Any passion in life can always be upgraded and taken to the next level. People that love to play video games might become YouTube content creators or professional video games testers, and children that love sports might grow up to become famous sporting legends. If you enjoyed reading as a child, then you probably considered being an author, librarian or even an editor when you grew up. There’s no better way to show your passion for a subject than to get involved with it as a career choice, so here is a couple of ways to show off your love for literature.


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Most bloggers tackle a specific subject such as music, games or technology. However, there is a growing trend of bloggers that focus on fiction, literature, plays and other forms of creative writing. There are countless ideas for a literature-focused blog. You could write your own short stories and publish them episodically, you could write book reviews and create video reviews, or you could even start a blog that analyses fictional pieces of work. With so much choice, the sky is really the limit and the only way to find your niche is to explore your options and start writing. Creating a blog is easy, but keeping it updated with relevant content and trying to keep a high standard of quality is difficult.


You could start a humble antique bookstore that buys and sells old classics or you could create a modern store that sells all the latest releases that range from graphic novels to Shakespearian classics. A bookstore is a simple business to run and there are plenty of online resources and suppliers that are more than willing to supply you with everything you need. For instance, you could buy library pods online and have them shipped directly to you, and there are plenty of online wholesalers to buy your books from.


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Audiobook Narrator

Everyone loves a good book but not everyone can make time to read a book. This is why audiobooks have become so immensely popular. You can listen to old classics or new books wherever you are, and they make great companions for long commutes and relaxing evenings. If you feel like you have a great voice and a passion for reading literature, then you can look for a narration job at an audiobook company or even register your interest as a narrator for television and film. This type of voice-over career path has many roads. For instance, you could utilise your skills and become a voice actor, or you could become the voice of a brand, show or company.


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This is probably the most obvious way to show your love for literature. Becoming an author comes with many challenges and it’s perhaps one of the most difficult industries to break into. It’s also not regular income, and the chances of you making it big and creating a best-selling book like Harry Potter or Game of Thrones is slim. You can start your writing career by getting involved with writing communities and cooking up short stories, pitches and other small-time activities. Once you’ve gained enough attention, you could start a blog to promote your writing or pitch ideas to small publishers to get your ideas flowing.


  1. One of my dreams is to open a bookshop. I’d love to have a little, super cosy café inside the bookstore as well. That way people could buy a book and cosy up to read it in the café!

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