Mother’s Day is one of the few commercialised holidays that I can say I somewhat celebrate. I mean, not extravagantly or anything but I like to recognise it as a day and use it to treat my mum a bit as a small token of thanks for everything she’s done for me since birthing me all those years ago now. This is also the first year that I’ve embraced that holiday on my blog and taken part in a couple of Mother’s Day campaigns, which has been great. So as it’s Mother’s Day today, I wanted to do a little round up of everything I got my mum, the campaigns I’ve worked on this month and where you can find some of these goodies!

Earlier in March, I collaborated with Prestige Flowers and reviewed a bouquet from their Luxury Mother’s Day range. My mum adores flowers and we always have a couple of bunches dotted around the house so although I paid for these in work, instead of money, they were still technically for her and she really loved them.

The second Mother’s Day campaign I worked on this month was my favourite and probably one of my favourite ever collaborations. I was exceptionally lucky to work with Songfinch; who write and create a personalised, custom made song for someone you love. I loved my song so much, I honestly couldn’t have asked for any better. Upon writing this, I haven’t showed my mum the song yet, so I’ll check back and let you know what she thought!

For cards this year, I bought mine from the lovely Jemma from Dorkface as I wanted to use this holiday to suppprt a small business in a small way! I loved this cute little card I bought and Jemma is a super talented designer and so professional in how she runs her shop so I would highly recommend checking her work out!

Is it even Mother’s Day without a new pair of slippers? I probably buy mu mum a new pair of slippers for every occasion; Mother’s Day, birthday, Christmas. You name it. But slippers are super comfy and she got through quite a few pairs when we first got our dog and he decided he loved chewing them up. I bought her this cute little pink pair from Tesco for just £8, which should last until the next occasion!

My mum is a huge fan of C.L Taylor’s books, she’s read all of them and with her new one, The Escape, being out the same week as Mother’s Day, I thought that was great timing for an extra little Mother’s Day gift. I also sent Cally a message on Twitter to ask if she could send a signed book plate for me to stick in the front of the book and make it a little more personal for my mum but she went one step further and sent a signed plate, a signed postcard with a little note and some signed bookmarks as well so a huge thank you to Cally for those!

So that’s what my mum received or Mother’s Day 2017! As I said, I always love to celebrate Mother’s Day but it’s not always about the most expensive, elaborate or fancy gifts and treats. Sometimes, the littlest things can make all the difference. My heart always goes out on Mother’s Day to those who can’t spend the day with theirs or have no-one to buy anything for, for whatever reason. But although I feel for those people, it won’t stop me from celebrating Mother’s Day with my own mum and making the most of these days while I am still lucky and able to.

Do you celebrate Mother’s Day? What did you buy your mum / Mother figure? Or if you’re a Mother / Mother figure yourself, did you receive anything nice? Let me know!


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