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6 things to do in London for the ultimate tourist experience

London; you’ve probably been there. If you haven’t been there, you probably want to go there. And if you want to go there, there’s no doubt that you’ll wanna see the sights and famous attractions that London is so well-known for. I live in Essex, approximately 20 minutes on a train from Liverpool Street Station – a hub to get almost anywhere you want in London. As a kid, I was often taken to London on days out with my parents. I saw all the sights and attractions that brochures and websites always tell you to see by the age of about 10! And well into my teen life, I continued to venture into London with friends almost on a weekly basis to explore and just see where the day took us. 

I don’t visit London much anymore; a combination of growing up, developing anxiety and a change of circumstances I never had before definitely stops me visiting as much. But I’m glad to say that I’ve done everything I’d probably want to do in London already so I in no way feel like I’m missing out. Today I wanted to share with you my top places to visit in London if you want the ultimate tourist experience. So grab your Union Jack, embrace your inner Ginger Spice and make some days free in your diary this year!

The London Eye

Although perhaps not the most adrenaline fueled attraction, The London Eye is a lovely way to spend the afternoon or to round off your day in London. The sights are spectacular and there are some amazing photo opportunities for all you keen photographers.

The London Dungeons

If you love history and want to have a bit of fun, The London Dungeons is the place to go. I’ve been a number of times and always enjoyed it. You learn about Jack the Ripper, the plague and the great fire of London all whilst having an incredibly immersive experience with actors, rides and role-play!

The Natural History and The Science Museum

Although these are two entirely separate museums, I wanted to put them under one umbrella because they’re so close to each other in proximity. And the best thing? They’re both completely free! A super cheap but rewarding day out with so much to see, do and learn. The Natural History Museum is a beautiful place!

Oxford Street and Regent Street

The ultimate hub for you keen shoppers, if you want a proper day of London shopping, these two streets are where you want to be. You’ll be spoilt for choice at the array of different shops and you’ll also be able to visit Hamleys, the most famous toy shop in the world! Even adults absolutely love it.

Madame Tussauds

Possibly one of the most famous London attractions but Madame Tussauds is a must-do if you’re visiting London. The queues are long, so make sure you’re not going at a ‘peak time’ if possible but Madame Tussauds is truly a spectacular experience!

Sea Life London Aquarium

One of the most impressive aquariums I’ve ever been to, this is another fantastic place to visit – with or without kids in tow – and makes a really fun day out. The aquarium is absolutely huge, which thousands of different species to see.

I have plenty more recommendations of places I’ve been in London but the post would have been way to long had I mentioned them all! There really is something for everyone; all ages and whatever you’re into. And if money is an issue, there’s plenty of free attractions for you to enjoy such as the museums and parks and you can get loads of the lastest deals on top London attractions * on Groupon, if you want to save that little bit extra! On Groupon, you can find the best things to see, eat and do in one of the most diverse and colorful cities in the world and save a large chunk of what you’d usually spend!

Have you been to any of these attractions? Where would you recommend to visit in London? Have you ever had a brilliant Groupon deal before?

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  1. I’m taking my sister to London for her 18th birthday in July (it’s a surprise though!) so I’ll definitely be taking her to a few of the tourist attractions! xo
    Sian |

    1. Oooh hope you both have a lovely time! xxx

  2. Love this! Definitely want to go to the London Dungeons when I visit in the fall!

    1. It’s a great experience!

  3. I love the sound of the London Eye, I’ve heard great things about it but I’d be a bit wary of the height of it! I’d love to try it sometime though! The aquarium sounds great, I didn’t know that there’s one in London. The Dungeons sound like a great way to learn a bit of history! I’m going to London very soon so it was brilliant to read your post and add to the list of places that I want to go to!

    1. Hope you manage to do a few of these. The Eye is very high but it’s safe and you kinda forget about it after a while

      1. Yeah, we’re going to fit in as much as we can! Okay, thanks! Hopefully will try it!

  4. alohalola says:

    OK I love the sound of The London Dungeon! I am fascinated by history, but when it’s gory or creepy it interests me more! I also love the Sea Life Centre, I been to the one in Blackpool many a time but never London x x x

    1. You would absolutely LOVE the dungeons then girl!

  5. I love London and I’m so lucky to live only twenty minutes from central! I would defo recommend the London dungeons and the London eye!

    1. You’re the same distance more or less as me then 🙂

  6. akjmusicblog says:

    I always go to London for work now and never get to really explore, but I smile whenever I see the London Eye in front of me.

    I need to visit more of the museums and have a proper shopping spree!

    Amy |

    1. The museums are fab!

  7. I love London. I had a dream I moved back there the other day. I was so disappointed when I woke up 😀 The London Dungeons were really interesting. This is a great bucket list.

    1. Haha awh! Tbh I would rather not live here but you can have some amazing experiences here.

  8. I would absolutely love to visit London at some point in my life! These will all definitely be on my to go to list if I ever go, because you always recommend such amazing things!

    1. Haha Awh thank you! Where are you based? You must be quite far from London.

      1. Boston, MA USA

  9. The only place I’ve been is Oxford Street and I loved the buzz of it. I’m not too interested in the dungeons, Madame Tussads or the Aquarium. Things like that are in most cities and I prefer to visit places more unique to the destination.

    1. But they’re definitely bigger and better in London! 😉

  10. Gem says:

    Ah I love London!! I’d recommend the view from the Shard too, there was a quote on the wall that I loved saying “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life” x

    1. I haven’t been to the shard yet. I gotta day I don’t entirely agree with that quote though!

  11. I remember going on a school trip to London and we didn’t really do much, we did go on the London Eye though which was a memorable experience! I would love to visit all of the theatres in London, and see The Lion King, there’s so much to do and see. I must visit again soon (when I’m not restricted by school teachers lol)! X

    1. Haha going anywhere with a school is super restricting!

  12. The dungeons are on my London bucket list I always here such great reviews! Camden market is my favourite place to explore in London, I love checking out all of the stalls and shops, and of course trying the food, haha! Loved reading your post 🙂

    Kate |

    1. Oh gosh Camden I literally spent all my teenage years down there when I was a Grunger and fit RIGHT in 😂

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