My ideal dining experience & dream menu! *

Not having to cook is always a popular dinner option for me. As much as I enjoy cooking and experimenting with new recipes and foods, not having to cook and being able to sit back, relax and let the food come to you is always a nice treat. Whether that’s a quick takeaway from my favourite Chinese (seriously, it is the BEST Chinese takeaway in the UK), a cute little café in the park or a slightly posher (but not too posh) restaurant for a lavish 3-course meal. Most cities are a hub for restaurants and places to eat and living close to London, there’s a restaurant or takeout literally everywhere you look. But of course not all dining experiences are positive, we’ve all been left disappointed by a meal that’s not been entirely up to scratch (or if you’re really unlucky, been given food poisoning from it!) 

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Best self-care destinations in London *

We live in a world that’s increasingly stressful. Whichever side of the political divide you fall, whatever social media network you use, the web is thick with arguments and work exerts its own pressures into the bargain. Modern technology promises to lift our burdens and make work easier, but instead by making us so constantly available it’s difficult to carve out time when you’re unavailable and off duty.

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6 things to do in London for the ultimate tourist experience

London; you’ve probably been there. If you haven’t been there, you probably want to go there. And if you want to go there, there’s no doubt that you’ll wanna see the sights and famous attractions that London is so well-known for. I live in Essex, approximately 20 minutes on a train from Liverpool Street Station – a hub to get almost anywhere you want in London. As a kid, I was often taken to London on days out with my parents. I saw all the sights and attractions that brochures and websites always tell you to see by the age of about 10! And well into my teen life, I continued to venture into London with friends almost on a weekly basis to explore and just see where the day took us. 

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ZSL London Zoo Silent Cinema Experience + Review

So the other week, Conor and I got tickets for the London Zoo’s outdoor silent cinema experience and for those that don’t know, every day they were showing a different animal-related film on a big screen in the zoo grounds and whichever film you chose, you had a chance to see a specific exhibit in the zoo. I’ve never been to an outdoor cinema before – let alone a silent one so it was a new experience for me. We drove into London, as the film didn’t start until half 8 we could avoid the traffic. We got a bit lost on the way due to Conor’s dodgy sat-nav at ended up on London Bridge.


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