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Treating Mum This Mothers Day With Prestige Flowers * 

Receiving flowers is a rarity for me, in fact, it’s a completely non-existent phenomenon! So I was delighted when Prestige Flowers got in touch about a review of one of their lovely Mothers Day bouquets – until I realised it was for Mothers Day and I am not a Mother and they would most certainly be given to my own Mother as a gift. So alas, I’ve still never had flowers sent to me! (Hint, hint, wink, wink!


But my mum loved them and that’s all that matters and is much more important to me, anyway. My experience with Prestige Flowers has been nothing but positive. I received my flowers on the day that was expected; from a rather lovely delivery man which was definitely a bonus *wink wink* and they arrived in a giant box (as to not get squished), with a wet cloth around the bottom to keep then from drying up during delivery. They also threw in a couple of gift vouchers for money off flowers and wine which was a lovely little bonus!

Onto the actual flowers themselves, I received this bouquet (pictured above), worth £40 from their Mothers Day range. You’ll notice on their website that they cover a wide price range from bouquets ranging from £20 to £100 so it really does cover every bracket. Mothers Day for me is all about pink, girlie and pretty because that’s what I like and that’s what my mum likes, too and that’s exactly what arrived. Gorgeous long-stemmed pink and red roses with ****



I was really impressed with the service from Prestige Flowers and really happy with the flowers I received in exchange for a fair and honest review. Who doesn’t love receiving flowers? These were perfect for Mothers Day; a holiday that I love to celebrate because I love to treat my mum and get her a few nice things as a thank you for everything she’s ever done for me and these contributed towards that massively because she loved them so in my eyes, that makes tis bouquet and Prestige Flowers a big success.



  1. MakeItUltra™ says:


  2. Aimee Cottle says:

    You can never go wrong with a bunch of flowers! Well, actually, you can. My mum hates flowers! Haha! But I, personally, love a bunch of flowers and often pick up a bunch from the supermarket when I’m passing. They really brighten up the house!

    1. Aw I think that’s lovely that you buy yourself flowers. I’d like to do that more (:

  3. Wally says:

    My Mum is gone and she would’ve preferred rocks over flowers, but she did love geraniums and irises. My wife favors gardenias!

    1. Geraniums are lovely (: xx

  4. They are gorgeous flowers, so pretty and perfect. This year I have picked a Alex and ani bracelet for my mum, it’s pink beaded and just so beautiful and of course a card. The card means so much to her x

    1. That sounds lovely! ☺️ xx

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