When I came onto the blogging scene in 2013, I had no idea what a Twitter chat was. I’d never seen one or heard of one and when I finally came across one (Lord only knows which one it was), I wasn’t particularly eager to get involved and I didn’t think it would be for me. When I finally did take part in my first one, I wasn’t nervous at all – I just thought I would answer some questions on Twitter and see other people’s answers to the same questions. I realised it was quite fun so started to take part in more and more, particularly ones in different topics.

Twitter Chats

What is a Twitter chat?

A Twitter chat usually takes places over the course of 1 hour and is hosted by 1 blogger. It usually revolves around one topic and there’s are separate chats for different topics (e.g #bookbloggers will be about books) The host will ask around 4 or 5 questions in a average chat and everyone taking part will answer those questions. You can then search the tag’s hashtag and see everyone else’s answers and meet and interact with different bloggers over the same topic.

Are they worth it?

Well, it depends what you want to get out of taking part in a Twitter chat. If you’re a newer blogger, I think they’re a great way to meet other bloggers and share thoughts and opinions on the same topic, which you obviously both like. e. It can be so daunting as a new blogger in a sea of bloggers which already know each other. I remember feeling like the new kid in school! But chats are a great way to get involved and put yourself out there as an active member of the blogging community in a way that’s subtle and low-key, as during a Twitter chat with sometime hundreds of bloggers taking part, you’re rarely the centre of attention but often engage with a handful of likeminded bloggers. Even has a more experienced blogger, sometimes I’ve found Twitter chats (particularly #bookbloggers in the past) as kind of a way to ‘catch up with friends’. Because I know all my book blogging friends are going to be in the same place at the same time. In that sense, I think they’re definitely worth it. You also learn a lot about some people during Twitter chats – particularly if it’s a serious topic that will divide opinions.

What do I think of them?

I used to take part in so many Twitter chats. Every night I would find out what chats were on and be frantically tweeting for the hour. I’ve also hosted a Twitter chat before which was so terribly nerve wracking at first but it was an important thing for me to do as it majorly grew my confidence. However, with there being so many Twitter chats now, I don’t take part in many at all anymore. I feel that with so many, topics over-lap regularly and every week or so the questions, “What made you start blogging?” or “Where do you find inspiration from?” crop up. The amount of bloggers has grown dramatically – you can’t swing a cat without hitting one. So, maybe with the mass of bloggers the increase in chats is a good thing as it can cater for everyone. I mean could you imagine just 1 chat with thousands and thousands and thousands of participants? It would be chaos! Especially for the host (gosh imagine the notifications). But at the same time, personally, the appeal of chats has declined slightly – probably for the reason that there’s just too many and too many of the same. I admire those bloggers however who have organised a chat and run it every week, sometimes multiple times a week, without fail. It must take a lot of work and hats off to them for that.

What do you think of Twitter chats? Do you take part in them regularly?


  1. I think I’ve participated in three twitter chats in the five years I’ve been blogging, and I really, really enjoyed them! And I discovered so many new blogs (although, I only ended up regularly following just a handful). But, I could see how someone could easily feel burned out after participating in them regularly. It is kind of overwhelming to keep up with every thing that is being posted, and sure there are overlaps in questions. I suspect this is why I join in so seldom. Usually it’s a spur of the moment thing too since I’m so terrible with social media platforms.

  2. Great post Jenny, I must admit, I have noticed that you don’t participate in chats all the time. But then again, neither do i. Apart from the #disneybloggerschat I don’t venture that much in others. Although I have other interests other than Disney, and would like to talk about something different, I do get nervous joining in on other topics. But that’s probably just my lack of experience. I agree with you about the hosts, it must take a lot of effort to do it on a weekly basis, or more than that. I think chats are fun, but not on a regular basis as they would get boring. Plus there are people out there who use chats for bullying.

  3. I just participated in my second one last night. It was for #BloggerSRP. It was actually super fun, and I was able to connect with other bloggers. I laughed as I tried to keep out with the various side conversations, so it definitely can be daunting. I missed a couple of them as I think I just had no idea what they were talking about.

    However, I do think they can be worth it. You get to meet new bloggers and even get some new book recs. One question last night was what book or books we planned on reading for Summer Reading Program. I posted two titles and had a few people ask what they were. Showed the GR link, and a few added it to their TBRs. It was quite a fun adventure!

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the Twitter chats you’ve taken part in so far! The book bloggers chats in particular are so good for that kinda thing — recommendations etc.

  4. I’m new to blogging and taking part in a few chats has definitely helped me meet new people and feel more part of the ‘blogging community’. I don’t take part in as many as I’d like to though as I’ve just not got the time unfortunately 🙁

  5. I only participate in one weekly Twitter chat, and I don’t do it every week because I forget. It’s really fun when I do participate though and it is a great way for me to meet other bloggers. I will say that fun, out of the box questions are so important. I tried participating in one other chat once and I didn’t even finish because the questions the host asked were so basic.

    1. Ugh I hate basic questions! Ones you get over and over again and don’t inspire any form of creativity or imagination. Those are the kinda questions that put me off Twitter chats for a very long time.

  6. I know there are tons of chats, but for some reason I never seem to know about them or be online when they’re happening.

    I do like participating when I can. The one piece of advice I have for bloggers hosting, though, is to avoid asking questions with yes/no answers. Though generally my experiences have been positive, I have been in a couple chats I left early because the questions asked simply weren’t conducive to discussion. No one was replying to each other because the questions asked just didn’t make it possible.

    And, for shameless self promotion, I’m doing a chat all about Anne of Green Gables on July 16 at 5 pm EST, if anyone’s interested. 😉

    1. Very good point about closed questions! I’d never considered that before but it makes totally sense, you don’t want hundreds of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ replies do you? There’s no conversation! I left a link to the comments above with a blog post from another blogger who’s wrote when all the chats are on, if you need it! (: xx

  7. I’d love to take part in a chat, I have never done it before. There seem a lot of chats around. Do you know on which days are chats set (dosen’t matter book related or not)? Or which Twitter accounts to follow?

  8. I never took part in a twitter chat before. I want to try it out, at least once, but I have no idea where and with which chat to begin ‘^^ .
    I hope I’ll anjoy it (:

  9. I used to take part in and host a lot of business related ones when I was running my digital marketing biz but now I don’t take part in them very often, I think mentally I see them as work! lol
    They are a great way to promote your blog and get to know people. I do join in with some occasionally though and there are some great people to be found and get to know!

    1. Id never considered that they might be used for business purposes you know! I always thought — from the ones I’ve taken part in — that they’re more casual. Nothing to really be gained from them, just to have some fun and chat about something. I can imagine them being quite useful for business actually.

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