Make a statement with Cardology *

Buying gifts for people is something I pride myself on. I always ensure that I look for something which is personal or a little different from the usual ‘stuff’. You know what I mean, a smelly set from Boots or a box of chocolates. There’s nothing wrong with those things of course – I’d never say no to a box of choccies! – but I like to put a lot of thought and effort into everything I buy anyone. Which often results in a lot of stressful scrolling and hectic brainstorming! Greetings cards can be just as special as the gifts. I always opt for a greeting card that matches the person I’m buying for. My dad will receive a funny one, my mum will receive a personalised one probably with a picture of our dog on – you get the gist!

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Living a flowerful life with Freddie’s Flowers (& discount code!) *

Sometime in December, I was approached by Freddie’s Flowers – an online flower delivery service and asked if I was interested in reviewing one of their monthly boxes. I said yes, obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this post and I’m sure upon reading this, you’ll understand why I said yes. Flowers can brighten up any room; my mum has bought small bunches of flowers every week for as long as I can remember and there’s always a vase of them sitting on the kitchen table and in the living room. I like to treat my mum to flowers, when I can. Often on Mother’s Day or her birthday because flowers can be a really special gift for people who like them. I gifted these flowers which Freddie’s Flowers kindly sent to me to her as well, right after I finished taking my blog photos…

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Things you can do to help & encourage new bloggers

I’m truly tired of seeing bloggers who have been blogging for a considerable about of time with a considerable following trying to “keep their secrets“. Hun, you ain’t Dynamo. Bloggers who refuse to disclose how they get opportunities, what they’ve done to work with brands and those who straight up don’t reply to other bloggers on social media – not through being busy or having a bad day (I totally understand how overwhelming social media can be some days) – solely because they’re a “bigger blogger“. Huh? When did this strange, “there’s no room for all bloggers” mentality come into practice and how can we get TF rid of it?

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What I got my mum for Mother’s Day 

Mother’s Day is one of the few commercialised holidays that I can say I somewhat celebrate. I mean, not extravagantly or anything but I like to recognise it as a day and use it to treat my mum a bit as a small token of thanks for everything she’s done for me since birthing me all those years ago now. This is also the first year that I’ve embraced that holiday on my blog and taken part in a couple of Mother’s Day campaigns, which has been great. So as it’s Mother’s Day today, I wanted to do a little round up of everything I got my mum, the campaigns I’ve worked on this month and where you can find some of these goodies!

Earlier in March, I collaborated with Prestige Flowers and reviewed a bouquet from their Luxury Mother’s Day range. My mum adores flowers and we always have a couple of bunches dotted around the house so although I paid for these in work, instead of money, they were still technically for her and she really loved them.

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Treating Mum This Mothers Day With Prestige Flowers * 

Receiving flowers is a rarity for me, in fact, it’s a completely non-existent phenomenon! So I was delighted when Prestige Flowers got in touch about a review of one of their lovely Mothers Day bouquets – until I realised it was for Mothers Day and I am not a Mother and they would most certainly be given to my own Mother as a gift. So alas, I’ve still never had flowers sent to me! (Hint, hint, wink, wink!

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Personalized Flowers: A Special Spin on a Timeless Classic *

I absolutely adore buying gifts for people. Whether it be for birthdays or Christmas, I love the entire process of looking for the perfect gift for someone. I often opt for personalized gifts – something extra special that you would never, ever find in a store because it’s got a personalized message or photo on it for your loved one. Today I want to share with you a product from Personalized Flowers, who are perfect for if you want something classy, pretty with the option for it to last forever.

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