London is such a vibrant and sprawling city. Think you know everything there is to know about our wonderful capital city? I doubt that very much! In fact, here are some remarkably cool facts that I bet you have never heard before!


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Harrods Wasn’t Always So Squeaky Clean

We all know Harrods – it’s probably the world’s most famous department store. These days it is well-known as being a very posh shop where you can easily spend a ton of cash for some very exclusive items! It’s also got a good fashion section, and you will be able to pick up a Ralph Lauren shirt or a pair of Gucci heels. However, did you know that Harrods hasn’t always had this squeaky clean image? In fact, up until 1917, it was possible to buy cocaine over the counter in the department store! How times have changed!

London’s Biggest Killer Is Still At Large

Don’t worry, there is no chance London’s most notorious serial killer will get you now, even if he were never caught! That’s because Jack the Ripper lived back in the 19th Century, but his story is very much alive and well in the city. Take a Jack the Ripper Tour next time you are in London to learn all about him, his crimes, and how the police failed to catch him. No one really knows the true identity of Jack the Ripper even today – scary stuff!

Big Ben Isn’t Totally Straight

Next time you are in view of Big Ben, take a good look at this large clock tower and see if you notice anything unusual. Remind you of anything? It should do – the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Big Ben may not be quite as slanted as the famous Italian tower, but over the years it has certainly started to lean to one side. But there is nothing to worry about just yet. It is currently only tilted by 0.25 degrees.


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There Are Quite A Few Ghost Stations

There are several Tube stations that are no longer in use now, and are known as ‘ghost stations’. These ghost stations may not be open to the general public, but you can still get to them. You just need to join one of the tour groups that takes tourists down to explore the depths of the Tube network. While you’re on the tour, you’ll also see some areas of the Tube network that were used as bomb shelters during World War Two.

Pollution May Not Be As Bad As You Think

Think that pollution is pretty bad in our capital city? Well, it isn’t exactly great. But you will be pleased to hear that things have greatly improved over the past few years! Things got so bad in the 1950s that the city was enveloped in a cloud of smog. That’s not all, though. In 1952, a theatre show at Sadler’s Wells Theatre had to be cut short after smog started creeping into the auditorium and the audience found it difficult to breathe!


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