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Dating in the digital age

Although it’s not something I frequently talk about on my blog, I do find the concept of dating interesting and I always like hearing about the ways people have met their partners. My own love-life and past relationships are also something I rarely talk about. You’ll probably know that I have a boyfriend but that’s about it and you certainly won’t know about some of the experiences I’ve had with ex-boyfriends in the past! Although not all of them positive, I feel like each experience I’ve had since I started “going out” with people (literally why was it called “going out with”?) has taught me something and left me with a lot of memories to look back on to either smile or cringe at. Either way, it was my life, my experiences and I’m grateful for them. 

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When it comes to actual dating, I’ve never had the chance to do it properly. Dating is so easy these days, with tons of free dating apps right at your fingertips that if I was in a position to be dating right now, I honestly wouldn’t know where to start! I’ve more or less been in relationship after relationship ever since I was around 13. Although arguably you can’t call a 13 year-old “thing” a relationship but nevertheless, I’ve kind boy-hopped since then (that sounds AWFUL, you know what I mean).

When I was a teenager, I was out all the time and had the biggest group of friends so there was always the chance to meet new people. We would often go to this Under 18’s rock club called on a Friday night which was so much fun, various youth clubs throughout the week and hang out in our local town at the weekends. Then as I got to the age of 18/19, it was clubbing multiple times a week. So meeting people was never, ever an issue for me.

I’ve had 3 long relationships and the longest gap between them was probably about 5 months. I had a lot of fun during those 5 months just being me, doing what I wanted and having fun with my friends (and various boys – wink wink, no shame). I’m kinda annoyed at myself that somewhere along the line, I didn’t allow myself more time to be single and find what makes me, “me”. Although saying that, I know that you can still do that whilst in a relationship.

Anyway, it was in those 5 months where I went on my first – and only – date. Yep, I’m 25 years old and I’ve only ever been on one date in my life. It wasn’t big or fancy but it was fun and I guess that’s all that matters right? I was met after work (I worked in Primark at the time) and we went to Nandos. He paid for everything – including a huge jug of Sangria – which I didn’t expect nor ask him to do but I thought it was a nice gesture. Although I’m not against paying for my half of a meal at all. We chatted a lot, had a laugh, went to a local club for a little bit afterwards and that was that!

So, I wanted to share this post because I think I’m probably in the minority here. I’ve never been on “dates” because I’ve never needed to so to speak? However if I was in a position to be dating then here are some date ideas I think I’d really enjoy:

My ideal date ideas

  • A trip to the zoo
  • A trip to the seaside with ice cream, fish and chips and an arcade
  • A picnic in the park
  • Ice skating if it was Winter
  • Library and lunch
  • Disney movie night at home with a takeaway
  • A food festival

The thought of dating in this digital age downright scares me. So I’m thankful that I’m not in a position where I have to right now (and hopefully won’t have to!) I think I was already sort of, in my relationships whilst the digital side of dating was making it’s mark hence why I completely missed that boat. However, I know from people I’ve seen on Twitter / YouTube who have met their partners through dating apps such as Match Me Happy that very healthy and happy relationships can come from dating apps! It’s certainly not all cat fishing and horror stories!

If you have any super positive dating app experiences or stories, I’d absolutely love to hear them in the comments below!

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  1. The dating in the digital age is so scary and it’s even harder to put yourself out there too! I’ve been single for 2 years now and realized there’s no rush to be with someone in your 20s, but happy you have someone!

  2. I don’t have any stories to share re dating but I thought your article was a breath of fresh air in all this social media madness scene! All the bullet points you suggest would make an original date mainly because most people are stuck to cliche dating activities like dinner/drinks. etc.

  3. thelittlestarfish says:

    I feel like online dating is going to change the way men and women relate to each other. If the 70s was wild I can’t imagine what they will say about us! I’m yet to find a dating website I can say ‘I like’ 😬 http://www.thelittlestarfish.wordpress.com

  4. Boxnip says:

    I’ve been married for 23yrs this December BUT for the last 5 yrs, we’ve not been a couple in a romantic sense. My husband came out as gay, honestly was not a surprise and we talked things through and now we live together as best friends. Given my health, he has become my full-time carer, so it’s worked out well. I’d say we get on better now actually. He uses online dating apps but honestly, his experiences have not been good. I’ve never used them and wouldn’t. It’s not like I can go out on dates either and I don’t think I would want to. Just the thought scares the hell out of me! lol x

    1. Wow what a unique situation! I’m so pleased to hear it’s worked out for both of you – not so pleased about his bad experiences through dating apps!

  5. Internet Dating Under 18 says:

    […] Dating in the digital age – Although it’s not something I frequently talk about on my blog, I do find the concept of dating interesting and I always like. […]

  6. I met my boyfriend on Tinder. I wrote a blog post about the experience as honestly I was so sceptical about meeting someone ‘online’

    1. Awh really! That’s great that something good came out of it for you though 🙂 xxx

      1. It was so strange, we literally had the longest date and then within days he was meeting my family lol! https://luvandlifestyle.com/2017/11/16/tinder-ella-and-her-prince-charming/ xxx

  7. Fab post! Honestly, I’d not know where to start dating again.


    1. Haha same! It’s so scary!

  8. Mummy Cat says:

    Dating was never really thing for me, i am the fat nerdy kid at school who no one admitted to ever like, I dont think me and my husband really ‘dated’ either.. we just classed it was hanging around with each other.. either way now that im married im so glad im out of the dating scene haha

    1. I wouldn’t have “dated” in school anyway, far too young !

  9. I’m like you, I met my husband when I was 17 so I’ve not really had any reason to be online dating. I think if I was single I’d give it a try though, my best friend met her boyfriend on Tinder and it seems to be going pretty well!
    Beth x

    1. That’s good! x

  10. My husband took me to Nando’s on our second date. First was KFC lol xx

    1. Haha sound good to me! xxx

  11. honestly I’m so glad I don’t have to date during this time!

  12. I’ve been with my fiancée for 12 years now so never really dated or used a dating app. We still go on dates though and I really like your date ideas.

    1. Thank you 🙂

  13. I met my boyfriend of three years online, here in WordPress!! He used to blog and post poems. I’m happy that even though we’d only see each other once a year (😭😭) for two to three weeks, we get to go on dates and travel whenever we’re together. I’m already listing down some date ideas that we could do when we meet again this December. ❤️

    1. Oh my gosh how do you do that? I don’t think I could ever do long distance, I’m far too needy haha! xxx

  14. My best friend is engaged and has 3 kids with a guy she met off line.

    To me, online dating feels the only way as no one ever comes up to me in a bar/club etc. So that’s the only way for me, as sad as it is.

    Im on a new app called Bumble, where it’s the swipe left right thing like Tinder (never used it), but the women are in charge. The men can only message you if you like them back. I think it’s a great concept.

    1. I really like that concept too xx

  15. Wait, there are such things as under 18s clubs?! That sounds so fun! I’m in a relationship right now but I do not envy modern dating with technology right now! I had my fair share of dating with technology and it’s so draining and disappointing (because I’d want a relationship but the guy would just want friends with benefits)! I live vicariously through my colleague and her adventures on Tinder and Bumble nowadays. Last I heard, she received an unsolicited dick pic from a guy she been on one date with and decided they won’t work out well.

    The seaside with fish and chips and an arcade sounds like my ideal date!

    1. Well there was when I was 16! Haha I love hearing other people’s dating dramas x

  16. I loved this post! Your ideal dates sound just like mine, a day at the zoo is my idea of heaven, haha! I have the worst luck when it comes to men, but I’m in no rush and just enjoying my own company right now 🙂

    Kate | http://www.katelovesx.co.uk

    1. Haha awh that’s great to hear! You definitely don’t need no man! xxx

  17. Library and lunch sounds perfect! x


  18. The thought of dating now I’m married is honestly terrifying!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. Oh my god I bet! xxx

  19. I’m so glad I’m not in the dating world in this day and age of tinder and casual hook ups. I met my man out at the pub, our first date was at the zoo and he’s the biggest child just like me. No games, no cheating. Thank the Lord!

    1. Lucky you xxx

  20. Our teenage years sound very similar with the big group of friends and Friday Night Rock Clubs! 😄 Those were fun times! I wasn’t sure about dating apps until I gave it a go and met Shaun on Plenty Of Fish. We have been together over two years now, so I’m glad online dating worked for me ☺️. Great post Jenny and love your date ideas, especially going to the zoo 💖 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    1. Awh glad online dating worked for you! Did you have any horror stories before you met Shaun? xxx

      1. Thank you! 💖 I was in a 7 year relationship before Shaun so luckily didn’t need to 😄, dating sounds terrifying ha ha! 😝 xx

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