Around this time 4 years ago, Jenny in Neverland was born. 4 flipping years ago. First of all, I can’t believe I’ve stuck at something for so long; I was notoriously known in school for picking up a hobby, being totally engrossed for a month then the novelty wore right off. Flute, piano, dancing, drama, art – you name it. But this isn’t school anymore and this isn’t just a hobby anymore and I had no idea 4 years ago that blogging would become such a huge, important and vital part of my daily life. But it has and although it’s not been completely smooth sailing and there’s been a fair few bumps in the road, I still love blogging now as much as ever. So I’m here celebrating my blog’s 4th birthday and I’d love for you to join me!


I’m not going to do a whole big hoo-har of posts but what I decided on this year was a little blog related Q&A; I have questions from some lovelies on Twitter who I will link below with their questions so do check their blogs and/or Twitter’s out too! And don’t forget to scroll right to the bottom for a little giveaway to say thank you for supporting me over the past 4 years. So, ready? Let’s get going with the questions!

Q (Abbey Louisa Rose): What blog post are you proudest of?

I’m most proud of this post, where I discuss the point of book reviews. I wrote it on a whim, really but was overwhelmed with the response. I wrote this in summer last year and still get comments almost weekly!

Q (Abbey Louisa Rose): Who have been your favourite people to work with?

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with quite a few brands now and I absolutely love it! I love discovering new brands, trying new products and promoting those I love. I was thrilled when Boohoo asked me to take part in their Christmas jumper campaign and another brand I have worked with a few times now is Cratejoy, who offer a huge range of subscription boxes like this one.

Q (Chocolate ‘n’ Waffles): Where do you see your blog in 2 years?

In 2 years I’d like to see my blog still around for starters! And I would like to have seen it grow more, as obviously that’s something I’m always working on.

Q (Chocolate ‘n’ Waffles): Do you have any regrets regarding your blog?

Oooh regret is a strong word but in terms of blogging, I honestly don’t think there’s anything I regret. I wish the book blogging side of my blog hadn’t dwindled as much as it did and although I’m reading more now than I did last year and getting back into the swing of reading and reviewing a lot, I still wish I was doing more of that. I also wish I had taken it seriously, sooner and done more research. I think I slacked a bit there and could have probably been a bit further along than I am now had I been more clued up on blogging and opportunities.

Q (Marie’s Book Boutique): What was the first book you ever reviewed on your blog and did you feel nervous when you put it up?

My first ever book review was The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, which is still one of my favourite ever books. I wasn’t at all nervous putting it up because at the time, I had no followers and no idea what I was doing. This was a new venture for me and I had no idea whether it would become anything.

Q (Lucy Lu Life): Do you ever get writers block and how do you overcome it?

Yes, I frequently get writers block and more so, a ‘creative block’, where even ideas for posts are practically non-existent! I’ve learnt to just take a step back when this happens and not even think about it. But also, keep a notepad handy so if you think of a cracking sentence or paragraph for a post, you can jot it down.

Q (@Gini_L): You cover eclectic subjects, is there any that you favour, or would like to do in the future?

I think my favourite subject will always be books; reviews and discussions about book related things. Books are my first love so I wouldn’t ever not want to talk about them! I also enjoy writing about mental health, as I hope some people find this useful and some of my favourite posts to write are about days out or holidays because I love sharing more personal pictures on my blog. I would like to get a bit more personal on my blog in the future. Maybe. But it’s scary.

Q (Lylia Rose): What inspired you to start blogging?

Books inspired me to start blogging as my blog started off purely about books and was like that for a long time. I didn’t realise book blogging was a “thing” though, until I found other book bloggers and loved what they did. So I guess other book bloggers inspired me too! (You can read more about why I started blogging here!)

Q (Lynsey James): What’s your ultimate blogging goal?

My ultimate blogging goal is to comfortably blog part-time. Full-time blogging has never appealed to me as I would like to freedom and the option to do something else on the side. I also get bored doing the same thing for too long. But that’s the aim!

Q (Lynsey James): What’s been your blogging highlights so far?

Everything; the whole process. The books I’ve had the opportunity to review, the brands I’ve worked with, the creative side of myself that has an outlet, the friends I’ve made. Overall, it’s been a lovely experience so far.


Now although it’s my birthday and you should be giving me presents (I joke, I joke… Kinda) I couldn’t leave a blogoversary celebration without hosting a giveaway – as I have done every year. It’s awful when you don’t have the means to give away loads of fancy gifts for the readers and followers you appreciate so dearly so I hope you’re not too disappointed with just a small giveaway this time.

Win a book of your choice from The Book Depository (worth up to £7)

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post! That’s it. It couldn’t be simpler! And make sure you leave a means of contact (email address, Twitter URL) so I can easily get in touch if you’re the winner. The giveaway will open on Monday 20th March (the day this post goes live) and the winner will be revealed on Monday 3rd April, so you have 2 weeks to enter. Good luck!

T&C's: Giveaway will begin at 9 am on Monday 20th March and will end midnight on Sunday 2nd April. Winner will be revealed on Monday 3rd April through whichever means the winner has given me for contact. The winner has 24 hours to acknowledge and claim their prize otherwise a new winner will be chosen. The winner will be chosen randomly from the comments. The giveaway is not endorsed by The Book Depository or any other affiliate.


  1. Happy Blog Birthday!
    Best wishes for many more wonderful and great blogging years ahead 🙂
    Thank you for the great competiton!
    Twitter/ @Bube987

  2. Wow 4 years! That’s great going and your blog is looking amazing. Maybe soon you’ll get that offer to go to Disney land as a blogger! 😉
    A nice idea to get others to ask you questions for the celebratory post. And of course we are grateful for the giveaway. I always enjoyed your book reviews so I’m happy that there are more coming.
    Happy 4 years blogging.

  3. Happy Blog Birthday, Jenny! I love the Q&A idea. My question would be how did you do your website design? I’ve got a free WordPress template but need to personalize it a bit or develop my own.

      1. Thanks Jenny! I have my own domain as well, so I may have this ability too. I will look into it. I’ve had my blog for two years and it could use some sprucing up. 😉 Congratulations on your milestone!

  4. Happy blog birthday! Four years, wow! And I thought my measly 2 years (in May) was impressive haha!

  5. Happy blog birthday! Mine is going to be five in May which j can’t believe x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  6. No way, I swear you only just did your 3rd birthday post, I remember it like it was the other week. Anyway Happy blog day Jenny! x

  7. Happy blogiversary! 4 years seems like a very long time to me to be blogging. Very interesting Q&A, nice to read the answers from someone who is much more experienced already. I hope (and really do think) your blog will still be around in 2 years !

  8. Happy blog birthday Jenny!! Your blog has always been one that’s inspired me, right from the beginning. You were the first person I signed up with as a blog tour host, and I’m still happy to be hosting tours with you! Thank you for everything you’ve done (and still doing)! xxx

  9. Happy blogversery Jenny! 🎉
    You’ve obviously tapped into a need with this blog and your mixture of reviews and personal experiences make it special!
    Congratulations 👏 and keep it up!😉

  10. Massive congrats on your blogoversary, Jenny! You must be over the moon! ✨ Thank you for answering my questions as well, it’s always exciting to see your name appear on someone’s blog!! Here’s to another year of successful blogging! 🎉

    Abbey ❤️
    @abbeylouisarose on Twitter

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