Body confidence. That’s a big old topic at the moment, isn’t it? Everyone on the planet has a relationship with themselves but growing to love our bodies, mind and soul is something that has taken the world by storm more and more over the previous years. Social media certainly has something to do with the rise in young (and older) people having body confidence issues for starters, I have no doubt about that. We’re constantly bombarded with images and articles on how we should look, what we should wear, how to get the “perfect” body. It’s ridiculous. Not to mention, there’s absolutely no such thing.

I’ve always struggled with body confidence issues. When I was at my thinnest and most toned and when I was at my biggest. It doesn’t discriminate and upon having such a long and tiring battle with body confidence, I’ve had no choice but to develop and figure out ways in which to feel more empowered. We have 1 body. That’s it. It’s up to us to feel comfortable in our own skin and ignore what society and the media are telling us. To love it and take care of it the best we can. But I know as much as anyone that we can all do with some help on our journey’s of feeling empowered and comfortable in our own skin.

Here’s a few things (some of which I definitely do myself – if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I never stop talking about yoga!) that we can do to feel more empowered and kick societies ideals to the curb!

Yoga & meditation

I love Yoga. I could talk about Yoga all damn day. I do Yoga every single day (within reason) and I don’t feel myself unless I’ve done some. Yoga is such a calming but empowering form of exercise and it’s so accessible too. Can’t afford a class? Do it at home. For free. My favourite Yoga channel, Yoga With Adriene has transformed my life over the past half a year. It’s hard not to feel empowered when you’re standing in warrior 2, hot and sweaty, knowing that you’re doing something wonderful for your entire body, mind and soul.

Cut things / people out that make you feel bad about yourself

Social bloody media… it’s without a doubt, the root cause of so many people’s lack of confidence, body hang ups and general feeling of not-going-enoughness. I’ve been there. I still am there. But I’m learning to take control of my own social media, who I follow, who I watch on YouTube and what I see on a daily basis. If anyone makes you feel awful about yourself, in any way, don’t be scared to un-follow them. There’s no shame in it – it’s your social media after all!

Wear underwear that’s comfortable and makes you feel unstoppable

Nobody going to see it? Who the heck cares! Wearing nice underwear is such a small but empowering thing. Personally, I think it sets you up for a positive start. Nobody wants their knickers always riding up their bum or their bra strap always falling off their shoulder (I am currently that person at the moment). You can find comfortable and supportive underwear from Knix which certainly won’t break the bank.

Treat yo self!

Dammit, just buy the shoes. You deserve it. I know material things are mostly irrelevant when it comes to feeling empowered and learning to be empowered (it’s all within, there’s no doubt about that) but I think we could all do with treating ourselves every once in a while. Why wait for someone else to buy you a gift when you can buy yourself something and know exactly what you want?

Learn to put yourself first sometimes

This is more about empowerment of the mind, more than anything else but when your mind feels empowered, I believe you can tackle absolutely anything. We all need to look after ourselves and our own mental well-being, so if going to that party isn’t making you feel good… Don’t go. I know sometimes, we simply cannot put ourselves first (there’s a whole bunch of reasons for when we can’t) but when you can, do. If it feels right.

Watch empowering films / YouTuber’s / documentaries 

Obvously this will differ quite dramatically depending on who is reading but spending an evening with yourself, watching things / people you find empowering can help you feel empowered yourself, there’s no doubt about it. Find things / people you resonate with, who you like and admire and their energy will rub off on you.

What do you do to feel empowered?

* This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Knix.


  1. Love this post. I think I spend a little too much time feeling like I’m not worthy of praise or comparing myself to other people. I really should make more of an emphasis on finding ways to acknowledge and appreciate myself, both physically and mentally. You’ve given me some great tips to work on!
    Beth x

  2. I’m lucky in that I’m fairly comfortable with my body these days. Yes, I know I’m about 2 stone overweight but heck, I pushed out a child, Alan still loves me, and I can still squeeze into my jeans so 🙂 But the bit about learning to put yourself first sometimes really resonates. It’s something I’m dreadful at and it was one of my New Year Aspirations. So far, I’m not doing that well (oops) but hopefully that will change once we’re away in May! Lovely post, Jenny, and I’m all for comfy underwear! x

    Lisa |

  3. My relationship with my own body is awful! Some days I really like what my mamma gave me but I am on a constant diet that I often don’t stick to. It’s such a vicious circle. There’s defo a lot to be said about pretty underwear that’s comfy and makes you feel amazing!!

  4. Cutting things out – decluttering definitely helps me feel empowered. I want to head towards a more minimalistic lifestyle I think? Though I think cutting people who are toxic to your mentality is equally important too, often I think people think that toxic people to cut out means those people are bad but really it just means they are bad for that person.

  5. It is so important to put yourself first at times. Also, cutting toxic people out is really important! I always try to meditate before sleeping…it slows my brain down a little.

  6. Regarding the last point, do you have any recommendation for inspiring YouTubers? I just follow TED TALKS.

  7. So true 💜 I love to only follow accounts who make me feel good about myself. These are really important tools. Thank you for sharing ❤ I love yoga so much. My favourite person ever is Yoga girl, Rachel Brathen and I would love to take a yoga class with her

  8. I loved this post, Jenny. Sometimes it’s the little things like knowing you’ve got nice/comfy underwear on under your clothes or taking 5 mins before bed to meditate or practice mindfulness that can really perk your mood up and change your day! <3

  9. Oh my I love this post so much!! I definitely agree with you how social media can be the worst thing ever for self-confidence, comparison is definitely something we all struggle with on one level or another 🙈 For me, in order to feel empowered I like to take a step back from everything and take a bit of time out for myself -it always does the job 🙂 Great post!


  10. Really needed this post, I’ve been feeling down about myself a bit recently and I’ve not really been sure of how to snap out of it. Will need to try these out!
    Lovely post x

  11. Great post and suggestions. For me, I read nspiring books to help me feel empowered; I also connect with others, who remind me of my own power and greatness when I’m feeling down. Also music is very empowering to me- particularly Kelly Clarkson-.

  12. These are all great tips! I’m sad not more people get the power of meditation and light yoga, it really makes a difference! Also I’ve found that learning a new language (I use the app Duolingo) makes me feel more confident!

    1. I have to restrain myself from screaming DO YOGA at some people haha it’s quite a problem! I love using Yoga as my work out too. I’ve used Duolingo before – never got very far but I’d like to give it another go xxx

  13. Great post! I’m very aware of working on the mind and soul at the moment. Body not so much 😬. I am very much into meditation, perhaps I need to look into a yoga class. I have just worked out I haven’t done it for 8 years! x

  14. This is amazing. I actually have a post coming up with the same premise. I remember being down and out…taking care of myself and making me feel pretty is what got me through the tough times. I sincerely live your blog. Keep it up!💕

  15. Honestly YES to all of this!! I’ve recently started getting into yoga and it’s making a world of a difference!

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