If, like me, you love getting lost in a book just as much as you love traveling to new places, why not combine the two? Canada is perhaps best known for its breath-taking natural beauty, maple syrup and its friendly residents, but did you know that it is also an impressive literary hub?

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There are so many great literary festivals in Canada that it is a book lover’s dream. If you like meeting authors, discussing your favorite books and mingling with like-minded bookworms, you might want to consider paying a visit the site of the Canada eTA, where you can get the documentation you need to travel into the country. Then, check out my list of the best literary festivals in Canada so that you can book a cultured trip to the country ASAP:

Elephant Mountain Literary Festival July 6-9

Taking place in British Columbia, this quaint festival is a good place to meet lots of local Canadian authors and a few bigger names. You can visit the site of the festival for current details of attendees and events as and when they are confirmed.

Vancouver International Writers and Readers Festival

Another festival located in British Columbia, the Vancouver International Writers and Readers Festival will take place in October, although actual dates are yet to be confirmed. Attendees can expect six days of literary discussion, poetry readings, story-telling and even graphic novels. This year’s guests have not been released yet, but in the past, huge names like J.K Rowling and Margaret Attwood have attended, so you can bet on some big names being there.

Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival

Taking place from Oct 28 – Nov 5 this year, this festival combines books, movies and mountain culture for a unique experience which will teach you more about the world, introduce you to new authors such as Lynn Hill, who will be discussing the female mountaineers who inspire her, and put you in front of new and exciting documentaries you might otherwise have missed.

Festival of Words

The Saskatchewan Festival of Words will take place from July 13-16. It will be the festival’s 21st year in business and authors attending the event will include Brenda Schmidt – the festival’s poet laureate for 2017, Trevor Herriot and Marina Endicott. Visit the site of the festival for an up-to-date overview of speakers and events and to get tickets for the big event.

Eden Mills Writers’ Festival

This literary festival, which will take place this year on September 9-10 is one of the most beautiful of its kind, thanks to the fact that it is held in the stunning location of Eden Mills – a small village which is home to just 350 people. As well as attracting some of the world’s top authors, including Alissa York, this festival is known for its informative workshops, spirited readings, and a really great festival parade. There are even musical shows too! Visit the site to find out more about the festival and to see which authors will be flying out to Eden Hills this year.

Do you know of any more great literary festivals in Canada?

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