It’s no secret that blogging can get to people’s heads. Mine included. In a whole bunch of different ways. We forget why we started blogging and lose that initial love we had for it in the beginning. We get bogged down with stats, petty dramas or lack of motivation. We become too reliant on product reviews and forget what it’s like to write our own, original and authentic content. We see everything as a chore and the passion gradually dwindles slightly. It’s nothing to be ashamed about and I believe (for myself anyway) that these feelings will ebb and flow all the way through my blogging life. But I am here today to talk about blogging affirmations and things we should always try and remember when we’re feeling somewhat off about blogging. 

7 Blogging Affirmations You Need to Remember

  1. I was a beginner once too: Remember where you started and remember who helped you.
  2. I will always be grateful to brands who send me stuff: however small it may be. They’re trusting you with their products and are happy to lose money in order for you to receive something from them. That’s a beautiful thing.
  3. I will never be afraid to ask for help: no matter how long you’ve been blogging for, if you don’t understand something – ask.
  4. I don’t owe anyone anything: if you can’t blog one day for personal reasons, it doesn’t matter. If you reply to that email 2 days late, it doesn’t matter.
  5. I will not apologise for anything: stop apologising for not being online or not having a post up on time. It doesn’t matter. You don’t need to be sorry.
  6. I don’t need to do the same thing as everybody else: because that’s boring and your individuality is what we love.
  7. Blogging is just one part of my life. I shouldn’t need to neglect other areas because of it: take a night off from blogging every once in a while. Enjoy a book without writing notes for your review. Go to a restaurant without the intention of blogging about it.

What do you tell yourself when you’re feeling out of whack with blogging? What would you add to this list?


  1. Love this list. There’s definitely some affirmations on there I need to taken on board! I’m definitely always so so grateful when brands send me stuff to review – I have to pinch myself as it doesn’t feel real!

  2. Definitely a reminder that it’s totally okay to take a break for however long you need to – if you aren’t feeling up to it, your stuff isn’t going to be as good, and it’s gonna show. Taking a break is SO OKAY

  3. Great advice! I remind myself that most readers are following many blogs. The chances that they *know* I publish a review every Monday and are eagerly awaiting it are slim. I think many people just read posts whenever they show up in their feed. So being “late” or even skipping a week is not going to lose you readers.

  4. Love this, I came to a head with my original blog earlier this year and took a break came back with a new one and better attitude, I might only post once or twice a month now but I so enjoy it and no longer stress over it. Great tips x

  5. Blogging is not my livelihood, so the 7 points do not apply to me. I blog for the love of writing. I don’t have thousands of followers or anyone to answer to. I have met many wonderful people through blogging and from the internet. I have no pressure to blog. I didn’t even know that you could earn money for blogging. I guess it can be lucrative if one wants and then the 7 points would be viable. Am I the only one that blogs for free? If so, I guess I am still naïve. I guess at my age you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. :o)

  6. These 7 points should pinned to everyone’s wall, for at the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is you. You decide, you choose. Makes sense in the long run!

  7. I do with blogging what I do with all things in my life… If I miss a day, I tend to miss a week, in turn missing a month and then a year. It’s the same thing that happens with going to the gym, or eating healthy, or my writing schedule… So I’ve been telling myself 4 & 5 of your list. It. Doesn’t. Matter. One day is one day, one week is one week, etc. Just have to get back up, dust myself off, and go again.

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