I love short breaks away – especially staycations. I rarely go on long, lavish holidays anymore, instead opting for a weekend here and a few days there in different parts of the U.K (although if I had the means to, I definitely would treat myself to a lavish holiday somewhere nice!) However I’ve learnt that the packing process of a short break or a weekend away isn’t any less stressful than any other holiday. You’ll still forget something. You’ll still pack too much and hardly wear any of it. And you’ll always pack for the wrong season, with the unpredictability of the U.K weather. But where’s the fun if something doesn’t at least go a little bit wrong?! Today I’m going to share some of my ultimate essentials for a weekend away! 


Leggings: A chilled weekend away will always require leggings at some point or another. I always pack a pair or two of my comfiest ones so I can really relax in the hotel / cottage or wherever I’m staying.

One nice dress: But only one. You’re not away for long enough to need fancy clothes all the time but you never know where you might end up!

Basic, loose-fitting t-shirts / vests: These are perfect for layering (so you can add more or less, depending on the weather) and you can also make them look nice but be super comfy at the same time!


Fluffy socks: To wear in bed to reach ultimate snug-ness, of course!

Hot water bottle: Chances are, wherever you’re staying, there will be a kettle in the room so I always take a hot water bottle in case it’s chilly! (These are also super handy to have for any other emergencies, such as unexpected period cramps)


Perfume: I always take my favourite perfume away with me. I was recently sent this handy Twist & Spritz* which allows you to pour a little bit of your favourite into this smaller container. Perfect for your handbag or just to save space!

Rosehip oil*: An oil like this is super handy to take with you because it’s small enough to not take up much room and it also has multiple benefits, including helping with dry skin and insect bites. And I don’t know about you but I get bitten to sh*t in the Summer!

Micellar water and cotton pads: The micellar water I use is kinda big but I still don’t go anywhere without it. It has too many uses not to! I can use it to take my make-up off with and give my face a quick clean if I’m in a rush.

Lip balm: This one speaks for itself. When you’re travelling or outside a lot on holiday, your lips can take a battering. Last year, I was away for 2 days and my lips got burnt. I didn’t have any lip balm. The pain.


Tweezers: So goddamn handy to keep in your bag cos you never know when you might need tweezers for something! These Rubis  tweezers are a Swiss brand who manufacture high quality products and you can certainly tell by using these. They make tweezing (is that a word?) quick, easy and steady. Not necessarily pain-less, depending on where you’re using them but they’re definitely of a higher quality to most tweezers you’ll buy in the shops.

Antihistamines: I suffer with hay fever really badly in the Spring and Summer but I always carry some antihistamine tablets with me, just in case.

A book: I mean, obviously.

What are you absolute essentials for a short break? Any weird items which you don’t leave home without?

Products marked with a (*) were sent to me


  1. Oh my days, you’re the first person who actually packs a hot water bottle! I take mine with me everywhere! Rain, snow, blazing heat…it’s coming with me! That and my hair straighteners 🙂

  2. I love having a pair of comfy socks! I also like to pack tweezers, micellar water, cotton wool pads and my make up bag. I also love having a good book with me. I like to have at least one dress with me and then a comfy t-shirt and some jeans. Oh and a hoodie too.
    Clem xx

  3. These are such great things to pack, tweezers are something that I always forget. Think I need to get a few extras to scatter in different travel bags and cases!


  4. These are really good things to pack! I always pack a lot of clothes, but never skincare items although I should start doing that from now on

  5. Love this list so much! Fluffy socks are a must for me too, I just don’t feel the same without them!
    Alys xxx

  6. I love this! I’m always an overpacker, so I really need to work on narrowing things down to just the essentials. Definitely yes to the leggings, though! I cannot stand uncomfortable clothes, and so in the colder months, I pretty much live in my leggings. They’re perfect because you can dress them up or stay casual. I cannot wear socks to bed, though. My feet feel to claustrophobic! 😂

  7. Hair ties are a must have for me, and I always seem to forget them. So I started stashing a few in my wallet since I have one of those duo coin purse/wallet things and never have change. Our last trip I always had a hair tie for when I needed it and I was so grateful.

      1. it’s like you tell yourself I don’t need that and then suddenly its windy or rainy and your like “shoot, where is it.” lol every time

  8. Yes to the leggings! I always make sure to take my own water bottle so you arent always buying drinks when you are out.

  9. Good list and never thought of taking a hot water bottle. I’ve recently really started to pack less although struggle with shoes (heels, trainers, flats…). Also, always take a hairdryer which is bulky, even a travel one. Thanks. Ax

  10. Socks in bed!! That’s one thing I can’t get on board with.

    I think my only essentials are jammies and a good book.

  11. Weekends away are something I very rarely do, don’t know why because they sound so great. You can’t go wrong with taking a hot water bottle, that is something I’d forget but regret the most about forgetting it.

    Rebecca Elaine x

  12. Most of this is stuff I was supposed to pack for the holiday I’m on but forgot 😂😭 this is a great post and for whatever reason I love reading posts like this all the time ❤️

  13. Yesss to all of this (except wearing socks in bed, haha, sorry!). I love rosehip oil so much, it’s so good for your skin and it always leaves me feeling great. I really need one of those Twist & Spritz things too, I never take perfume away with me as it’s so bulky but that looks amazing. I’m also like you – I overpack. Although usually, it’s too many books, not too many clothes!
    Beth x

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