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My relaxing holiday wish-list *

I’ve always enjoyed a huge range of different types of holidays, ever since I was in school. From your standard, laying by the pool and doing absolutely nothing holiday, to an entire week of skiing in the French Alps, to gallivanting around Disneyland, enjoying the rides and meeting my favourite characters, I’ve never been one to stick to one “type” of holiday and I like to dip my toes in different pools (literally and metaphorically) and try different things. A few years ago, I never thought I’d enjoy a boating holiday on the Norfolk Broads or a weekend staycation riding steam trains in the Shropshire countryside. But turns out, I enjoy those too! There are some truly beautiful locations for a relaxing holiday – you’re almost spoilt for choice – such as the Paleros Beach Resort.

But every now and again, I do crave a relaxing holiday. One where you know you’re not going to fall into bed exhausted at the end of the day but instead you’re going to be refreshed and revitalized from a different, slower and less hectic way of life and a more tranquil and serene environment. I think we could all benefit from a relaxing holiday every once in a while, if money allows and here is my current relaxing holiday wish-list!

All inclusive sun-break

There really isn’t anything as physically relaxing as spending a week or two in a gorgeous country, laying by the pool, eating all the buffet food and chilling on your lilo is there? Although I’m not a huge sun-worshiper, I have found myself slightly craving a sun holiday recently and I figure there’d be nothing stopping me going outside of a peak time where it’s cheaper, less busy and cooler as well.

I’ve been on a few resort based sun holidays, more notably when I was younger with my parents but we only ever really ventured to Spain and the Canary Islands (which I still absolutely love). Greece is somewhere that’s always taken my fancy but I’m yet to visit but somewhere like the Paleros Beach Resort would be an ideal option for a relaxing sun-break!

Yoga retreat

I’m incredibly lucky to be able to say that I’m actually going on my very first Yoga retreat this November and I honestly can’t wait! For mental relaxation, you can’t get anything much more relaxing than Yoga and an entire weekend of Yoga practices, vegetarian home-cooked food, meditation and massages is definitely what I need right now.

I might not be jetting off to anywhere exotic for my Yoga retreat, like Bali or Hawaii, but a gorgeous renovated farm house right near the Norfolk Broads is absolutely fine with me because there’s plenty of lovely, relaxing destinations right here in the UK for your perfect relaxing holiday.

Bled, Slovenia

This is somewhere I’d literally never heard of before in my life, until I saw a fellow blogger talk about her visit there. Since then, I’ve seen this place pop up all over the shop and I can’t help but feel like I desperately need a visit there because it looks so tranquil and relaxing.

Known for it’s natural beauty, Bled is home to one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, a castle, a national park with a gorge, a beautiful church situated right in the center of the lake and a cute, quaint town. It looks and sounds like the perfect relaxing getaway which allows you to feel completely off-the-grid and away from the hectic hustle and bustle of every day.

Bergen, Norway

Norway and most of Scandinavia to be honest, is somewhere that’s creeped higher and higher and higher on my travel bucket list lately for a whole bunch of reasons. The first one, was seeing an episode of Paul Hollywood’s ‘City Bakes’ program where he visits Bergen and the food looks incredible. Secondly, my boyfriend meets a lot of Scandinavian (particularly Finnish) people at work and he says they’re all absolutely lovely. Thirdly, I’ve recently discovered a lot of my ancestors were Norwegian so that’s made me want to visit even more.

Bergen is probably my most pinned place on Pinterest and I’m in constant awe of how beautiful it is. A few people have said to me that there’s not much to do but that’s the literal point. For a relaxing weekend away, somewhere completely off the grid and different from the norm where you can wrap up warm and get snuggly, I think Bergen would be the perfect destination for a relaxing weekend away.

What’s your ideal destination or type of holiday for a relaxing break? Have you been to any of these places that I’ve mentioned? Have you ever been to a Yoga retreat?

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  1. I’m not really into relaxing breaks. I like to walk my feet off around cities.

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