In a world where everything and everyone is online, there are more and more opportunities for us to create our own businesses, network with people on the other side of the world and enhance our skills and talents through online means. This means, we can be much more equipped to earn money through our own businesses or just earn a little bit of extra money on the side. I don’t think any of us would say no to earning a little extra for special treats; takeaways, days out or some new clothes. I’ve been working online for a good few years now and I’m always looking for ways to make some extra cash. Here are some way you can do that!

Sell things on eBay

Obviously not a continuous means to make money but I’d always encourage people to use eBay. I’ve sold a fair few things on there in the past and my boyfriend has sold tons of stuff from his eBay account! If you’re having a sort out or if you’re moving, eBay is always a good option to earn a bit of extra cash for fairly little effort! If you’re worried about selling large items due to the delivery (postage for a sofa will be pretty steep, I can imagine!) you can use services such as Shiply as a courier for large items who take that problem out of your hands and get large items from A to B without you having to lift a finger. This allows you to pop all that old furniture online to sell and make a few extra quid from!

Online surveys 

I’ve signed up to a few online survey sites in the past and although some of them are admittedly, absolutely useless, I’ve found a few decent ones which actually make you a bit of extra money a few times a year. Have a Google around and there will be plenty of online survey sites to choose from to suit. Some surveys last 10 or so minutes, others only a couple and each site will have a different threshold. Do your research on this one but when you find reliable websites, they can be really useful!

Sell your old books / DVD’s 

I’ve used We Buy Books multiple times and when you’re such a massive book lover like me and have hundreds of books stored away, this can be a nice little one off earner. You simply type in the bar code and the website tells you if they’re accepting that book or DVD and will tell you how much they’ll give you for it. Granted, some books aren’t worth a lot but if you’ve got enough to get rid of, you can end up making a fair bit of money! Again, there are multiple sites which offer this so it’s worth popping in the bar code to a few websites as one might offer you more than another.

Sell your art / services

We certainly all have our own talents so I’ll combine this one into one point. If you do art, paint, draw, sculpt – whatever – consider setting up an etsy account to sell your work on! I follow a good few artists on Twitter, a few of which I’ve purchased from before and they’re all incredibly reasonably priced and their work is amazing. If you’re not arty but you’re a good writer, organizer, tweeter – something like that – consider selling your services in a different way. If you have a blog, offer services from there. Or use websites such a Fiverr.

Reach out to brands / PR’s if you’re a blogger

If you’re a blogger who’s been blogging for a while, enjoys it but would maybe like to dip their toes into making a little bit of money through it, there’s always options available for hard-working bloggers to do so! I wrote a post not too long ago about sponsored posts and making money from blogging which you can read and hopefully will get some resources on where to start.

Look into social media management courses

I’m not a social media manager myself but I know some people online who are and I’m under no illusion that it’s an easy gig. If you’re social media savvy then look into courses where you can utilize your skills and then offer your services as a social media manager for brands or even other bloggers. This is more of a “in the long run” option but a well worthy thing to look into.

Do you make any extra money online? Any methods I’ve not mentioned here? 

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  1. I loved this.Im writing a similar blogpost currently and I loved your take on it.I want to pursue social media management myself.I would love more blog-posts about how to grow your blog etc.No pressure!Love your blog,keep blogging<3

  2. I work on fiverr as an Instagram content creator and it has been wonderful. I am also considering taking a course on Social Media Management. The internet is a blessing to this generation and we must take advantage of it

  3. I make extra money through my blog – which is fab. I also sell stuff on ebay sometimes. I’d never heard/thought of selling books, most of mine go to my grandma but I’ve a big pile that are waiting to go to charity etc, so I might see if I can sell them!

  4. Great ideas! I use some apps called receipt hog (you take pics of your receipts from stores and earn points to redeem for gift cards), Ibotta (you get rebates for buying certain products) and inbox dollars (you get paid to read emails). I love receiving gift cards randomly 🙂

  5. Great tips here, Jenny. eBay is one of my favourites, although TBH by the time you add in my time photographing, posting, tagging and then packaging everything up I do wonder sometimes! I haven’t looking into online surveys before, I shall have to investigate, thank you. X

    Lisa |

  6. I’ve tried a few of those surveys and they’ve been helpful but mostly useless! I’d love to be able to monety my blog.. keep grafting I guess!

  7. I used to love using online survey sites to make a bit of extra cash – I’d save it all and put it towards my Lush addiction haha! Hopefully one day I’ll be in the position to make a bit of money from blogging – maybe!
    Beth x

  8. Hey girlie, I voted for you as Best Overall Blogger 2018 for Blogger Bash Awards….Good Luck! 💕

  9. These are some really good ideas. As someone who’s just starting the self-employment journey, I’m definitely going to be saving this post for future reference. I’m currently selling my content writing and editing services through Fiverr and it’s been an amazing way of getting an introduction into the world of freelancing. I’m on track to earn about $400 this month which, while obviously not enough to live on, makes me feel amazing because it’s something I’d usually do for free! Reddit is another place to find decent freelancing jobs. I’ve got a regular blog editing gig through there which has been pretty fun! LinkedIn is another good resource if you’re a blogger or freelancer. People will optimise your account so it can be found by people looking to hire people for a small charge, which is something I’m definitely going to look into once I finish college in summer.

      1. Thank you! Yeah, go for it. I’ve only been on there a couple weeks at this point but I’m really liking it so far.

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