Cocktails and Dreams Tag!

I love a good tag post and this week saw the release of A.L Michael’s brand new book, Cocktails and Dreams (you can find the book on Amazon here or Goodreads here!) I’m also running a blog tour for this book over on my Neverland Blog Tours Twitter page so you can find lots of fabulous reviews, a giveaway and interesting posts about the book there too. The publishers, Canelo, very creatively came up with a tag post for the book which I was tagged in by Ellie! As you probably know by now, I don’t drink, so I had to check that the questions weren’t drink related otherwise that would be the most boring tag known to man. Thankfully, they’re not and whilst I don’t drink alcohol, I’m not opposed to a mocktail! So here goes…

Martini: means business! If you could have any job what would it be?

Oh, good one. Martini’s are very businessy aren’t they? When I did drink, I would rarely have anything but Martini! Maybe that’s why I’m a bit of a workaholic? All throughout school my dream was to be a fitness instructor and whilst now, I’m not in a position to do that anymore I’d probably say doing what I’m doing now with my business and my blog but with a part-time job in a library alongside it. Failing that, a communications manager in a F1 team!

Mojito: time to let your hair down! What’s your idea of a great night out?

I don’t really do “nights out” anymore but I think a nice meal out is just perfect!

Pina Colada: the famous drink or the famous karaoke song! What your belt-out karaoke tune?

Don’t You Forget About Me by Simple Minds – OBVIOUSLY.

Bloody Mary: the notorious hangover-curing drink. What’s your go-to hangover cure?

I don’t need a hangover cure because I don’t drink! But when I did, it was always paracetamol, loads of tea and a bacon sandwich.

Manhattan: a true New York drink! Which city do you dream of visiting?

I’ve been to France 6 times but I’ve never properly visited Paris of my own accord. I went with my school twice so I obviously didn’t have the freedom to do what I wanted so I would love to go back to Paris but as an adult. I also want to visit Helsinki – that’s probably top of my list.

Long Island Ice Tea: quite a mix of ingredients! What are your three favourite foods or drinks?

Food: Chinese (specifically deep fried shredded chicken in chilli sauce), choc rolls and probably a bacon sandwich.

Drinks: Water, tea and apple juice.

Cosmopolitan:  made famous by Sex and the City! Tag three friends to take part in this Cocktails and Dream tag!

And I do love Sex and the City! I tag Lynsey, Simona and Jaimie but anyone else who wants to do it, please do!


11 thoughts on “Cocktails and Dreams Tag!

  1. What a fun and creative tag! I’d love to visit Paris, my boyfriend and I booked a trip there in September so I’m super excited to finaly go!

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