in a lot of people. I know the books in general weren’t for everyone. A friend of mine started reading it and exclaimed she thought it was boring. Fair enough. We don’t all have to like the same thing and that’s okay! But just because someone does like something a bit… extreme, full-on and provocative doesn’t make them disgusting nor does it make their opinion wrong.

Erotica has always been a bit of a funny subject amongst book lovers and book bloggers. If someone asks you what you’re reading just as your main character gets his whip and ball-gag out it’s a possibility that you’ll lie and say “Harry Potter” or something equally as clean (I’m not dissing Harry Potter before you all shout at me!) I’ve done it before for the fear of being judged but after a while, all you really want to do is yell, “Yes, world, I am reading a book about sex and nobodies gonna stop me!”

The moral of this post? Well, there isn’t one really but I think everyone can get a bit judgy wudgy sometimes – including myself. If you go to bed hoping you’ll bump into your own Mr Grey the following day, that’s fine. If the very thought of the books make you want to run for the hills, that’s cool too. But don’t dismiss everyone else’s opinion just because it’s not the same as your own. How boring would life be if we all liked the same thing? The very point of these books is to shock you out of reality and if reality was a free pair of handcuffs with every McDonalds order over £20 then I’m sure we’ll be looking for something else to moan about. Allow people to read what they enjoy without them being scrutinized for it – whether that be 50 Shades of Grey, Harry Potter or Thomas the Tank Engine.

As always, I took the question to my Twitter followers. I love hearing what other people have to say and always find it interesting to see the differences in opinions. This topic was no different and unsurprisingly, a lot of people shared their opinion of it. Here’s what some of them had to say…

@charldibs: I have no issue saying I like reading erotica. Who caressss. If i’m a disgusting beast then so be it 😉

@Katey5678: I like erotica! Not keen on 50 Shades personally but I think everyone should just read what they enjoy!

@cometbabe: Don’t mind some erotica. 50 Shades I hated it, struggled to finish the 1st book xx

@SL_LovesToRead: It’s like anything really, some people will like it, some won’t. Personally I enjoy erotica. Never read 50 Shades though. And if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t be like OMG THAT’S DISGUSTING!!

@samsonite1111: 50 Shades was ok – repetitive. Glossed over some of it, all became a bit ‘samey’ x

@ReviewedTheBook: I like it, so long as the plot doesn’t get forgotten 🙂 x

@chezzat86: I read them just to see what all the hype was about, I thought it lacked plot strength. I don’t mind a bit of erotica every now and again if it’s well written 🙂 xx

@arrrgggghhhhhh: I liked it, I’ve re-read it BUT the writing style was horrific. But the basic story is rather compelling.

@LibraryLiz101: Not sure why anyone reads it. Found the little I read of 50 Shades horrible and sadomasochistic.

I’d love to hear your opinion of the subject discussed! Leave me a comment below and let me know.


  1. I don’t judge what people choose to read, just like I’d hope they wouldn’t judge me. I have no issues with erotica whatsoever. It gets written because there’s a market for it. If people enjoy it then fair play! I’ve been known to read it myself ;).

    In terms of 50 Shades, I’ve never read it but I don’t think badly of people who’ve enjoyed it. I’m not prudish about the subject matter; it’s more that the writing style and bad grammar puts me off. However, never say never. I’m sure I’ll try it at some point!

  2. I enjoy reading erotica from time to time. I started picking up the series because it was so hyped and well I was just curious. It was similar to you. Enjoyed and devoured the first one, bought the other two in the series and I nearly couldn’t get through them. The writing was just terrible. I don’t judge anyone who enjoyed the series or erotica in general. Let everyone be.

  3. My sister in law loved it so much I painted an artwork piece for her based on this book called anastasia takes control. Gave it to her for her birthday and she loved it.

  4. Great post 🙂 but seriously, people still debate this? I’m not on Twitter so didn’t know, I see nothing wrong with the books at all. Each to her own, I have all three on my kindle and enjoyed them quite shamelessly. They’re not well written but are certainly entertaining and gripping..

      1. Oh dear, they need to find some new books to slam, there’s plenty out there! Maybe they should find some even better erotic novels and bring those to our attention instead 😉

  5. Whilst I haven’t read the series myself, and probably won’t as it’s not really a subject that interests me (like most romance, the erotica part wouldn’t bother me) many of my family members have. In fact my twin sister has read it, and she’s the sort that avoids books at almost any cost.

    My opinion of these sorts of books is this: if a book, no batter how badly (or even well) written, if it inspires people to read then that’s a good thing for me, especially when there’s concern about the falling literacy rate in post-education people, and the seemingly easy to use blaming of dyslexia to excuse why people don’t read (if that makes sense? I’m not dismissing dyslexia at all, but people *do* use it as an excuse to not read at all, even magazines etc.).

    1. Ah I very much agree with you – a lot of people don’t read and it’s such a shame so if they pick up just ONE book, even if it is badly written, then that’s a good thing right? ;

  6. These books just go to show that you don’t need to be a brilliant writer to get published. You just need a good idea and be there at the right time!
    I enjoyed the first one, got bored with the second…but did read the third! Primarily to see what all the hype was about. Great post! 🙂

    1. Absolutely! You need to write something that people want to read and obviously as this was very new and different – people wanted to read it! I will admit, I did get a bit bored too, it was all a bit samey after a while! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  7. Never read it, no intention of reading it, but if people like it (and millions did) then fair enough. I’m sure the author couldn’t care less seeing as she is now a multi millionaire!!

  8. 50 Shades was the first Erotica I read (what a sheltered life I have lived!), and I actually found it inspirational. Not for the quality of the writing, or the story, or even the sex, but what it did do was bring erotica more to the mainstream. People were almost proud to be seen reading it (though they would no doubt vehemently deny it now that it is not cool to like 50 Shades…). I think it E L James has made it acceptable to be seen reading Erotica, and also to write it too.

    1. Fantastic comment and I can totally see what you mean and why it made you feel that way. Before 50 Shades I don’t think I’d even HEARD of erotica, let alone read it! People in general are definitely more open about it now.

  9. Great post! Well said Jenny! So true – I hate how people judge others on what they read – why should reading Salman Rushdie make you any better than reading 50 Shades? So it tackles different subjects, but reading a book certainly doesn’t make you an expert! At the end of the day, fiction is all about fantasy, some people’s fantasies are different to others, but that doesn’t mean that they are wrong, dirty or stupid – it means the person judging them is. This wasn’t the best written book in the world, but the fact is it captured the world’s imagination and it is among few books that can say they have done that to such an extent. At the end of the day, what does the writer care? She wrote what she wanted to write and has made a mint out of it! Good for her for sticking to what she liked and wanted to write. xx

    1. Great comment, well said! I completely 100% agree! Most books capture the readers imagination in different ways and this one did very successfully. And you’re right, I’m sure E.L James doesn’t give a crap about people saying the book wasn’t well written because she’s now the one with millions and they’re not! xx

  10. I read the first 2 books, couldn’t get through the third one, which was just horrible.

    They are badly written books but what do you expect? It is a fan-fiction turned book and a fan-fiction of pretty badly written YA at that.

    1. It’s terribly written, I agree and I’m pretty sure the author wasn’t expecting it to be the next Charles Dickens but considering the nature of the book I don’t think it matters.

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