Every blogger knows that it’s imperative to reach out on social media to get more traffic to their blog. A blog without a social media channel has less capacity to attract new readers and advertising income. But social media, if not done correctly, can turn out to be a drain on your time, rather than a money spinner. Bloggers can spend hours doing outreach, only to find that they have increased their follower count by a few dozen. It can be a soul destroying experience.


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However, when you get your social media strategy right – even by using Instagram growth services such as Nitreo – you can take your blog to the next level. Recently, Instagram has been proving itself as the go-to social media website for a wide variety of bloggers and getting Instagram followers is easy, particularly those whose blogs contain a lot of images. If you’re a food blogger, a beauty blogger, or even a product reviewer, here’s how to use Instagram to boost your blog and some Instagram growth services to consider.

Get Sponsored

If you want to get sponsored as a blogger, the first thing that you have to do is to prove to companies that you’ve got great community engagement. They want to see that all the money they’re spending on you is worthwhile. Otherwise, they’ll just go and find someone who is more influential.


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The next thing to do is to ramp up your community engagement. Sponsors want to see that users are actively engaged in what you’re doing. That means responding to comments as appropriate, being smart with your hashtags and reaching out to followers with things like “likes” and shout outs. Advertisers know that some accounts on Instagram have great numbers, but if engagement is low, their advertising dollars will be wasted.

Make Taking Pictures A Part Of Your Life

Instagram is all about the visual, so it’s a good idea to take a camera with you everywhere you go so that you can capture all of life’s moments, no matter where you are. Unlike a regular blog, where you might write a post, hire somebody to do the photos, and publish an article once every couple of weeks, Instagram needs to be updated daily to keep people interested.

An excellent way to advertise yourself and your blog is to include many photos of yourself on Instagram. You want to show off both your magnetic personality, as well as your passion for whatever you blog about. If you blog about beauty, try including some pictures of your latest experiments with makeup, showing off what you’ve learned in your research. If you’re blogging about fashion, take your camera with you when you go shopping, just in case you spot a dress you think your followers would like.


  1. Thanks for the tips and the encouragement. I’m new to having a public Instagram profile, so when I would get a new follower I would be so excited someone was interested in my content. Only to wake up the next day to find out I had lost 3 followers. It was discouraging thinking those who thought they might like what I’m doing had changed their minds.
    It wasn’t until day 3 I realized the game many are playing with wanting many more followers than people they follow. I’m finding it a bit frustrating, but I never back down from a challenge. I see I need to get creative.

  2. I genuinely thought you were going to tell us that we shouldn’t keep our hopes up and that it cannot be done, so I am more than pleasantly surprised to see this positive, helpful tips! Thank you so much.

    Nihaad | Read & Seek

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