When was the last time that you had a proper break? If you are among the lucky people who have enjoyed a week or two in a cosy chalet in winter to enjoy the fresh snow on the slopes, then congratulations. For most of you, though, you last proper holiday was in summer last year. Christmas, being a family holiday, rarely counts as a proper break: After all, Christmas happens to be one of the most stressful time of the year, despite all the joy, cakes and presents, so it’s hard to imagine that anybody can recharge their batteries through the festive season. In short, your most relaxing and peaceful holiday are taken in summer, or if you don’t have children a little before or after the schools break off. Have you ever stopped to consider what type of holiday it was? This could help you to find out more about you and more about how your next holiday should be spent.

What do you pack in your luggage?

The Devout Holidaymaker Looking For Peace

We live in a materialistic world, where everyone is looking at the latest items to buy – such as the new iPhone 7 which has been developed in red to contribute directly to the fight against AIDS: It’s a wonderful cause but for you and me what will remain is a trendy gadget – and at new ways of making more money, driving bigger cars and wearing more impressive suits. So it’s no wonder that more and more holidaymakers are looking at taking a spiritual holiday to take a step away from the social pressure. Whether you are looking for pilgrimage options that help you to spend some time with your thoughts, or for halal holidays to travel in style and faith, there are plenty of dedicated travel agencies to help you find the best package. All you need to do is to make the first step; they can take care of the rest for you.

The Fitness Addict Holidaymaker Who’s Got Plenty Of Energy

Some people can’t imagine a holiday without exciting activities. The energetic hikers, the adventurous snowboarders, the dedicated marathon runner, and much more, love an active holiday. If you want to join the fun, you will, however, need to make sure that you are fit enough for the trip. In short, don’t climb the Himalaya if you’ve never trained for it before. Active trips also specific items, such as your sports gear, your favourite energy food, and proper outdoors clothing. In short, these can’t be planned as a last minute holiday.

Ready for an active holiday?

The Urbanite Holidaymaker Who Loves Culture

Finally, if you can’t think of anything better in the world than drinking an espresso in front of the Colosseo in Rome, then you might be a city break adept. A piece of advice while it is still time: Make the most of the intra-EU travel before the Brexit divorce to get some last minute deals in Barcelona, Venice, Paris, and even Berlin. There are plenty of breath-taking historical monuments, wonderful local restaurants, and buzzing nightlife in Europe that will serve as delightful holiday memories.

Enjoy a coffee in Rome

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