Since starting a blog, I’ve truly learnt the value of championing yourself. Of celebrating your own achievements and not being afraid to share them with the world – however small. I think this may be through the uprising of self-care and self-love which clearly teaches you that you are worthy and we should love ourselves no matter what.

In my “real” life (I put real in quotation marks because my blog and my online business is very much my real life but you know, just for technicalities), nobody is really interested in my blog. I don’t get any form of encouragement or support from my parents or my boyfriend. I know that sounds terribly sad and sometimes you know, it does make me feel a little down but obviously we can’t force someone to be interested in something they’re not. Does my dad want to read a hair product review? (He’s bald) No, probably not.

Twitter is my go-to for sharing my achievements. I’ve built up a wonderful following on Twitter since starting my blog and talk to like-minded bloggers daily. For someone who’s relatively isolated and sometimes lonely, Twitter is a fantastic place. I have no qualms about sharing my milestones, achievements and opportunities I’ve received. It’s my Twitter after all, I can post what I want and why wouldn’t I want to share these things that make me proud of myself?

You could argue that I’m seeking validation and praise from the good folk of Twitter because I don’t receive it in my “real” life. I’m not. I’ve made friends on Twitter and you know what friends do? They support and congratulate you when things go your way. I never expect any praise for things but when I receive it, it’s a lovely little boost. If anything, I’m sharing my accomplishments for me. I want the world to see what I’ve done. Whether they reply or not, I don’t really mind. But I have something to offer.

What I’m trying to say is that I truly believe we should champion ourselves every single day. If you’ve hit a milestone that you’re proud of, share it. Even if it seems tiny and insignificant – it’s not. If it’s something you’ve worked hard for, it’ll never be insignificant. And speaking blogging specific here, we all started somewhere. We all worked / are working / will work up to that first 100 followers. The first 500. The first 1,000. It doesn’t really matter what anyone else is doing.

So whilst some of us have people at home who celebrate the fact we even breathe, some of us don’t. On an average day, I don’t really mind that my blog and my online business is kept entirely separately to everything else. Even though I’m self-employed and it’s my actual job and my way to make money. I have an amazing support system on Twitter and before anyone starts, yes, online friends are real friends!

Self-love doesn’t only mean drinking enough water, going for walks and having a Lush bubble bath. Self-love means being proud of ourselves, noticing when we’ve achieved something great (even if it doesn’t sound great to someone else) and being our own number 1 fan. Because if you don’t support and encourage yourself, then what’s the point? You deserve to share your achievements with the world. So if you’ve achieved something you’re proud of I urge you to:

  • Write it down in a diary / calendar to mark the date
  • Treat yourself to a take away / bubble bath / new book / cake
  • Buy yourself some flowers
  • Have a nap
  • Have a break and read your book
  • Dance around your room
  • Let off a firework / party-popper
  • Whatever the heck you want to do in order to celebrate you!

My homework for you is to share something that you’re proud of. An milestone you’ve hit or a goal you’ve achieved  – anything that you’re proud of. Champion yourself in the comments below and I can’t wait to read all your answers!


  1. Awesome post – I know I’m guilty of not shouting out about and recognising my own achievements. I’m most proud of beating my anxiety to a) pass my driving test, a feat that seemed impossible only a few years ago and b) walk down the aisle and get married, genuinely thought about doing a runner the minute the doors to the service room opened and I saw everyone looking at me. But I did it!

    1. Oh gosh the thought of walking down an aisle makes me wanna hurl! I couldn’t bear all those people looking at me! I’d love to start driving properly again. I have my license but anxiety really stopped me from driving. Congrats to you – those are amazing achievements xxx

  2. I totally agree. We can often be our own worst critics but we forget to offer the praise that should be the flip side. Being proud of any achievement is a big deal and not something that should be dismissed. Thanks for another great article!

  3. This is amazing, I’m so glad that you are able to celebrate your success because you have worked so hard for it! I’m always such a pessimist, I am constantly whinging about how I haven’t “achieved anything” since my degree, but I think I need to be a bit kinder to myself. Accomplishments aren’t all as huge as finishing a uni course or buying your own home, there are so many things I’ve done that I could and should be proud of!
    Beth x

  4. Self-love for me does mean taking care of yourself and buying, or treating, yourself to those little things now and again. I always think that spending a little time on yourself makes you feel much better 🙂

  5. It’s true you got to be your own biggest cheerleader! And I love when people share their achievements – it’s good to root for one another too! Hmmm… for me, I would celebrate myself for working through my depression, just getting up and ploughing on with this business when I am so down is a challenge but I always pull through, and I need to give myself more credit for that x x x

  6. Aw, Jenny, you are such an inspiration, well, all the time actually! I don’t tend to share my achievements on social media, because I’m not sure anyone would be interested. Alan and Flora are starting to be more supportive of my blog but I don’t think they really get it – not that I mind but some more support from real life friends would be good. And yes, you are absolutely right, online friends ARE real friends! Congrats on all your achievements, you work so hard, you totally deserve them x

    Lisa |

  7. I absolutely love this post Jenny. I agree so much! My hubby keeps telling me how proud he is of me writing a book. It warms my heart. I am so proud of myself! Ha ha… sometimes I can hardly believe it… I’m so proud of my kids. I’m so proud of my hubby too, he’s worked so hard for us and achieved so much. Ah, so much to be proud of, it has taken me ages to get to this point but life is good. x

  8. Oh well my blog is almost one year old! There is still loads to do and I need to learn a lot but I’d like to celebrate it somehow. I am thinking of changing theme and do something that will make it look fresher as well 🙂 I loved your post!

  9. I feel like this is a post a lot of not most of us bloggers completely understand!!! I don’t think anyone in my “real” life reads mine or watches my videos haha. Twitter is definitely my go to as well sharing accomplishments. I love the idea of marking down days in my planner for big accomplishments 😊 I adore you and this post is so wonderful!

  10. Lovely post Jenny, I agree we should all learn to celebrate ourselves and our achievements. It can be so tough and even heartbreaking when our most cherished and loved one’s don’t understand the hurdles and accomplishment’s you’ve achieved whether it be blogging or otherwise. I’m so glad to hear you’ve created a supportive twitter system to celebrate those achievement’s with, people who understand your accomplishments.

    Emma x

  11. Weight loss is where I stand by myself, cos I know the haters around me aren’t and won’t be happy even when I loose half my body weight. Championing myself is something I’ve learnt from getting through times when surviving itself seemed difficult.

  12. I’ve been writing for my blog challenge consistently for 23 days in a row now. That is a pretty big achievement for someone who hadn’t written a word in almost a year. I have a lot of goals that I am working towards, but not achieved yet, I’ll be sure to shout it from the rooftops when I do though. If I don’t make a big deal of it, no one else will

  13. I love this entire post!

    My achievement that I am proud of is I was on time for work today! I had to wake up at flipping 4 am but I made it work by 7am!! (Yes, for most this is just par for the course but since becoming a mom it is near impossible for me. No idea why but literally every day I end up behind by 10 minutes…)

  14. Really enjoyed reading this post, I think sometimes I feel silly for being happy/proud about an achievement which probably isn’t that significant compared to others but then I think if I’ve worked hard for it, I should give myself a little pat on the back!

    I got 100 views on my latest blog post in 2 days… that might not sound great to some but my blog is still relatively new so I’m proud of that achievement! X

  15. This post makes me SO HAPPY INSIDE! You’re absolutely right. My most recent victory is getting a business license so I can build my online creativity coaching biz!!! Couldn’t be happier 💓

  16. In a world full of jealousy and competition, where everyone is tearing each other down, only to climb over the other’s remains. No one can depend anymore for anything, neither love nor support. So yes, learn to love you, because when you celebrate yourself, its pure.

  17. Jenny, this is such an important message to all and you’ve executed it so beautifully, gently and not in any sort of negative way!!

  18. Ok, mine is a little different – it’s not about writing. I’m almost 53 and over a year ago I started working out every day at 5:30 am for 30 minutes. This is the first time that I have ever stuck to an exercise program in my life, and it feels great :). Being an avid reader, I spend a lot of time on the couch, and I have a desk job, so I really needed to start getting back into shape.

  19. I really love the idea of celebrating yourself as a form of self-care. I often post about my achievements on Twitter, too, and it’s always nice when you receive replies from people complimenting you for your achievements. I think some people think it makes them look arrogant and “stuck up”, but I think it just shows confidence in your own abilities. Like you said, if you don’t support yourself, then what’s the point? I remember seeing your posts on Twitter about your collaboration with a certain company (or was that Instagram? My memory is shot!), and it’s made me super excited to see the posts about it because I know you genuinely enjoyed the collaboration, and to me, that makes the blog post so much more exciting to read!
    I recently started freelancing after realising I didn’t want to put pressure on myself to make my blog into a business after using it as a hobby for a numbers of years, and I’ve earned like $150 in a couple of weeks. It’s not a fortune but it’s a step towards financial independence which, as a disabled person, makes me feel super happy!
    Sorry I’ve literally written an essay!

    1. Haha no worries I love essays! I certainly don’t think it makes you stuck up. I know some people do think that but whatever! And thank you! Yeah it was Twitter, I’m glad your excited for the post, I hope you like it! And that’s brilliant, blogging as a business is so difficult so it’s always good to have other streams of income instead of / as well as. I bet freelancing is a tough gig as well though so massive well done for that! Keep it up and here’s to the next $150 😘 xxx

  20. I totally agree and resonate with this, having a nap or treating yourself to a takeaway is the right way to take care of yourself and reward yourself, it doesn’t always need to be about bubble baths and long walks! You always hit the nail on the head, Jenny!! X

  21. I love this post! I finished writing my dissertation yesterday but didnt feel like it was that big an achievement because everyone in my year is doing the same thing – this post makes me realise fuck that it’s awesome that i’ve done it!!! Thank you! X

    1. Hell yes! It absolutely is awesome. I think anyone who does a dissertation deserves a medal. I never went to uni so I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it is writing one. Go you! xxx

  22. I think this is a lovely sentiment. I think we often don’t wish to celebrate ourselves due to seeming arrogant/self-absorbed, but really there is such value in it. My celebration is that I’m back to blogging after an impromptu hiatus; great to read such wonderful posts again!

  23. I’m literally 2 chapters away from finishing writimg the first draft of my Book! HUGE achievement as it’s 18 years in the writing!!!!!

      1. Now I’m done I don’t know what to do!I want to get on the next stage of re-reading asap but I know I need to give it time first!
        I may just print it out… then slowly go through it manually… all 300 pages….!

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