I personally think that there has never been a better time to check out Amsterdam. The reason being that we could all use a little fun in the world right now, and Amsterdam has it in bundles!

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So much more than windmills and funky cafes.

There’s plenty of cheap flights to Amsterdam out there, just so you can see for yourself that it’s the perfect balance between scenic-beauty and sins. Yes, you have the spicy and spirited Red Light district, and the famously relaxed odorous cafes (amongst many other unholy hangouts) but, this is all set within a truly picturesque backdrop. From the beautiful Herengracht (otherwise known as the Gentlemen’s Canal) to the wondrous Dam Square, there’s plenty of ways to get your kicks when you book flights to Amsterdam.

1) Take a trip on the canals!


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The canals are something that just have to be experienced! Firstly, Amsterdam has 165 canals that stretch for miles! Water is undoubtedly associated with Amsterdam’s rich history. By taking one of the many canal cruises on offer, you’ll be experiencing the heart of this beautiful city in the best way possible. You’ll be able to catch eyefuls of the Red Light District, and the poignant Anne Frank Museum, all the while mellowing out down the river.

2) The Anne Frank Museum

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We all know the tragic story of world-famous diarist Anne Frank, but once you visit the Anne Frank Museum, you’ll get a better understanding of exactly how important her short life was. If you didn’t already know, then this was the exact house where the Frank family hid from Nazi’s during WW2, and they have preserved it to look exactly how it was. A beautiful warning about the terrors of war.

3) The Heineken Experience

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If you’re a fan of the famous beer, then you’ll get to see how it’s created, you’ll get to make your own label, and you’ll even get two free drinks all at the Heineken Experience! A spectacular view, an interesting shop, and a must for all beer fans!

4) The Van Gogh Museum

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One of the many alluring aspects of Amsterdam is its rich history in culture and art. Unquestionably, the most famous artist from the Netherlands was Vincent Van Gogh. Follow Vincent’s life in chronological order at this compellingly arranged Van Gogh Museum, and you’ll get to know the man behind seminal works like ‘Sunflowers’ (1889) and ‘Self Portrait’ (1888).

5) The Red Light District

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Well, I couldn’t do a top five of Amsterdam without mentioning the Red Light District! We’re sure you’ll have heard fruity rumors about this most vibrant wonderland, but you really should experience it for yourself! From scantily-clad ladies in red-lit windows to sex shops and more. The Red Light District is a part of Amsterdam that is intriguing to not only men, but also couples, tourists, and hen parties alike, so you’ll be in good company.

So there we have it! Book your cheap flights to Amsterdam now and experience it in all its vibrancy.


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