At the time of writing this post (end of May), we have just been graced with the full trailer for the Christopher Robin movie, starring Ewan McGregor and everyone’s favourite bear, Winnie-the-Pooh. The release of the film is fast approaching and I’m certain I will cry all the tears then probably gone back to watch it again. I am a huge fan of Disney (obviously), and this year, I’ve worked hard to include more Disney related content into my blog because it is and always has been a huge part of my life, so why wouldn’t I? The films are so magical and mean an awful lot to me as I’m sure they do to a lot of people who have grown up with the magic of Disney.

But as we’ve seen over the past good few years, more and more of our beloved classics are being re-made and more notably some into live action re-makes, starring actual, real-life human actors and actresses, with a lot more in the pipeline including Aladdin, Mulan and The Lion King (although still animation based). If you’re a Disney fan, chances are you have your own opinions on re-makes. If you’re a film fan in general, you’ve probably got your opinions because Disney certainly aren’t the only films to ever be re-made. But personally, I absolutely adore Disney re-makes.

It’s no secret that the Beauty and the Beast re-make is one of my favourite films ever, even though I wasn’t actually that loved up with the original Beauty and the Beast. I think the main reasoning for this is the casting; I think it has a spectacular cast with so many much-loved names which most of us will be familiar with. I focus a lot on the actors in films and knowing a film has a cast with actors I love will make me 10x more likely to want to see it. Same with The Jungle Book re-make. Idris Elba anyone? 

But back to Disney re-makes. I love that there’s a huge wave of older films being re-made right now because not only do we have the incredible resources to do so which provides us with outstanding graphics which look more real than the real life thing does, it’s also catering for a new generation of kids and making Disney more attractive to them to grow up with. I grew up with the original Disney movies because I knew nothing else but at a time where technology and visual graphics are so advanced, I think our generation of kids now will want to watch a more visually stunning film of the same, classic, tale as old as time story. 

I think Disney are catering to a much wider audience by re-making these movies. And let’s not forget that if you’re not a fan, nobody is forcing you to go to the cinema and watch it. I love to see how old films that everyone knows and loves are re-made; the new actors, the updated graphics and even making them a teeny bit more modern and more appropriate for today’s society. For example, the casting of the new The Lion King having predominantly African backgrounds and heritage. The world has moved on and I think this is a fantastic step forward.

At the end of the day, we’re probably not going to love every movie we watch, regardless of how much of a fan we are. I wasn’t big on the Cinderella re-make, don’t know why, I just found it a bit meh. But that’s certainly not put me off watching all of the others. I think there’s something so incredibly magical about watching your favourite stories and fairy-tales from when you were younger come back to life on the big screen, in such a realistic and vivid way that it’s almost like they’re in the room with you. It’s almost like a modern nostalgia. We’re always going to have our opinions on popular films, be that Disney, Harry Potter or James Bond. But I will always support Disney re-makes of old classics and new releases which I also think are making a huge leap forward in how we view the world through Disney’s eyes.

What do you think of Disney re-makes? Which ones are your favourites? Any you didn’t like? Which ones are you looking forward to? Let me know!


  1. We loved the new Cinderella!!! It was so amazing in my opinion. I’d love to see a little mermaid remake and I’m not overly excited for the new lion king and Aladdin…but I’m sure I’ll like them

  2. I am so excited for Lilo & Stitch! I’m very curious at how they’re going to make Stitch cute but ugly, and I’m sure the effects on Jumba and Pleakly will be terrifying, don’t even get me started on Gantu.

  3. I think the remakes are alright. Sometimes they seem a bit too basic to watch like the new Cinderella was good but I feel like they could have done better and Beauty and the Beast had some great musical numbers. Animations should be simple but live-action remakes I think need to be written better, people aren’t cartoons so they need to go more depth with the characters. Just my two cents :).

  4. I’ve been enjoying the re-makes, apart from the Cinderella one and like you, I’m not sure why I just didn’t really enjoy it. Beauty & the Beast is actually one of my least favourite of the animated Disney films but I really enjoyed the live remake. x

  5. I personally will always prefer the originals to the remakes because of the nostalgia, but that doesn’t mean the remakes aren’t excellent in their own right. I have actually only seen the Jungle Book remake, and while I really enjoyed it, it just didn’t have that Disney feel for me – but that’s fine cause Disney has moved on from when I was a kid and means something very different to today’s kids! I have to say though that the original Beauty and the Beast is my favourite so I’m really hesitant to watch the remake!
    Beth x

  6. I agree that Disney remaking these is a good idea. But there are some movies they need to just leave alone. Like Hocus Pocus! I think that is a TERRIBLE IDEA. With Mary Poppins I think they just waited too long for it. If they were going to do a continuation it should have been yearrrsss ago. But the ones they’ve done thus far have been good.


  7. I love the Disney Remakes, I can’t wait for Dumbo because it is one of my favourites! I am not happy with the changes that they are making, I think Dumbo and Mulan are going to be a lot different but I reckon I will still enjoy them. I can’t wait to watch more. I agree Cinderella was a bit meh wasn’t it, it wasn’t anything special at all xx

  8. I grew up in love with the original Beauty and the Beast, I think I annoyed my mom by watching it every day. I also love the musical. So, I was really excited about a live action version. Although it isn’t the same as the original version, I love it and it is refreshing to see things changed and new things added. It isn’t perfect but it is good enough for me to watch once a month.

      1. I like every songs out there, but my favorites has to be “Home” (from the musical) and “How Does a Moment Last Forever”.

  9. I’m ridiculously excited for The Lion King re-make.
    I love re-makes. It’s like replaying my childhood all over again.

    I’m just here waiting for a re-make of The Little Mermaid.

  10. I am seriously excited for the lion king remake to be honest, it’s always been my favorite Disney movie!

    I love the remakes as it gives me the opportunity to watch it with my kids and even though it’s still the same storyline it is also new and fresh and it’s pretty great to expirience that with them!

  11. I think you’re right that Disney have cottoned on to their adult audience. I love Malificent but haven’t seen many of the other remakes. I would prefer it if they put a spin on the story, like Malificent, rather than doing a straight remake. Saving Mr Banks is one of my favourite films of all-time and I would love more stories about the Disney studios and history.

    1. I personally hated the way they changed Maleficent into a softer character. Saving Mr Banks is such an amazing film, I’d also like to see more “behind the scenes” type films!

  12. I am really looking forward to Christopher Robin, but mostly Mulan! The original has a meaning close to my heart, as it was the film I saw for my 11th birthday, and my sister was born the day after. I love the Disney remakes as I feel it’s rekindling the magic for many of us! Sometimes when we get into adulthood, we can lose the magic, but the remakes are bring back that spark. 🙂 I can’t wait to see The Lion King as well… Oh, and Dumbo (only because that’s being directed by Tim Burton, who’s my fav!) x

      1. Have you made plans to see it yet? I must get around to booking tickets. Sometimes I miss out on films otherwise. Though, recently – have seen Mamma Mia Here We Go Again twice!! 🤣 x

  13. Always love your Disney related posts, I am really enjoying the remakes so far.. I think one of my favourites has been Pete’s dragon, I cried ALOT, haha! Great post as always Jenny 🙂 xx

  14. I have enjoyed the Disney re-makes a ton! I love Disney and it makes me excited to go see the “live-action” versions of I loved in my childhood. When I first heard of the Beauty and the Beast re-make, I was ecstatic! Beauty and the Beast was always a favorite.
    I never liked the Disney animation version of Cinderella, but I adore the live-action. One of the few times I actually LIKED Cinderella.
    I am excited to see Christopher Robin since Winnie-the-Pooh was a favorite when I was a child!

    1. I was buzzing for BATB for ages! I sobbed in the cinema! I quite like the original Cinderella but wasn’t a MASSIVE fan of the remake however when it comes to the original films, the Disney Princess movies aren’t usually at the top of my list in general. Apart from Brave – IMAGINE a live action remake of Brave!

  15. We saw Beauty and the beast in the cinema and I went in with a bit of a open mind, I’m not that big fan of remakes or reboots but I came out… once I had stopped crying.. really loving it, I’m still a bit reluctant to see the others that have come out of course hah

  16. I was a bit sceptical when Disney started remaking their classics, but I loved the remakes of Beauty and the Beast and the remaining of Malficient. I’ve loved the movies so far. I can’t wait for the live- action of Milan 😆

  17. I’ve noticed a lot of remakes recently, which is great because the story gets to be retold with modern technology. There’s still magic to these movies even though we know the plot. I’m all for it! I haven’t watched much of the remakes (even though I really should) – can there be one for 101 Dalmations? xD.

    Nancy ♥

  18. I totally agree with you. The Disney re-makes are great! The stories even take on a more modern relatable spin & the visual is definitely improved. I think Disney has a gold mine in the remaking of a ton of old favorites. They seem to have been pretty busy though just making new stories, which are great but there’s nothing like the classics.

  19. Except for Beauty and the Beast and Maleficient, I don’t think I have seen any, but you mentioned a few other names that I will go check right now! Just like you, I grew up with the Disney movies and I loved them, so I love the re-make just as much, as it’s kind of a more adult version of these movies that I love! So definitely a BIG YES for the Disney re-make!

      1. I will check that 🙂 Cinderella and Mulan as well (Mulan is my favourite Disney movie!)

  20. Not even lying, I’ve only seen a handful of Disney remakes. Hook, Maleficent and…. dang, I think that’s its. Dying to see the new Jungle Book! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the new Aladdin and Mulan movies we’re going to be live action cast? I know this is so unpopular opinion, but I honestly don’t want to see the new Beauty and the Beast because I hate Emma Watson. I’ve never enjoyed her acting, and therefore I’m not really excited to watch any of her movies. I know, I’M CRAZY!!!! LOL

    1. Yeah I believe Aladdin and Mulan will be live action cast but it’s still a remake of the original 🙂 I will have to wholeheartedly DISAGREE with you on the Emma Watson thing, I absolutely adore her.

      1. Oh okay that’s what I thought Haha. I think the entire universe disagrees with me lol I swear I’m the only one who doesn’t like her movies.

  21. The only Disney remake I saw was Beauty and the Beast and I absolutely LOVED it. I agree that by remaking them, they are catering to a newer audience and I would love if they made more.

  22. My favourites are Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella! Normally, I’m not a fan of live action at all so they take a lot to win me over. I love this post, whenever you post about Disney it keeps my dream of a collab with you alive 💖💖

    1. I wasn’t a fan of Cinderella but I’ve only seen it once so I think I need to rewatch it. You know when sometimes you watch a film and your head just isn’t in it? Maybe that’s what I was like when I watched that film the first time 😂

      I’d love to do a Disney collab with you! If you drop me a DM on Twitter we can discuss ideas xxx

  23. I love remakes. It’s not like they take over the original so then you end up with two great films. Disney is the best!

  24. I know a lot of hardcore Disney fans hate the remakes but I absolutely love them all! Jungle Book is great and I adore the Beauty and the Beast one especially with the added bits to the original story! I can’t wait for the Lion King one!

    Jess //

    1. I loved the added bits to BATB! I think they made the story even more perfect; especially the little back story about Belle’s mum because that’s not addressed in the original! xxx

  25. I really loved the new Beauty and the Beast! I’m also excited for some of the new remajes depending on the casting though

  26. I’ve only seen The Jungle Book remake so far and I really enjoyed it. I loved the original and don’t see any harm in modernising it, afterall it’s a great story. I can’t wait for Aladdin and Lion King remakes, I’d definitely go and watch them! Need to see Beauty & The Beast too! 💖 xx

    Bexa |