I’m truly tired of seeing bloggers who have been blogging for a considerable about of time with a considerable following trying to “keep their secrets“. Hun, you ain’t Dynamo. Bloggers who refuse to disclose how they get opportunities, what they’ve done to work with brands and those who straight up don’t reply to other bloggers on social media – not through being busy or having a bad day (I totally understand how overwhelming social media can be some days) – solely because they’re a “bigger blogger“. Huh? When did this strange, “there’s no room for all bloggers” mentality come into practice and how can we get TF rid of it?

I truly believe that every single blogger has their own, unique voice and we can all contribute to the community so that’s why I wanted to write a post today about how we can support new bloggers. Because quite frankly, I’m sad of seeing new bloggers unmotivated, uninspired and lacking help because “big bloggers” won’t get off their high horses and answer their questions. Sigh.

1. Politely tell them if they’re doing something wrong

We all make mistakes when we start blogging and more often than not, we still make mistakes even after we’ve been blogging for years. I certainly do, I’m always learning. It’s always helpful to be told what we’re doing wrong and some constructive advice but moaning at new bloggers or slagging them off on social media for it certainly isn’t going to help.

2. Include them in things

If you’re running a comment pod, a Twitter chat or some sort of project in which bloggers are going to be getting involved, I urge you not to overlook bloggers just because they’re new, only been blogging a few weeks or month and don’t have as big of a following yet.

3. Follow them!

Of course you don’t have to follow every new blogger, especially if their not a niché you read. We’re so not about fake engagement. But seen a new blogger who’s writing you enjoy? Follow them! Who cares how many followers they have or how long they’ve been blogging?

4. Reply to them

If you have a new blogger asking you a question on Twitter, don’t ignore them. I remember how difficult it was to make friends and engage with people when I first started – it’s incredibly intimidating and it takes a lot of courage sometimes to ask people things. If it’s not something you want to answer publicly, send them a private message.

5. Write helpful, informative blog posts 

If this isn’t your thing then that’s totally cool but when I was a newbie, I would have killed to find more informative blog posts about certain aspects of blogging. If you enjoy writing “tips” and “advice” type posts then that’s great! Perhaps cater one for new bloggers? Or include a break-down of things in the post for new bloggers to understand the terms. And most importantly, we’re done with the pushy, “you have to do this in order to be a good blogger” posts, okay?

6. Be a positive influence!

On your blog, on Twitter, in the world in general – be someone approachable, someone kind and someone that has a positive influence on new bloggers. The last thing a new blogger wants to hear is that they’ll never be successful or that there’s too many bloggers already and they might as well not bother. WHAT? What a load of hog wash! There’s room for everyone, all niché’s, all types of bloggers. Reinforce that.

7. Remember when and how you started

It’s a phrase as old as time… We were all new once. But it’s so, so true. We all started somewhere, with a little blog we didn’t think anyone would read. A Twitter account with barely any followers with no idea how to make friends or make people want to follow us. We all know these struggles. If you had a tough time when you started blogging, vow to make sure someone else doesn’t and if you have an opportunity to help that, please do.

Are you a new blogger? Do you agree with these tips or do you have anything else you’d like to add that you wish people would do to help and encourage new bloggers? Are you an experienced blogger with anything to add to this post? Let me know and let’s discuss!


  1. This post <3 I haven’t been blogging for that long and a lot of bloggers have been brilliant. There are some who clearly like multiple posts without reading them to get a follow, which sucks for any bloggers but for a newbie knowing that some of those likes aren’t ‘real’ sucks.

    I know I’d like to meet more bloggers, especially other newbies! I love finding blogs that are super small and supporting each other and seeing how they grow. I know some bloggers do sort of mixers/party posts to help bloggers meet which is a great way to get people involved and build a community.

  2. This was such a thoughtful post! I just started a blog and it hasn’t got a post on it yet. sometimes it CAN be really intimidating to write a comment on a bigger blogger’s blog because of how at ease they seem with talking to other bloggers! You feel kind of intrusive!

    I also think bloggers should tell others what they could improve because it would actually be really helpful as new bloggers won’t even know what they’re doing wrong! And it wouldn’t even be rude (unless it wasn’t written nicely!) Thanks for writing this! It was really interesting and I think this should be something read by all bloggers!

    1. Thank you for your comment, it can definitely be daunting commenting on blogs when you first start but honestly, just do it. Nothing bad will come of it and comments are always so appreciated 🙂 Good luck on your blogging venture!

  3. That’s incredibly kind of you. This place is amazingly supportive and I have come across a few pros who are very welcoming. Thank you from a new blogger😊

  4. I really love this <3
    I started my blog a week ago and have not stopped all week, I've found my new passion, its hard to know where to start to get people to your blog. Its a learning curve but I've had a lot of great people reach out to me so far and I'm really happy to be apart of this community, and I'm happy to see a post like this from a senior blogger supporting newbies
    <3 🙂

  5. I started a blog in 2016 but lost interest a year later due to college being really overwhelming, but I started a new blog this year!
    It’s tough sometimes, thinking of good ideas, working hard writing them, taking the time to post them, and then not get the reaction you thought you’d get, but when you do get comments and interactions it’s lovely!
    I think this post is great because people seem to forget that they were once a new blogger too!

  6. This. Post. Is. Everything!!!! I am behind all of these 100%, we all started somewhere and we all had that one person that took the time to reply and comment on our things!! I love you’re using your audience to share this value xxx

    1. Awh thanks so much! I had one person who I reached out to and help me set up my blog when I started, I couldn’t thank her enough! It never hurts to share your knowledge xxx

  7. Thank you for taking the time to make this post! I recently just started blogging and using WordPress. It’s a bit overwhelming to understand how to use everything at first, so I really appreciate it when I’m able to talk to other bloggers. Words of encouragement are definitely a plus for motivation, and simply just getting through the day 🙂

  8. Thank you, Jenny! It is nice to know there is support from seasoned bloggers. Being new to the blogging world, I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing, What I do know, is I enjoy writing and I will continue to write every day, and hope for the best!

  9. I’m a new blogger and I love your attitude! I agree there is always room for a new voice, and surely this is what keeps blogging vibrant and fresh? There are blogs I have followed for a while and it would mean so much if they just took a little peep at my blog and gave encouragement. I’ve found so far that the joy of blogging is in the comments you get, not in viewing figures. Thank you!

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  11. I have similar feelings and honestly I’ve come to one conclusion: Those who are unwilling to divulge basic advice under the guise of “not wanting to give away their secrets”are terrified of the success of others.

  12. I completely love this Jenny, and I agree with every word. When I first started blogging I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, and if it wasn’t for people in Twitter chats being so friendly and welcoming I’d have given up years ago. Even now, two years into it, there are bloggers who won’t reply to my tweets which is seriously disheartening. It doesn’t take much to be kind to others and help them get started. And you’re right – there’s room for all of us so there’s no need to be cliquey.
    Beth x

  13. Thankyouuuuu m8!!!people like you make all the difference. Youre are great, honestly. Ive just started blogging barely 2 days ago and this is my first blog ever.
    Im a teenager struggling with my amateur writing skills. I love writing and do it for the sole purpose of easing my thoughts out. But i kinda find it awkward to pour your thoughts out in front of anyone so ive never really shown my writeups to anyone so i just thought of starting a blog to show my work to a world which doesnt know me. But now its like kinda disheartning because i do not know how to go about it. I dont uave many viewers and its making me feel like my poems arent really worth it.

  14. Would you give any advice on how to make a blog successful if they have only just started and wanted to make it just a personal blog, but for a purpose? I have just done my first blog, hoping people will come across it and it actually helps someone – Any advice would be appreciated, especially on my site and blog. Thank you xx

  15. I’m a new blogger and think this is a brilliant list 🙂 Thanks for being so generous and open with your advice.

  16. The k you for this. I haven’t had to deal with the big bloggers, but I’m definitely a new blogger who is trying to figure out how to be successful. And I don’t mean money wise, i simply just mean interactive and build a community

      1. Oh ya definitely. I think I’m still in that sweet spot area where I’m also trying to figure out the mechanics of the site. Like pingbackd, idk what those are or how to reblog stuff.

  17. As a newbie in this world, I can only say thanks for this post. My insecurities have been and are a lot. I would love to find someone to show me the correct way but I guess slowly I am finding my path.

  18. Bravo to you! Many thanks for writing such an informative piece. I’ve only been blogging for a couple of months, and have so far found the blogging community to be really friendly and supportive. However… I nominated someone for the Liebster award, sheesh, you’d think I’d committed a heinous crime. Their public response was really quite hurtful, so it’s great that your post has put me back on track.

  19. “Hon, you ain’t Dynamo” I’m screaming!!! Too funny. But you’re right, some older, bigger bloggers can be quite hostile and I really don’t see why. Everyone starts somewhere and we’re all just trying to find our own way. Nothing wrong with occasionally helping out!
    Anna xxx

  20. I’ve found it so hard as a newer blogger trying to navigate around the cliques and mean people, I wish I’d found bloggers like you sooner! Now I’m nearing my one year anniversary of blogging I’m trying to keep an eye out for newer bloggers so I can make sure they feel included and happy.