The Anatomy of a Great Blog*


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Blogging is great because anyone can do it. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. The thing is because every can do it, that means that there are a lot of blogs out there. Some good and some bad. If you’d rather be in the good category, read on to see what goes into a top notch blog.



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The style and design of your blog, is like the bones that the meat of the content hangs on. People will trawl through unappealing sites to get the information that they want, but they are unlikely to return. It’s a much better idea to make sure that your site is clear and uncluttered. You want browsing your blog to be any enjoyable experience for your reader.

To do this use no more than three colours in your design scheme. Pick attractive but readable fonts and use striking pictures to grab people’s attention. If you can, go for a more modern and paired down look, widescreen look. These are very stylish and are pretty neutral so work well for a variety of blog topics.


Now to the real meat of your blog, the content. Boring, irrelevant content is the death of many blogs. Unless it’s private diary, the idea of your blog is to share your knowledge, views and experiences with the world. No one wants to read about things that don’t matter or interest them.

Some good advice here is to not be a ‘jack of all trades’, keep you specialisms to a few areas that you can talk about knowledgeably.

It’s easy to keep your blog just for you. But you could consider collaborating with other bloggers and companies that are aligned to what you are writing about. Having someone make a guest post is a nice way of helping them gain exposure and driving traffic to your site at the same time.

Working with companies can be very profitable as some will compensate you for mentioning their products. Others will give your freebies to review.


For a blog to be classed as excellent, it also needs it to have great organisation. In a body, it’s no good having your liver in your foot, because the doctors can’t find it there. The same applies to your blog. Keep things in the categories that they match closest too. Don’t have too many categories as this can become confusing. You should also include a search feature as people like to be able to access things quickly. It will stop your readers getting frustrated when looking for the things that most interest them.

It’ also imperative that you include sharing buttons on your blog. Remember you are trying to get the word out there, so you want as many people as possible to share your content. The best social media platforms to do this on are Facebook and Twitter. Also, why not try the often overlooked social media platform Pinterest. This is especially helpful if you are marketing a product or tutorial through your blog. People will click on the images you provide and then be directed back to your home page.


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