Buying gifts for people is something I pride myself on. I always ensure that I look for something which is personal or a little different from the usual ‘stuff’. You know what I mean, a smelly set from Boots or a box of chocolates. There’s nothing wrong with those things of course – I’d never say no to a box of choccies! – but I like to put a lot of thought and effort into everything I buy anyone. Which often results in a lot of stressful scrolling and hectic brainstorming! Greetings cards can be just as special as the gifts. I always opt for a greeting card that matches the person I’m buying for. My dad will receive a funny one, my mum will receive a personalised one probably with a picture of our dog on – you get the gist!

* Please excuse my reflection in the plastic in the above photo. I didn’t think that one through.

I want to share some cards which I was sent from Cardology today which, in my opinion, would certainly make a statement to whoever you’re giving it to. By using sliceform and the Asian art-form, Kirigami, Cardology creates high quality, intricate and exquisite pop-up cards for every occasion. If you’d like to find out more about how the cards are made, you can read about it here but for anyone keeping it simple, all you need to know is that they produce pop-up cards. And they’re amazing. 

I was sent 3 different designs, 3 of the companies favourites, which was fun because I didn’t know what I was going to get so I went into this with my eyes open and the 3 which were sent could be used for very different occasions. I’ve been umming and ahhing about which one is my favourite and I think I’ve made a choice, so I’ll start with that one. I genuienly gasped when I opened it. 

This is the ‘To Er is Human. To Arrrr is Pirate’ card and look at it. Look at it. I’m honestly still gobsmacked at the intricacies in this. This isn’t a card, it’s a genuine work of art. I think a card like this could be fantastic for a younger child who loves pirates and it’s a non-specific card so could certainly be used in any occasion, which is great.

This next one is the ‘Eat me. Drink me‘ card and clearly it would be perfect for any Disney fan (like myself!) Ideal for a birthday (or an un-birthday… See what I did there?) I think this is an absolutely gorgeous card. I particularly like all the little details in the legs of the chairs as well. Cardology really don’t consider anything too much effort. I forgot to mention in the previous one that there’s plenty of room inside the card to write in too.

Finally, this is the blank fronted flowers card which opens up to a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a cute little wasp (I think that’s a wasp?) Obviously this would be perfect for Mother’s Day and I actually gave this card to my own mum as an extra little gift because I thought she’d love it. Or a female figures birthday would be just as ideal!

I was really blown away by Cardology and their cards. I didn’t have any expectations before I received the products as I wasn’t too sure what I was going to get in the post but after researching their methods and seeing how hard they work on each individual card, it’s impossible not to be in awe. You can find them on their website, Facebook or Instagram!

* These products were sent to me in exchange for a review


  1. Wow! Look at the detail and beauty of these cards! The pirate ship one is like a work of art! x x x

  2. Oh, wow, these cards are something else, they’re proper works of art, I would never want to write on them! I LOVE the flowers one, absolutely perfect for a keen gardener 🙂 gorgeous pics, Jenny, thank you so much for sharing x

    Lisa |

  3. Wow! These are incredibly beautiful! I love the path that gifts and cards are going now.. they died a death and now not only are they back, they’re back with a smash!!

  4. I got a card in this sort of style for my wedding day and I absolutely loved it. That pirate ship one is incredible though, I think I’m going to have to get it for my husband’s birthday. Absolutely mindblowing detail!
    Beth x

  5. These are such beautiful and intricate cards. I love buying cards and often have a collection of them (all keeping in mind for certain people). They are definitely the things I buy the most when I travel. And also if I find cute card shops or stands at markets! I’m definitely going to look at Cardology now!

  6. These are incredible! I completely get what you mean about gift pride- I love getting things for people that I know they’ll love and cherish. Cards always end up ruining it because most are so boring so I’m going to look into Cardology.
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

  7. I bought my mom a pop up card for mother’s day last year! It was beautiful & she loved it! It’s definitely going to be a new tradition for me! I can’t wait to pick one out for her this weekend!

  8. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting them to look as good as they did once they had been opened up. They’re gorgeous! I’d love to receive one as a gift–or give one to a friend for a similar occasion. I think I’d end up hoarding them as display pieces if I purchased any instead of giving them away, though; I just wouldn’t be able to help myself, though. When I saw the pirate one, “To Err is human, to arr is pirate”, I couldn’t help but think it would be perfect for someone making the choice about their next steps in life. This would be perfect for a lot of my friends as we’re at an age where we’re going to university or finding jobs. I am SO tempted to invest in a few to give to my friends at the end of the year. Thank you so much for making me aware of them!

    1. Honestly… same here. I literally gasped when I opened the pirate one first! That’d be a great occasion to gift the pirate one to someone for sure! I have wrote in any of them or given them to anyone I can’t bring myself to do it haha!

  9. Wow. I have never seen cards quite like this & I am totally blown away by the design & detail. That Pirate Card is awesome.

  10. Oh my word, I wouldn’t even want to give these to other people as cards – I’d want to save them for myself as works of art, they’re absolutely incredible.. 😍 I adore the Alice In Wonderland card, that’s definitely my personal favourite! 🙊

  11. How amazing are these! Cards have always been my favourite part of celebrating any occasion!

    Alys /

  12. I’m rubbish at buying presents for people 🙊 guess thats what happens when you come from a family of religious people that don’t celebrate birthdays or Christmas 🙄 but these cars look absolutely amazing!! I NEED to get chris that pirate one, he’s love it! 😍

    Jade |

    1. Haha my boyfriend’s family (well some of them) are religious and don’t do birthdays or Christmas either so when we got together and had the first Christmas or birthday he didn’t know what to do! xxx

      1. Haha wouldn’t happen to be the same religion would it? But bless him it can be so hard when you aren’t used to it all! I’m still getting used to “normal” Christmas’s with Chris’s family- it’s very busy and loud 😳😂 xxx

  13. Oh my gosh, they are gorgeous. And so intricately designed, what a masterpiece. Hmm, my sister has a big birthday this year…think I know where I’m going to look!

  14. Holy shit, these are amazing. I think I would keep it as a mini sculpture too. The Alice in Wonderland one is definitely my favourite.

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