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Reading Challenge: 50 Books To Read In a Year

I originally posted this reading challenge at the tail end of 2014. Back when I was a book blogger. Gosh, it seems like a lifetime ago now! But now we’re in lockdown and a lot of us seem to be reading more and finding peace in books in what’s obviously a very stressful time, I thought it would be a good time to re-share this and hopefully give you a little challenge!

Reading Challenge

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I haven’t personally completed this challenge myself. I’m a pretty slow reader so chances of me reading 50 books in a year is slim anyway! But I love some of the categories and feel like they would definitely prove to be a challenge. Particularly a book more than 100 years old and a play. I don’t know about you but the last time I read a play was for GCSE English!

I think during this stressful time in life, it’s important to still have ways to challenge yourself and focus on your personal growth. Of course switching off and relaxing and taking care of your mental health is incredibly important to but once that’s in place and you feel like you’re in a good mindset to work on something new, it’s great to have that focus. And a reading challenge can be a great, low-key way to do that!

If you need some book recommendations for any of the categories below, I’m always updating my Goodreads account where you can find all the books I’ve read, dating back to 2013. You’ll notice that back then, I read considerably more books than I do now because I was a book blogger.


Have you ever tried a reading challenge? Are you going to try this one? Which categories do you think will be the hardest? Do you have any recommendations for any of these categories? Let me know!

50 book reading challenge



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  4. I’m attempting this challenge as well 🙂 I’m also hoping it will allow me to read at least some of the books that are littered around the house 🙂 x

    1. Good luck with it! I’m hoping it’ll let me get through a lot of my bookshelf too, ones I probably wouldn’t have read before! x

  5. I found this challenge online a few days ago and I’m going to try it too! I’m hoping that it will help narrow down the book I want to read next. I’m doing the TBR challenge as well, and I have so many that this will help me choose! 🙂

    Tina @ Pages of Comfort

    1. Good luck with it! I agree, I think I’ll be able to get through a lot of my bookshelf with this challenge but some of them will definitely be a challenge! Thanks for following the blog btw! 🙂 x

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  7. Ooo I like this one. Looks like fun. Going to give it a go. I’m even going to be all productive and print it out and stick it on my wall!!! 🙂

    1. Good luck with it! I’m really excited about it! I also printed out a copy so I can tick them off as I do them haha! My mum’s got a copy too 😛

      1. Haha, sounds good. I just sorted my mum out with her reading challenge for the year too! 🙂

      2. Aww yay I hope your mum gets on well! Mine completed her first one yesterday which was “a book you started but didn’t finish” – it was The Rosie Project 🙂 I completed my first one today too which I reviewed!

  8. I saw this the other day and thought ‘I’ll definitely have to do that’ so it’s great to see you are too! Hope we can tick a lot of these off 😉

    1. Yay I’m so pleased you’re doing it too! Make sure you keep me posted on how you do. I think I’ll be able to get through a lot of books on my TBR list with these but some of them are going to be quite tricky I think! xx

  9. It is isn’t it! I like how different they all are too – you definitely won’t get bored. Good luck in all your reading challenges! And thank you!

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