When organising a social event – from a wedding party, hen or stag party, funerals to a 21st birthday party, an important aspect of the whole event is the food. It is often overlooked when planning asocial event and most people tend to give it the least thought, but the food is a key opportunity to make or break the overall success of your event.

The kind of food that is served is entirely dependent on the type of social event you are hosting. This post will hopefully give you some useful tips and insights on what menu to have for your individual social event.


When deciding on a menu for a wedding, it is best to start by selecting a caterer. Especially if you have a particular company in mind, because wedding caterers tend to be booked well in advance.

To find a caterer or other aspects of your wedding, its best to hire a wedding planner or use a directory service such as Wedding Planner.

Weddings are extremely diverse, and no two wedding parties will be the same. When going forward with your caterer, you should first consider the number of guests. If you want to have an extravagant menu, but you have a large guest list, it may be best to cut menu costs or opt for a smaller wedding party head count.

Depending on the style of party you want, you could choose either a relaxed buffet option or a sit-down meal for a more formal feel.

A great resource for specific recipes and meal ideas for weddings is Pinterest.


Funerals are a different kind of event than weddings, where tone is more of a concern due to the sad nature of funerals in comparison to the joyous one of weddings.

Depending on the number of guests at the reception will determine whether you would hire a caterer, or just prepare a spread yourself. A smaller number of guests means you could prepare a small amount of food, but its understandable to want a task like this to be taken care of by a caterer regardless during an upsetting and stressful time.

When organising a funeral and trying to find a caterer that is suitable, contacting your local funeral director is the easiest way to arrange catering. This can be done using a directory for funeral directors such as LocalFuneral.

The type of food that goes well at a funeral is comfort food that is easy to eat, such as casseroles and macaroni cheese.

To find specific recipes and inspiration for funeral food, Pinterest has a lot of ideas to offer.

Corporate Events & Fundraisers

The food at corporate events is a great way to show employees that they are valuable and make sure they have a good time, whereas food at fundraisers is a good way to encourage guests to raise money for the fundraisers cause.

Depending on the type of corporate or fundraising event will determine the amount of food that is required, and what cuisine to select.

To find a caterer, using a website such as National Caterers Association’s is a great option.

It is a good idea to discuss with the caterer about the appearance of the food. Having a menu that not only tastes amazing but looks amazing too will be a great way to excite guests and give them a reason to share their culinary experience on social media.

Hopefully these tips have gave you some advice and resources to help with the menu of your specific social event.

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